Tips to Buy Personalized Cat Blankets

Cats love soft, cozy blankets just as much as people do. A personalized cat blanket can make your furry friend feel extra loved and comfortable. However, it might be challenging to pick the ideal blanket for your cat given the abundance of alternatives both online and in stores. You may choose and buy a customized cat blanket that your cat will appreciate using the advice in this article.

1. Consider Your Cat’s Personality and Preferences

It’s crucial to consider your cat’s own personality and preferences while selecting a customized blanket for them. Like people, each cat is an individual with varied tastes. Start by paying close attention to the surfaces and materials that your cat seems to like to curl up on. Do they look more at ease on smooth, airy surfaces or do they favor soft, velvety materials like fleece? Where they tend to slumber and lie down most will provide information about their preferred textures. Simply said, some cats prefer soft surfaces to others.

You should also think about the normal energy levels and routines of your cat. A thin, airy blanket that doesn’t impede mobility could be appreciated by cats who are more energetic and playful. However, comfortable cats that spend most of their time sleeping could want cozier, thicker blankets that entirely enclose them. Depending on how active or relaxed your cat is, the blanket’s size and weight should be chosen. A thick blanket might not be warm enough for an elderly cat that spends most of the day sleeping, while a huge, heavy blanket can be too much for a young, active kitten. Your cat will be most comfortable if you choose a blanket that is made for them.

2. Personalize with Your Cat’s Name

Personalizing a cat blanket with your cat’s name is a special way to make them feel it is truly theirs. When a cat sees its own name, it reinforces that the blanket belongs to them. This can help cats form a strong attachment to their blanket. There are a few main ways to add your cat’s name. One is through embroidery. Embroidering lets the name be seamlessly stitched into the fabric. This ensures the name will stay on even after many washing cycles. It allows for creative font and thread color choices too.

Printing is another option. Some blanket makers digitally print names directly onto the material. This provides versatility in font styles. It also means the name won’t snag or come unstitched like it potentially could with embroidery. No matter the method, the key is giving an accurate spelling of your cat’s name. You want it to match what they are used to responding to. It’s also good to specify any font preferences, like cursive or block letters. Thread or ink color is another customization point. Choosing a contrasting color makes the name easily visible.

3. Choose Complimentary Fabrics

When selecting fabrics for a cat blanket, it’s best to choose materials that complement each other well. This allows the cat to experience different textures that they may enjoy in different ways. Some top fabric choices are fleece and minky due to their plush, luxurious feel against an animal’s fur. These fabrics are soft enough that they won’t irritate sensitive cat skin. Cotton blends work nicely too as they provide breathability while still feeling cozy. It’s important fabrics aren’t too hot or constricting for cats. Synthetic materials should generally be avoided unless certain they won’t scratch or bother a cat. Natural fibers tend to be safer options.

For blankets with multiple layers or trim elements, opting for complementary textures encourages full use of the blanket’s surface. A soft fleece interior provides an ultra-plush area for napping. Meanwhile, a trim of suede or faux fur around the edges allows cats to rub against and feel that different sensation. This gives them variety in one blanket. It’s essential any trim isn’t so long it could potentially be ingested if the cat is a vigorous self-groomer. Various textures keep cats interested in exploring the blanket while ensuring their safety. The right fabric pairings make for a multi-functional blanket that cats fully take advantage of. Their comfort and enjoyment should be the priority in material selection.

4. Consider Size and Portability

It’s crucial to get a customized cat blanket that is the proper size for your cat. The blanket should be big enough for them to spread out completely and feel comfortable, but not so big that it becomes a trip hazard throughout the house.  Most cats enjoy blankets that are approximately 1.5 times their body size as this gives them plenty of room to sprawl out. You can determine the right size for your cat by laying them down on potential blankets and seeing how much extra fabric surrounds their body. Make sure their entire form is covered without being swamped with extra material. If you have a larger home, you may want to opt for multiple smaller blankets placed in various sleeping spots rather than one giant blanket that’s difficult to transport between rooms.

Portability is another factor to consider, especially if you need to travel with your cat occasionally. Things like vet visits can make cats feel stressed in unfamiliar environments. Having a familiar blanket can provide comfort. Look for blankets that have handles or ties sewn onto the edges. This allows you to easily grasp the blanket to wrap your cat in for transport. Thinner, more pliable blankets also fold or roll up neatly to pack in a bag or carrier for on-the-go needs. The right size and portable design help keep cats feeling secure even when away from their usual home territory.


With some consideration of your individual cat’s preferences and needs, finding the perfect custom cat blanket they’ll love shouldn’t be difficult. Incorporating their name, favorite colors or themes creates a special, customized touch. With the right size, fabrics, and portability, your cat will stay cozy and comfortable for many snuggle sessions to come.

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