Do Onn TVs Have Bluetooth? – Best Guide (Updated 2023)

The latest Smart TVs have Bluetooth as one of their interesting features. Onn Tv is a very good smart TV which is owned by Walmart. This means that you can expect a good product, and if you want to find further about it, you can check out Onn TV reviews. In this article, we will explain to you about ‘do Onn TVs have Bluetooth?’.

Your smartphone and other wireless devices, like headphones, can be connected to your TV via Bluetooth. This entails that you can use your smartphone as a remote control by downloading the remote app, pairing it with your smart TV using Bluetooth, and using it that way.

So “Do Onn TVs Have Bluetooth?” Well, not all ONN TV series have it. Discover how to use Bluetooth to connect a device to your TV, check if your ONN has Bluetooth, and more as you keep reading this article.

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do onn tvs have bluetooth

Do Onn Tvs Have Bluetooth?

So, is Onn Tv Bluetooth compatible? Yes, Bluetooth headphones can be connected to an Onn Roku TV. A Bluetooth transmitter that works with the TV is required, and you must click the transmitter to the TV’s audio output. The Bluetooth headphones should be able to pair with the transmitter once you’ve completed that.

You may pair Bluetooth headphones with a Roku device using the Roku app on your phone or tablet. You can activate private listening in the Roku app or through the Remote setting by choosing your Roku device. Before connecting your smartphone, you must first connect your Roku TV to a Bluetooth audio device to use this feature. Bluetooth audio devices may be paired with smartphones using the Roku mobile app. 

If you have Bluetooth enabled, you can use the app to use your wireless headphones while traveling. Even though Roku media streamers and Roku TVs lack Bluetooth, you can still listen to audio on them.

Toggle the pairing mode on Settings, then choose Bluetooth from the drop-down menu. Wait for the headphones to appear before connecting and pairing them. Now, let’s discuss does Onn Roku Tv have Bluetooth or not.

Does Onn Roku TV Have Bluetooth?

On a Roku TV, you can indeed utilize Bluetooth headphones. To watch TV quietly, all you need to do is pair your Bluetooth headphones with the television. You are allowed to watch movies at maximum volume without upsetting other people. Using the Roku app, connecting your headphones to your TV is easy. Some devices, including the Roku Express and Roku Streaming Stick support only private listening. 

On your remote, choose Settings and then Network from the menu. Verify that your headphones are securely attached to your remote before continuing if you hear popping and fluttering sounds. It’s possible that your Roku device’s Private Listening feature is malfunctioning or you are having trouble synchronizing audio.

Turning On Bluetooth on Onn Roku TV

The procedures listed below can be used to activate the built-in Bluetooth capability on your ONN Roku TV.

  • On your ONN Roku TV, select the “Setting” option.
  • On the menu, scroll to the ‘Network & Connection’ option.
  • Bluetooth can be turned on by clicking the ‘On’ button.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to Your Roku TV from Onn?

Simply follow the steps below to pair your smartphone, headphones, tablet, soundbar, game controller, or any other device with your Android smart TV.

  • Select “Settings” from the menu.
  • Choose “Remote & Devices” from the list of possibilities.
  • Choose “Pair New Devices.”
  • ‘Bluetooth Device’ can be found by scrolling down.
  • Press “Ok” after choosing your Bluetooth wireless name.
  • If you’re using the voice remote, all you have to say to start the Bluetooth pairing process is “Launch Bluetooth.”
  • To finish pairing, locate the Bluetooth name of your device and click on it.

Using a Bluetooth Transmitter From a TV Can Be Difficult

You could occasionally experience sound problems when utilizing a Bluetooth transmitter, such as bad audio quality, audio cutting in and out, lip-syncing, or audio delay. Some issues can be manageable, while others might make you want to unplug them and forget about them entirely. 

With a transmitter, you can utilize Bluetooth in your Onn TV, although it might only sometimes work as you want. Shortening the cords or purchasing a more effective Bluetooth transmitter will only sometimes fix the issue. The best thing you can do is look up an Onn Roku TV Troubleshooting Guide to resolve your issue.

How To Use Wireless Headphones Without Bluetooth To Connect To Tv?

Without Bluetooth, there are a few more ways to connect wireless headphones to a TV. Utilizing an RF transmitter and receiver is one method. Doing this will send a signal from the TV to the headphones. Utilizing an infrared transmitter and receiver is an additional method.

Bluetooth headphones use the same wireless technology as other Bluetooth devices. Although there is no harm in altering your Bluetooth headphones’ sound quality, they can enhance your listening experience if they are high quality. 

To connect wirelessly, you should always confirm that your television is compatible with wireless technology. If you already own a game console, the Bluetooth capabilities of your TV will be accessible in this way for a minimal fee. 

If the range is greater, you can lessen the degree of audio deterioration as you get farther away from your audio device. RF headphones are practical and convenient, but they can also be a great Bluetooth headphone replacement for TVs that do not support Bluetooth. An excellent choice will be a radio frequency headphone if you plan to travel fairly far from the output. 


Where is the Bluetooth on my Onn Roku TV?

1. Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu on your Onn Roku TV.
2. Select “Remote & Devices” from the list of options.
3. Select “Pair New Devices.”
4. Scrolling down will bring you to the ‘Bluetooth Device section.
5. Press “Ok” after choosing your Bluetooth wireless name.
6. If you’re using the voice remote, simply say “Launch Bluetooth” to begin 7. the Bluetooth pairing process.
8. To finish pairing, look for your device’s Bluetooth name and click on it.

How do I connect my Onn TV to Bluetooth?

You can connect external Bluetooth to your Onn TV by using a Bluetooth transmitter through a standard audio jack.


People often wonder if Onn TVs have Bluetooth or not. Well, not all, but the majority of them do. The details mentioned above in the article explain how you can connect your Bluetooth gadgets, such as a joystick, headphones, or any other device of this sort, with your Onn TV. You can also connect your headphones using the Roku app.

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