Easy Games That You Can Enjoy Playing with Your Kitten

Playing with kittens is not only a joyous experience for the pet owner, this session of games and fun is also crucial to the cat’s health. Keeping a pet cat active both physically and mentally on a regular basis is highly important. When cats are not given such attention, they can become dull and uninterested creatures. Lucky for cat owners, playing with kittens is an easy task. Cat toys don’t come with hefty price tags. Actually, almost anything can be a low-cost yet fun toy for these furry animals. Cats find enjoyment in cardboard boxes, old newspapers and even in simple objects such as ice cubes.

Easy Games That You Can Enjoy Playing with Your Kitten

Here are some examples of easy games that you can enjoy playing with your kitten:

Paper Bag

The secret to the cat’s nine lives must lie in the fact that they can find happiness and amazement in the littlest of items – even a wrinkled old brown paper bag can keep a kitten amused for days. The cat owner can make the game with paper bags interesting by rubbing the sides while the animal is playing with the paper bag. Cats chase after shadows, sounds and everything that they think they can find inside that paper bag! It’s always a smart idea to poke holes on both ends of the backside of the paper bag so that in the event of the kitten tipping they have no risk of getting trapped.

Calling Out Their Name

It has been proven that cats respond to names. This game is devised around that concept. In order to get a cat accustomed to the name their owner has given them, the owner basically has to play hide and seek inside the house. Cats are smart creatures, so the owners need to hide carefully! After hiding, the owner should call out their cute pet name and let the search begin.

Ice Cube Hockey

Cats love to play with ice cubes. There is something about the slippery pieces of ice that they find so amusing. It is a great idea to sit the pet cat down on the floor and play ice cube hockey with her. It is truly great fun to see them hopelessly chase around those slippery cubes and have the time of their lives! The whole spectacle is entertaining for both pet and owner; you may get a viral video out of it.


Much different to actual hunting, this hunt involves the cat owner sliding his or her hand under a blanket. Since kittens love to hunt, you will find your little pet pouncing on the hand. If the cat scratches your hand, it is advisable for you to wear gloves or cover your hand with a thin cloth to save yourself from those little yet ferocious paws!
Cats are well aware of how to have fun by themselves, out of nothing. Spending some game time involves pleasure for both the owner and the cat. By playing the mentioned games, it is certain that the entire home will become more interesting.

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