Insure Your Pet’s Great Health

You probably love your pet, like most people do. Although we think of dogs and cats in glowing terms, keep in mind they’re capable of doing some of the dumbest things imaginable. Usually their crazy behaviour results in laughs.

Sometimes, though, a dumb move by your pet can end up with them being treated at the vet for big money! You know how your dog or cat loves to eat whatever food they find? If one of these rascals quickly eats a cupcake you left out, they can end up getting sick! Pets are allergic to chocolate. Treating them can run into a cost of thousands of dollars quickly.


Are You Prepared?

Are you ready for the day your cat or dog eats something he shouldn’t? Do you have up to five thousand AUD sitting around for the occasion? Most people live pay check to pay check and don’t have savings. That means they have to use debt to pay the huge bills that come from unexpected visits to the vet. You and your dog are having fun. You’re tossing a tennis ball and he’s running after and retrieving it. Suddenly he swallows the ball! It’s off to the vet. You return home out four thousand AUD! Do you think this can’t happen to you? Every day vet offices are filled with people and their pets for all kinds of reasons like this. Pets are allergic to human medicine. They can’t eat many human foods like salt, onions, and garlic. All it takes is one quick moment where your cat snatches the wrong kind of food to run up a huge vet bill.

Insurance for Your Pet Is the Answer

You can’t prepare for an accident, except by buying insurance. Accidents and sickness can and do happen. You can always do your best to avoid them, but you need to prepare financially in case your efforts fail. If your pet consumes a bit of common household items like oven cleaner or detergent, it’s off to the vet fast! If they choke on a rubber band you could be out thousands. The list of potential problems goes on and on. It’s easy for a pet to get involved in real trouble. Pets are also prone to illness, like all living creatures. If they need intensive treatment, it adds up quick. Your options are to have a huge savings account or to pay pet insurance premiums.

Cats and dogs need insurance, too. They are mobile and active. They are in near-constant motion almost all day, other than sleeping. They chew, bite, and eat every object they can. They get sick just like humans do. Prepare for any trouble by making consistent premium payments. That way you’ll never have to go deep in pocket for a huge amount that you just don’t have. A vet bill in the thousands will set anyone back. It will interfere with your other goals. There’s no reason to go this route. Get insurance today and make sure your cats and dogs are covered.

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