Common Hisense TV Problems and The Solutions

You might be aware that Hisense is one of the growing TV brands on the market and offers many smart features at a highly competitive price. But you may find it overwhelming with all those devices, apps, connectivity issues, and other problems. Just like any other device, Hisense TV Problems aren’t very unfamiliar.

Rest assured, we have got your back! Here in this article, we will point out some of the most common Hisense TV problems and their solutions for you to avoid getting all flustered without ever needing to take your model to the service center.

Hisense TV Problems
Hisense TV Problems

Hisense TV Problems & How to Fix Them

Hisense TV Brightness Problem

If you are uncomfortable with the brightness on your TV while watching something, you can adjust it manually. You will be able to accomplish this by going into settings and changing the brightness. Many tv sets come with several presets to choose from, such as movies or vivid ones that may be more entertaining for your tastes.

How to fix it?

To change the brightness of your Hisense TV, you will need to press the settings button from the remote control at first. Then, you should see a sidebar with a list of options; press the right directional key. It will bring up all of the settings that are available to you. 

Then, scroll down until you find the picture mood and press OK. You can modify these values as you deem necessary and find a suitable brightness level for your needs.


Hisense TV Backlight not Functioning

Do you worry about onn tv troubleshooting? If your television has any problems with the LED strips or the control board of those LED strips, it will cause backlight issues. If that happens, you won’t be able to see anything, but hearing sounds is still possible.

How to fix it?

You may want to use an extension cord or a power strip to solve this problem. For example, if your television has four LED lights, you can purchase an extension cord that plugs into the wall and then plug the TV into it. If you have a newer LED light system that doesn’t need cables to transfer electricity, try using a power strip instead.

Hisense TV Screen Flickering

Hisense Smart TV
Hisense Smart TV

The flickering display is one of the Hisense TV Problems that frustrate you. These problems seem to be shared among both LCD and OLED screen televisions. It’s not unusual for people to complain that they want all their money back after buying a new TV because of the annoyance caused by this challenge.

How to fix it?

To troubleshoot a flickering display, check that your source devices are working correctly, then try to eliminate all other potential causes. Once you manage to do that, you may need to set your display’s current refresh rate settings. 

Flickering issues can sometimes occur on the screen of smart devices made by Samsung. To resolve this problem, please perform these various steps:

  • Click Settings on your remote
  • Choose Picture
  • Look for Picture Mode
  • Seven multiple choices will be there
  • You can change the Energy Saving mode there
  • Swap between the diverse options

Flickering is one of the most common problems possessed by Smart TVs. More than a few people have had issues with such models from VIZIO, Samsung, and Sony. This issue has several reasons, including faulty motherboards and cables that aren’t appropriately secured. 

As a best precautionary step, while troubleshooting your Hisense Television screen flickering problem, you must identify the reason first and take care of it accordingly.

Hisense Smart TV Has Backlight But No Image

When your Smart TV is experiencing issues, it’s often not just a simple matter of downloading an app or updating the system – most serious problems will require you to replace the hardware on the motherboard.

Suppose you notice that your screen goes black intermittently (even if it’s still illuminated with a glowing light). In that case, this is usually indicative of some physical glitch with your motherboard – sometimes, overheating chips will also cause similar warning signs.

How to fix it?

It’s recommended that when it comes to fixing a hardware issue, you seek the help of professionals, but if you decide to try and fix it on your own, here is one suggested procedure for troubleshooting:

  • Detach the power cord
  • Push the power button and hold it for ten seconds
  • Stay two minutes before attaching the power cord
  • Turn on the TV

Hisense TV Problems – Remote Not Functioning

Hisense TV Problems

While watching your favorite series on a smart TV, your remote doesn’t seem to be working. There are some rather obvious reasons why this might happen, and that’s what we’re going to cover next. As a bonus, if the buttons on your remote still aren’t responsive after that, feel free to try using the controls built into your TV to change the channel!

How to fix it?

What you can do to get rid of this one of the most annoying Hisense TV Problems is to start the plug the TV’s power cord into the wall and then press the power button on the TV itself to turn it on. Next, scroll through all of your TV’s menu options until you can access your channel settings.

If you haven’t changed the batteries from your remote control in a while, you should replace them with new ones. If you already have fresh batteries and the TV is plugged in but hasn’t worked, try taking out the old and putting in the new batteries.

