Onn TV Review – Is It Worth The Price And Should You Buy One?

Since Walmart started its own high-definition smart television Onn TV brand, consumers have really begun to search for Onn TV Reviews everywhere. They want to know if it’s worth spending their money or not. So we are here with the detailed Onn TV Review for you if you are thinking about buying the Onn TV or still are on the fence.

These are our personal model-specific Onn TV Reviews that would definitely affect your decision to buy Onn TV instead of any other brand like Hisense or Samsung. Their design, dimensions, weights, picture and sound quality, ports, and connectivity are the main factors we have considered.

In addition, you can find out more about who makes Onn TV and where you can purchase them. 

According to numerous Onn Roku TV reviews, it has gained much popularity and market share as compared to other smaller brands due to its notable features at the most affordable price for its consumers.

Onn TV Reviews - 70-inch Smart Tv is showing the picture.
Onn TV Reviews

Onn Roku TV has built-in streaming devices that help the consumers enjoy Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, The Roku Channel, HBO Max, Spectrum TV, and much more without the need to attach any other external device. This Onn Roku TV review will highlight further pros and cons that would certainly influence your decision to purchase it.

Let’s start with the generic Onn TV review with its most prominent features, and then we will move on to some specific models and review them for what works best for us.

Is Onn TV Worth Purchasing?

The prices of Onn Roku TV attract the most customers, and apparently, it is the most-thought factor by the consumers when deciding to buy the TVs for them. 

No brand can beat the Onn TVs when it comes to the economical prices and affordable smart TVs. Walmart makes sure its customers do not have to pay extra money for smart TVs. Therefore, you can save a couple of hundred dollars if you buy an Onn TV compared to Hisense or Samsung. Most Onn TV Reviews say it is perfect for anyone on a shoestring. The Onn TV screen sizes range from 32 to 75 inches.

These Onn TV reviews will start with a breakdown of what we get at the price we are paying.

Best Selling Onn TVs

42-inch FHD – Onn Roku TV Review

If you are on a tight budget and want a smart monitor for your bedroom to stream hundreds of channels without interruptions, this 42-inch FHD Onn Roku TV is the best one you can get for under $100.

Design, Dimensions, and Weight

This model of Onn Roku TV weighs only 13.2 pounds with the dimensions of 37.4 x 23.5 x 8.7 inches. In addition, the set has elegant and sleek finishing, making it more appealing than other sets with the exact dimensions. 

Display and Picture Quality

Our review aligns with several Onn TV Reviews on the fact that this 42-inch class FHD Roku Smart TV with 1080p resolution can beat any other mid-range televisions and some of that too of Hisense or TCL. However, if you want to know more about Samsung TV, you must read this article.

Ports and Connectivity

This Onn 42-inch Roku Smart TV has three HDMI ports, one USB port, one coaxial, one LAN, and one headphone port. Hence, this set can be used as a perfect monitor for your personal use with these many ports in this price range.


The 42-inch Onn TV does not provide some essential features like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Moreover, the variable refresh rate would make your gaming experience less intuitive and enjoyable.

If you want some better image quality and more delicate features, you may consider looking at the other Onn Roku TV Reviews as described below. To learn more about common Onn TV problems and their solutions, check out this article.

50-inch 4K UHD- Onn Roku TV Review

Design Dimensions and Weight

A lightweight Onn TV, at 25 pounds with 44.2 x 25.5 x 2.4 inches measurements, makes it a slim design. Most customers find its design appealing as the screen is framed by sleek and shiny plastic bezels, which adds to the beautiful orientation of the television set.

Display and Picture Quality

As you get 4K resolution which is 2160p, in this 50-inch Onn TV, you must be intrigued by this as all of us have. Though some of the Onn TV Reviews have stated that the quality is terrific in bright movies, when it comes to the darker movies, the black shades are not as fresh as one hoped for them to be.

But, you may overlook the minor detail, as it is just an observation of a few customers. However, most customers find it really exclusive quality in this price range.

Ports and Connectivity

If we talk about the ports, we get 4 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 Coaxial, 1 LAN, and 1 Headphone port. In addition, we get one extra HDMI port for enhanced connectivity.


Suppose you want to have a television with an embedded outclass sound system for the home. In that case, you must consider spending some bucks on external speakers with this set, or you can move on to the next model we are reviewing that is specific to your design, technical features, and sound requirements.

70-inch 4K UHD – Onn Roku TV Review

This 70-inch Onn TV is a perfect luxurious television available for Walmart customers. With  10-watt speakers, the TV comes with an astounding embedded sound system that would be sufficient for a large house.

One cannot get any other TV with these specs under $450. Most well-known brands would be selling televisions with these perks for above $800. Hence, if you are on the fence about buying this one, you might want to take a leap after reading the following 70-inch Onn TV Review.

Design, Dimensions, and Weight

This sleek, sleek, and smart design make it a fantastic addition to your living room. The dimensions of this 70-inch Onn TV are 61.5 x 38.3 x 12.5, and the set weighs around 45.2 pounds. Although the design is attractive, the body is sleek, but the stand is not strong enough to hold the size 70-inch. So, you have to look for options to install the TV on your wall.

Display and Picture Quality

The Onn 70″ TV has 4k (2160p) image quality, which is lovely in this price range. The colors and images are more lucid and brighter than ever. The black shades are intense and you are going to enjoy bright and darker movies, all the same on this set, unlike your experience with 42-inch Onn TV.

Ports and Connectivity

Most Mid-range smart TVs come with 4 HDMI ports, but this 70-inch 4k Onn Roku TV  has only 3 HDMI ports that limit the connectivity. Other than that, the Onn TV has a USB port, a composite, one coaxial port, and one headphone jack.

The ports can be used to connect several external devices, including a keyboard, mouse, MP3, game console, and much more.


If you want to own a television and use it for gaming, you might consider some other brands, but before you purchase them, you will need to look at their reviews by the gamers to gain better knowledge about Gaming TV.

If you want to learn more about common Hisense TV Problems, you might want to have a look at this article.

Also, most of the features, except for the enhanced sound quality, this 70-inch is similar to the 50-inch Onn TV. Some Onn TV Reviews state that people have second thoughts about spending much for the latter when the dimensions and sound quality are the only differences.


We conclude our Onn TV brand reviews by stating that it entirely depends upon your requirements and preferences when it comes to buying a smart TV for yourself. You can jot down your needs and preferences, including the resolution you want, the purpose of purchasing the television (whether streaming or gaming), and, most importantly, your budget.

If you’re going to spend just a few bucks for the sake of a TV, then this 42-inch model is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy some extra perks of better picture quality, but less-enjoyable sound and are willing to pay some more, then 50-inch Onn Roku TV is for you. But, if you are not willing to compromise on the sound and the picture quality as well, then this 70-inch 4K Onn Roku TV is made for you. 

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