Who Makes Onn TV? | Who Manufactures Onn TV? | All You Need to Know (Updated 2023)

For the past few months, Onn TV has been the talk of the town. You’ve probably heard of a smart TV that is significantly less expensive than well-known brands. Yes, that is the Onn TV, which is making a big splash in the smart TV market.

But who makes Onn TV? And the company that manufactured Onn TV, is it the one selling it directly? Let’s discuss our personal experiences and observations related to Onn TV. But first, we need to know about Onn TV and its salient, attractive features and specifications that are making it a smart TV market sensation. We are going to highlight the brand who manufactured Onn TV and how it was distributed in the market.

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We will discuss the channels through which we can buy the new and second-hand Onn TVs along with the pros and cons that must be considered before purchasing them. If you want to claim the warranty repair service, you would be thinking to contact the manufacturers, right?

But the company who makes Onn TV does not handle the repair and maintenance by itself. Interesting? Here’s everything that you would like to know about the Onn TVs and what makes them so special for their buyers. And for your reference, we have listed the top reviewed Onn TVs that will make your selection easier.

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Who makes onn TV-A Smart TV placing infront of the couch
Who makes Onn Tv

Onn TV Brand – Walmart’s Private Labelled

First, let’s start with, ‘what an Onn TV is’. It is one of the most popular private-labeled smart TV brands that have TVs of various sizes and features. The quality is comparatively low from the market leaders of electronics, but the prices are pocket-friendly and hence making these affordable for everyone.

Onn TV Manufacturing – Who makes Onn TV

Now, who makes Onn TV? If you think it is Walmart itself who manufactured Onn TV, then you are mistaken. Since the consumer electronics market of the US has crossed US$144.50 bn in 2022, and the market is expected to grow annually by 0.85% (CAGR 2022-2026). Large retailers worldwide have been entering the market by launching their private labeled electronics, such as Amazon found Amazon basics for tech accessories and supplies. Now, its Smart HD LED Fire TV has been selling across the US like hotcakes.

Similarly, Walmart has launched its private labeled Smart Tv Brand known as Onn Tv. Walmart distributes Onn TV, but they do not manufacture it themselves. Instead, Durabrand, which is a private label tradename of Walmart, manufactures Onn TV. The parent company of Onn TV is Walmart, and the TVs can only be bought through Walmart stores.

Durabrand started in early 1999 as a generic brand for electronics, but due to the global reach and recognition of Walmart, it has grown supremely over the years. While Durabrand, who makes Onn TV. Elements Electronics is responsible for the warranty repair and maintenance of the TVs. Elements Electronics is a South Carolina-based American electronics company. They are manufacturing and assembling the base there as well.

 The Onn TVs are fabricated and assembled in various parts of China and Thailand by different companies working with Durabrand.

Onn TVs – Offline and Online Purchasing

The Onn TVs are available for buying at all offline and online Walmart stores, and not anywhere else. That’s because it’s a specific Walmart brand explicitly made for the brand stores in the US, UK, and Canada. Some used, second-hand TVs are also available on Amazon and eBay, but due to very little price difference between the new and refurbished ones, we would recommend you buy a brand new one directly from Walmart.

Walmart app is open on an iphone
WHO makes ONN TV – Walmart app open on a phone

Onn TV – A Smart TV From Durabrand

Onn TV will be a perfect choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly sleek and smart LED TV with most features like globally famous brands. This can help you save a lot of money on a flat-screen smart TV for your home.

It might lack a few exclusive features as one can get in VIZIO, SAMSUNG, and HISENSE, but overall, the picture quality and many features are ideal for this price range. So, it would be a perfect choice if you can compromise on the average picture quality, then everything else, including the excellent warranty services, exceptional features, and reasonable price. If you also own a Hisense TV and are experiencing some problems, we have valuable tips for fixing Hisense TV issues

Buyers can sometimes face color quality and remote-control issues, but they can instantly be resolved and repaired. Here Elements Electronics plays its part in providing excellent repair service to the customers on behalf of the Onn TV manufacturers. 