Hisense TV Sound Not Working

Here comes another problem you may encounter while operating a smart television. You may witness the images but not listen to any sound.

So, what can you accomplish to fix this issue?

Unless it is hardware deterioration, you can fix it with the help of the following steps we are going to mention below.

How to fix it?

There may be more than one issue if you’re experiencing sound issues with your TV. Try to check if you accidentally turned on your ‘Mute’ Mode on the remote. The Mute Mode turns off sounds from the TV and is often triggered by a mistake when using the remote.

If turning off the ‘Mute’ Mode doesn’t work, try testing some external sources connected to your TV that may cause internal sound problems, such as a DVD or Blue-Ray player.

If no external source is connected, try switching around inputs on your TV; for example, switch from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 only after removing all other devices attached to the appropriate input slot.

Besides, you should also check that the volume isn’t too low. If it is, you can either manually press the remote or button on your TV to increase its volume by a couple of notches and see if that solves the problem.

If none of these options helps you, there might be a technical problem. You should contact Hisense’s customer support to solve the sound problems with your TV.

Hisense TV Problems – Signal Issues

Hisense TV Problems
Hisense TV Problems

Like any other smart TV, you may have signal issues with your Hisense Television. Some common problems include extreme weather or when you are in a place that affects the channels picked up by the antenna in the TV.

But these problems can be resolved when you and your technicians follow these simple procedures.

How to fix it?

The most common reason for no signal on Hisense TVs is related to the source’s setup in question. If the source looks okay, try replacing it with a second one to be sure. Furthermore, if this solution does not fix the issue, you should check your antenna and its general positioning concerning your TV set. Make sure also to remove any objects blocking it or adjusting its position.

If you are having issues with your TV despite all cables fitting in place properly and there is an issue with their overall configuration or setup, check if the wires bouncing against each other could be causing the problem.

YouTube not Operating on Hisense Smart TV

Nowadays, the YouTube app is a must for any smart television. Almost all smart TVs come with this feature, and it offers millions of videos for free to watch. So if the YouTube app on your Hisense TV suddenly stopped working, it could become a big problem. Below we will give you some valuable solutions to solve this issue and reconnect your TV with the YouTube app.

How to fix it?

If your Hisense TV won’t load YouTube properly, first check that you have a working internet connection. Now, most people will probably already know this, but because it’s one of the most common problems, we’ll mention it anyway; if you don’t have an active internet connection, you won’t be able to see any videos on YouTube other than those which you downloaded onto your device previously.

Lastly, if you’re still experiencing difficulties with your Hisense Smart TV, we recommend that you reset the device. It is a great place to start because it will help restore all of your settings and eliminate any cached information that may have been left over after an update.


Hisense TVs are designed to have a very long life, but there are some common problems that most of them suffer from over time. As time passes, electronic components in the TV wear down and become faulty, and as a result, one may encounter various problems with their TV. Like other devices, Hisense TV Problems problems can arise at any time.

Luckily, Hisense has been very good at offering customers troubleshooting tips for each situation to fix them before needing to replace their TV. If you suspect your TV is having issues or want to fix it yourself – this guide is for you!


What are the common problems with Hisense TV?

Common Hisense TV problems include display, signal and control issues. These issues do not usually arise for many years, but they can occur within the first year or two of using the television. Some cases necessitate replacement, while others are repairable via a reset or troubleshooting procedure. These are the most Common Hisense TV  Problems.
1- Brightness Problem.
2- Backlight Not Functioning.
3- Screen Flickering.
4- Hisence TV Has Backlight But No Image.
5- Hisense TV has no sound.
6- Hisense TV Remote Not Functioning
7- YouTube not Operating on Hisense Smart TV

Why does my Hisense TV keep turning off and on?

Your Hisense TV might be flashing on and off for a number of causes, such as an internal system fault or a problem with internet access. The first step in resolving this problem is to restart your device. Turn off the device, wait 30 to 60 seconds, and then turn it back on.

How long does a Hisense TV last?

Hisense Televisions have the same average lifespan as any other television company. The estimate might range from 40,000 to 100,000 hours. As a rule of thumb, we may expect it to endure between 4 and 10 years.

Is Hisense a good TV brand?

Whether you’re considering at Hisense’s flagship or budget-friendly models, they provide superior value than competitors’ comparable-priced alternatives. Hisense TVs are frequently among our top leading brand. Excellent for both bright and gloomy spaces. Hisense’s solutions work well in both bright and dark conditions.

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