What Channel is the Dodger game on DirecTV? (Channel Guide) 2024

DirecTv is a US-based streaming service and people are searching to watch Dodgers games on it. One of the most asked questions is what channel is the Dodger game on today DirecTV? If you are trying to look at how you can watch the Dodgers channel on DirecTV, then you have come to the right article because in this article we are going to make things clear. Let us first start off by explaining about DirecTV and the Dodger game.

What is DirecTV?

DirecTV is a dedicated channel for all entertainment lovers. It is one of the most popular streaming services in the USA and it provides all the services to stream through a vast number of videos on its content library.

You can also watch popular channels such as Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, ESPN, TLC, and more channels accessible on the DirecTV streaming platform.

You can also watch the NFL network on Uverse which is powered by Direct TV.

What channel is the dodger game on DirecTV

Subscription Plans

DirecTV has various subscription plans for you to choose from and see which one suits you the best. Below are details of the subscription plans by DirecTV.

1. Entertainment

Entertainment is the name of the first subscription plan by DirecTV. This plan will cost you $69.99 and it will provide you with 70+ channels. Through this subscription plan, you can watch Nickelodeon, ESPN, TNT, and many more.

2. Choice

The second Subscription plan costs $89.99 per month giving access to a library of 100+ channels. This subscription plan will give you all the content from entertainment as well as some other channels like NBA TV, College Sports, etc.

3. Ultimate.

The third option of a subscription plan is Ultimate. It costs $104.99 giving you access to 130+ channels. Ultimate will give you all the benefits from the above subscription plans as well as other channels like NHL Network, Universal Kids, etc

4. Premier

The fourth and final subscription plan is called Premier. Premier will cost you $149.99 and will provide you with 140+ channels. Premier is the final and the most expensive plan by DirecTV. Premier has the content from all the above plans and SHOWTIME, STARZ, HBO Max, Cinemax, etc.

About Dodger Game

In case you are wondering ‘What is the dodger game?’. Well, the Dodgers game is a baseball team from Los Angeles United States which has won 24 National Leagues and 7 World titles. The team mostly plays in National League.

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History of Dodgers Game

The Los Angeles Dodgers Game was formed in 1883 as a member of the Inter-Association of Professional Baseball Clubs. After seven years in 1890, the team participated in the National League NL. They played their first game in Los Angeles in 1958 against New York and won. Moreover, after years of growth, the team won 7 World titles.

Sports Channels

Games like baseball or any other sport are watched and enjoyed on Sports Channels. Local channels like Fox Sports, ABC, and CBS are popular among sports channels. Other channels like NFL Network or ESPN are even better. ESPN is a channel that will give you a lot of studio shows, exclusive events, and much more. Espn can be streamed on any device. 

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How to watch Dodgers Game Channel DirecTV?

Let’s talk about the reason why you probably clicked on this article which is to find out What channel is the dodger game on DirecTV and how to access Dodgers DirecTV channel. DirecTV Dodgers channel can be found below. Down is the list of multiple channels where you can watch Dodgers Games.


Fox Sports1


MLB Network






Sports Net LA HD


Bally Sports


Now that we know on which channels you can watch the Dodgers game on DirecTV, let’s talk about how to watch Dodgers games on other streaming platforms:

1. Hulu +

Hulu is a famous streaming service owned by the Walt Disney Company and some other companies as well. Hulu’s library gives you access to hundreds of thousands of TV Shows and Movies. Hulu provides you with two screens through the base plan. 

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Through Hulu Live TV, you can sign up with the base plan for $69.99 and watch the Dodgers game on Fox, CBS, and NBC channels. With the addition of $9.99, you can get access to even more sports channels.

2. Youtube TV

We all are familiar with youtube and youtube TV. Youtube TV gives you access to 85+ channels for a subscription plan that costs $64.99 per month. With this subscription, you are given access to Fox, CBS, NBC, etc. On these channels, you can watch the Dodgers game matches.

3. Fubo TV

Signing up on Fubo TV costs $69.99 per month which is the pro plan. The plan gives you access to 100+ channels, a thousand hours of DVR Space, and unlimited screens. You will get access to channels like NFL Network and ESPN. The plan will also give you access to local channels like CBS, ABC, Fox, etc.

4. Sling TV

With a subscription plan costing $50 (both Sling Orange and Sling Blue) per month, you can get access to NFL Network and ESPN as well as local network channels like Fox, CBS, etc. Sling TV subscription (Sling Orange and Sling Blue) provides 4 screens and Fifty hours of DVR Storage.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video costs $8.99 per month. This subscription will grant you access to many sports channels. Amazon prime video comes with another subscription plan for $14.99. This subscription won’t only give access to amazon prime video but to amazon music and many more.

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Where to watch dodgers game?

You can watch doggers game on the following Channel
1. Fox Sports1
2. MLB Network
4. ESPN 2
5. Sports Net LA HD
6. Bally Sports

What channel is the Dodger game on DirecTV?

1. Hulu +
2. Youtube TV
3. Fubo TV
4. Sling TV
5. Amazon Prime Video.

How do I watch the Dodgers on DirecTV?

If you want to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers with DIRECTV Streaming, you must subscribe to the Choice plan, which costs $89.99 per giving access to a library of 100+ channels. This subscription plan will give you all the content from entertainment as well as some other channels like NBA TV, College Sports, etc.

What channel is the Dodger game on DirecTV today?

1. Fox Sports1 airing on 219
2. MLB Network airing on 213
3. ESPN HD airing on 206
4. ESPN 2 airing on 209
5. Sports Net LA HD airing on 690
6. Sports Net LA HD airing on 692

What channel is LA Dodgers on?

MLB Games are broadcast on Fox, Apple TV+ TBS, Peacock, ESPN, Major League Baseball Network, and FS1. This season, a few Dodgers games will be broadcast nationwide on one or more of these channels. The MLB’s national tv schedule may be seen here.


The Dodgers game is a popular baseball team. From the above article, we learned about DirecTV and its subscription plans as well as about the Dodgers game. The biggest question was what channel is the dodger game on DirecTV? We learned that we can watch the Dodgers game on today DirecTV on channels like ESPN HD, Fox Sports, bally Sports, etc.


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