Onn TVs – Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the pros and cons of an Onn TV, and whether it is worth buying or not.


Great value for money

The company who makes Onn TV, Walmart, has made sure that its customers do not have to pay much for a smart TV. So yes, if you do not want to spend a fortune buying a smart LED TV for yourself and still get the most out of the one you buy, then Onn TV is a perfect option for you. It provides the best value for money that covers almost everything compared to established global TV brands.

The absolute convenience

So, if you live near any Walmart Store, it is pretty convenient for you to purchase and get yourself a new Onn TV with all the cables and stuff in just a go. You won’t have to wait for the delivery of those even a couple of days.

Moreover, the Onn TV works with almost every universal remote, helping us avoid any distress when the original one gets lost. 

Excellent Warranty Service

Elements Electronics has been the only major television company assembling company in the entire United States since 2014. They have been handling all the warranty repairs and maintenance for Durabrand and the service is excellent. So, don’t get bothered if you encounter any problem with the TV set, Elements Electronics has got you all covered.


Average Performance

As we have discussed earlier, the Onn TV performance is very mediocre compared to established brands like Samsung, Hisense, and Vizio. But the average lifespan of the television is much better than most average brands. If you already own a Samsung TV and are experiencing issues, here are our Samsung TV troubleshooting tips

Limited Features

We can say that for a smart TV, the features are minimal and less engaging than the other brands, but the audio-video and color quality is much better in this price range. So, either we can save money on buying a smart TV, or we can spend a fortune to get the most aspiring features available in the market.

Onn TV – Onn Roku TV Brand

According to the brand Roku, the Roku Smart Soundbar is more powerful and has different speaker drivers. And the device comes with an enhanced voice remote control.

The Onn Roku TV has a Roku player built in for 4K, HD, and HDR video streaming experience. You can enjoy it with a simple setup with all the cables and accessories that come with it. It enables us to access free TV, live sports, news, shows, programs, and much more.

It provides Bluetooth streaming features as well. And most of all, we do not have to pay to activate the Roku at all, it is entirely free. Also, everything can be easily controlled with a single simple remote control for it.

Onn TV Remote- The Universal One

Remote control compatible with Onn Roku TV is also known as Universal for All Onn Roku TV. This Onn TV Remote can be found on Amazon in an economical price range. A universal remote control is responsible for controlling various audio and video devices, along with Cable, DVD players, and VCRs. There is a simple method to learn how to make your Onn TV remote control universal by using different device codes. It can also be done by enabling the automatic code search feature.

A person set the Onn TV Remote
A Person set the Onn TV Remote with his Thumb

Who makes Onn TV – Onn TV Code

Since the company that manufactures Onn Tv is Durabrand, which is not so famous globally, many customers often face difficulties in programming the universal remote control to work with their version of Onn TV. However, Durabrand provides remote codes, called Onn TV Codes, that can be used to program the universal remote with their Onn TV. Customers often get in touch with the manufacturer to ask for their Onn TV code, but there are some listed below that you can try for your set to skip the hassle.

0493, 1038, 1046, 1047, 1109, 1078, 0180, 0003, 0623, 1034, 0154, 0463

Onn TV Problems – Issues and Troubleshooting

There might be several Onn TV problems that are faced by the customers that make us have second thoughts before buying the Onn TV. But, where there’s a problem, there lies a solution. So, here are some common problems faced by Onn TV customers with some Onn TV troubleshooting tricks as well.

Onn TV No-Display or Black Screen

Sometimes, Onn TV might show a black screen with no display at all. You do not need to worry, instead, it can be resolved by checking the cables and resetting the Onn TV.

Onn TV Sound Problems

Apart from no-display issues, some customers have also observed that there is no sound from their Onn TV when they turn it on. It can also be resolved by checking if the cables are fitted properly, and the volume is above audible levels. Also, if the TV sounds do not work with the external speakers, you need to contact an authorized technician.

