How to Watch PBS on DirecTV – Best Guide 2023

The Public Broadcasting Service, a nonprofit media company, offers audiences all around the United States educational and engaging information. PBS has established itself as a go-to source for high-caliber television for many people thanks to its emphasis on programming that supports education, culture, and the arts. 

Finding PBS on Directv may at first appear difficult for customers. Even while DIRECTV’s channel roster offers many alternatives, including sports, news, and entertainment programs, finding PBS content sometimes necessitates taking extra steps. In this post, we will find out how to watch PBS on DIRECTV. 

What Is PBS?

PBS stands for the Public Broadcasting Service, a non-profit American public television network that offers viewers around the country educational and instructive content. It was established in 1969 as a replacement for National Educational Television (NET), and since then, it has grown to be one of the most reputable and well-known providers of top-notch programming in the nation.

PBS stands apart from other television networks in that it doesn’t run advertising and instead depends on donations from viewers, charitable organizations, and business partners to maintain its programs. This enables PBS to concentrate on offering top-notch, educational programs without having to contend with the same financial pressures that other networks must.

What Is the Purpose of PBS?

The purpose of PBS is to inspire, educate, and inform its audience through its programs. The programming on the network features a wide range of subjects, including news and current events, science and nature, the arts and culture, history, and children’s programming. “Masterpiece Theatre,” “Nova,” “Sesame Street,” and “Antiques Roadshow” are a few of its most well-liked programs.

PBS has a long and illustrious history of offering educational and entertaining programming to audiences across the United States, and it is still regarded as a valuable resource in the media landscape of today. Keep reading to find out what channel is PBS on Directv.

Is PBS Available on Directv?

Indeed, DirecTV offers PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). In the majority of places, DirecTV includes PBS in its selection of channels. The channel number, however, may change based on your region and bundle. You can check your on-screen guide or go to DirecTV’s website for a channel lineup specific to your area to find the precise channel number for PBS on your DirecTV lineup.

Through its video-on-demand service, DirecTV provides on-demand access to some PBS programs in addition to live broadcast content. The on-demand programming from DirecTV includes well-known PBS programs like “Downton Abbey,” “Sherlock,” and “Nature.”

What Channel Is PBS on Directv?

Depending on your location and package, the PBS channel on DirecTV may change. But, DirecTV channel 389 is where PBS can be found in most places. Down below we have listed the channel number of PBS on Directv in different cities.

  • Hutchinson – 8, 9
  • Des Moines – 11
  • Indianapolis – 20, 30
  • Atlanta – 30, 8
  • Little Rock – Pine Bluff – 2
  • Phoenix – 8
  • Birmingham – 10
  • Rhode Island – 36
  • Columbus – 20,34
  • Newark – 13, 21, 50, 49
  • New York – 21, 13, 49, 50
  • Jacksonville – 7, 8
  • Wilmington – 12, 23, 39
  • Hartford – New Haven – 24
  • Denver – 6, 12
  • Los Angeles – 24, 50, 58
  • Sioux Falls – 20/23 
  • Providence – 53 & 36
  • Boston – 2, 11, 44
  • Portland – Auburn – 10
  • New Orleans – 12
  • Louisville – 15, 68
  • Charlotte – 30, 42, 58
  • Manchester – 2, 11, 44
  • Las Vegas – 10 
  • Jackson – 29
  • Charleston – 7 
  • Portland – 10

You can ask DirecTV customer support for help if you’re having problems locating the PBS channel on DirecTV lineup or using the on-demand service to view PBS material. They can help you find the PBS channel in your location and solve any problems you might be having using your DirecTV service to view PBS material.

Best PBS Shows

For a very long time, viewers of all ages have enjoyed watching instructive, interesting, and amusing programming on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). The network has created and shown several well-known shows over the years that have become mainstays of American television.

  1. Masterpiece Theatre

This program showcases British dramas and literary adaptations, such as “Downton Abbey,” “Poldark,” and “Victoria.”

  1. Nova

The popular science documentary program “Nova” explores a variety of subjects, including physics, archaeology, and the environment.

  1. Frontline

With in-depth research and analysis, this investigative journalism program addresses contemporary events and concerns.

  1. Antiques Roadshow

In Antiques Roadshow, specialists evaluate valuables and antiques brought in by regular individuals, frequently discovering fascinating backstories.

  1. Nature

“Nature” is a television program that examines the natural world using spectacular footage and knowledgeable commentary on issues including animal behavior, ecosystems, and conservation.

  1. American Experience

“American Experience” is a historical documentary series that explores significant events and people in American history. Episodes on the American Revolution, the moon landing, and the Civil Rights Movement are among the topics covered.

  1. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

This enduring children’s program, hosted by Fred Rogers, used puppetry, songs, and live-action elements to teach kids about kindness, self-worth, and friendship.

  1. The Joy of Painting

Presented by painter Bob Ross, this educational program showed viewers how to use oil paints and other methods to produce their landscapes and seascapes.

  1. Great Performances

Great Performances is a television program that features performances by some of the best musicians, dancers, and theatre companies in the world. Previous programs have included “Hamilton,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” and “Yo-Yo Ma: The Bach Project.”

  1. Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits is a music performance series that showcases a variety of musical styles, including rock, country, blues, and folk. Previous acts have included Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, and Adele.

Why Choose Directv to Watch Pbs?

  • PBS is included in DirecTV’s basic channel list, making it simple and convenient to watch the network’s content without having to pay any additional costs or subscriptions. The DirecTV PBS channel is generally 389, though your location and bundle may affect this.
  • DirecTV provides many features that improve your viewing pleasure. This features on-demand content, high-definition picture quality, and an intuitive on-screen menu that makes it simple to locate and access your favorite shows.
  • DirecTV provides customer care and technical support every day of the week, around the clock. You can ask the customer service staff at DirecTV for assistance if you have any problems with your service or need help locating a certain program or channel.

In general, using DirecTV for PBS viewing can offer a dependable, high-quality viewing experience with a variety of features and easy access to the network’s content. These are the reasons why you should choose Directv to watch PBS.


Is PBS available on DirecTV?

Customers of DirecTV have access to PBS, a nonprofit that produces excellent, educative, and interesting television. PBS offers a variety of programs, including historical dramas, crime dramas, and kid-friendly educational material.

Is PBS App Free?

Enjoy the newest PBS content from your smartphone or tablet on iOS and Android. With the free PBS app, you can easily stream PBS programming.

How do I access PBS using AT&T TV?

Neither AT&T TV nor AT&T TV has ever offered PBS but only Youtube TV has PBS. Use the PBS app to access free content. There may be a fee to access all of PBS’s content.

What does a PBS subscription cost?

With an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription, PBS LIVING costs $2.99 per month to subscribe to. Apple TV channels in the Apple TV app provide a monthly subscription to PBS Living for $2.99. 


PBS provides a multitude of informational, educational, and entertaining programming. Even though there are other ways to access PBS content, choosing DirecTV to watch PBS can offer a dependable and practical viewing experience with a range of features and free access to the network’s programming. 

Sesame Street, Masterpiece Theatre, Nova, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, American Experience, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, The Pleasure of Painting, Great Performances, and Austin City Limits are just a few of the well-known programs available on PBS. Directv also provides sports shows like dodger game on DirecTV.

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