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Getting A New Dog? These are the essentials you’ll need

Getting a new pet can be complicated. There are always so many things to consider. From where they’ll sleep to the food they need, it’s important to be prepared and make sure...

Interesting Facts about Sloths

Known for their sleep, relaxation, and laid-back lifestyle, it is easy to see why so many are fascinated by sloths. Here are just five interesting facts on what makes sloths so popular. Habitat You...

Insure Your Pet’s Great Health

You probably love your pet, like most people do. Although we think of dogs and cats in glowing terms, keep in mind they're capable of doing some of the dumbest things imaginable....

Top 10 Most Incredible Animals in the World

Animals are also an important creation of God like as that of human beings. Animals are amorous and adoring creature but they are dangerous too. Jeopardy and especially perilous creatures attracteverybody. All...

How to Get Veterinary Technician Certification in Kansas

The opportunities for veterinary technicians are increasing daily in the country as people become more interested in having pets in their homes. Veterinary technicians are individuals who take care of animals. Veterinary...

Top 8 tips and tricks when taking your pet onboard

Some boaters find it difficult to leave their pets behind whether they are proceeding on a long or short boat trip. Having a pet in your boat can spice up the trip...

6 Ways to Keep your Pet Happy and Healthy

Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of your pet, and as a pet owner, it's your responsibility to help your pet stay healthy. However, this doesn't necessarily mean overwhelming...

Biggest Halloween Dog Parade

Hundreds of people dragged their pets along to the New York's Tompkins Square Park this weekend for the 23rd annual Dog Halloween Parade. .
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