Onn TV Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues are another commonly faced problem by Onn TV customers. It often fails to connect to the Wi-Fi, making us recheck our router and its connectivity. Also, note that if your Wi-Fi connection is stable on your other devices, you need to contact technical support for your Onn TV.

Onn TV Frequently Turning Off

You are not alone if your Onn TV is behaving abnormally by turning itself off frequently. This problem has been faced by many OnnTV customers as well. You need to check for the updates, if any and if nothing works out, a factory data reset is the last option to treat that.

Onn TV Review – The Best Rated Ones

Some of the best-reviewed Onn TVs are discussed below so that you know your preferences and priorities while buying any of these.

Onn. 50″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV (100012585)

You can buy this model of Onn TV at any Walmart store and on Amazon as well! This model is one of the few Onn TV models available in new condition on Amazon. The customers have enjoyed using this model and say that they have the best experience with its features, 4K HD video quality, and performance at a reasonable price.

Onn 32″ HD, Roku Smart LED TV (100012589)

 This is the best Roku Onn smart TV for under $130. Customers are delighted to experience 720p HD video resolution and high-quality sound with several other features at this price.

If you want more details about picture quality, display, weight, and dimensions of Onn Roku TV, Here we have an article about Onn Roku TV review


Is Onn a good brand of TV?

Onn TV might lack a few exclusive features as one can get in other brands like SAMSUNG, but overall, the picture quality and many features are ideal for this price range. So, it would be a perfect choice if you can compromise on the average picture quality.

Who makes Onn tv?

Walmart owns Onn TVs, but they do not produce them; they simply distribute them. The Onn TVs are manufactured by Durabrand, a Walmart private label tradename, while warranty repairs are handled by Element Electronics.

What is another name for Onn TV?

Durabrand is another name for Onn TV. The Onn TVs are manufactured by Durabrand, which is a private-label trademark of Walmart. Because of this, some customers also refer to Onn TVs as Durabrand TVs.

Is Onn Walmart brand?

Yes, the parent company of Onn is Walmart. The company distributes Onn products, but they do not manufacture them themselves. Durabrand manufactures Onn TV, warranty maintenance is done by Element Electronics.

Who is Onn TV owned by?

Walmart owns Onn TVs, however, they do not manufacture them; rather, they distribute them. Durabrand, a Walmart private label tradename, manufactures the Onn TVs, while Element Electronics handles warranty repairs.

Is Onn made by Sony?

No, Walmart is the owner of the Onn brand, therefore you can anticipate solid quality for the price you’re paying. Because most Onn TVs are in the budget range, don’t expect to find all of the features included in a more costly Sony or LG TV.

Where Can I Buy Onn TVs?

Onn TVs are a brand of televisions sold exclusively at Walmart stores and on their website. You can purchase Onn TVs at your local Walmart store or online at Walmart.com. You can also check the availability of specific Onn TV models on the Walmart website, and choose to have them shipped to your home or to a nearby store for pickup.

Does Onn Roku TV only sell at Walmart?

Yes, Onn is a Walmart-owned private label brand, and its products are only available in Walmart stores and online. Televisions, headphones, iPads, and other devices are examples of Onn-branded items. These Onn-branded items are created and manufactured by Walmart in collaboration with third-party manufacturers. As a result, in order to purchase an Onn product, you must visit a Walmart store or the Walmart website.


Now, whether to buy the new market sensation Onn TV made and sold by Walmart only, is still a great decision. I would say that if you want to sit back and enjoy Netflix at home, after buying a budget-friendly smart television, you must trust the giant who makes Onn TV your best choice.

The Onn TV has the best features, quality, and experience for a smart TV in this price range. However, if you are a higher-end electronics buyer who cannot compromise on the fascinating features and video streaming quality, you must go for globally recognized brands such as Sony.

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