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Lil Bub is the sweetest cat in the world!

The Creatures Living at the Bottom of the Sea

There look like animals from another galaxy, but these multi-coloured see slugs are actually one of the wonders of our sea. Nudibranchs are soft-bodied marine molluscs...

Classy canine arrived for first day of Crufts in the world’s biggest dog show

The world’s most popular and biggest dog show held in the Birmingham for the start of Crufts and thousands of dogs and owners participated in the National Exhibition...

Shocking images of animals smoking cigarettes

Smocking is cause of many deaths every year but these are the shocking images taken by pet owners after many forced cigarettes into their animals’ mouths and made them...

The Unbelievable Dog’s Skating on the Huntington Beach

Quick, doggie paddle! These brave pooches went surfing in Huntington Beach on Sunday, hoping to break a world record. @thedaily

Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

We have Complied a great list of the most expensive cat breeds of the World that you want to know about it. 1. Ashera cat Estimated Price: $15,000 to $100,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds of the World

Here is a awesome list of the most expensive dog breed of the world. Samoyed Other names: Bjelkier, Samoiedskaya Sobaka, Nenetskaya Laika Nicknames: Smiley, Sammy...