What Channel is TSN on Directv? (Channel Guide) 2023-24

TSN, in terms of gross income in 2013, was the largest special channel available in Canada, with a total of somewhere about $400.4 million in revenue. There are ways to know the availability of this channel on DirecTV.

Make sure to read this article till the end to find out what channel is TSN on DirecTV and details regarding TSN’s accessibility on the DirecTV streaming service.

What is TSN?

The Sports Network TSN is a Canadian sports channel that broadcasts in English. It was started by Labatt Brewing Company and is a classic channel. It was a part of the first set of Canadian specialty cable TV channels in 1984. After 2001, the communications juggernaut BCE Inc. acquired a majority stake in it.

In Canada, TSN is a well-liked channel. Its network primarily concentrates on sports-related content, including original programming, live and on-demand event broadcasts, sports talk shows, and many more. The National Hockey League’s first national cable TV broadcaster in Canada is TSN. With seven NHL Canadian franchises, TSN now owns four regional TV rights.

Why Do You Need DirecTv for TSN?

The main provider of cable TV networks in the US is DirecTV. It now goes by the moniker AT&T TV. It is a significant holding for a streaming service. You can choose how to stream your content with this. You can either bring your compatible device or use the DirecTV Stream device. You can purchase any subscription to stream the channels you want from the list.

It offers a huge selection of streaming channels. You can watch with a free trial pack and get access to all of DirecTV’s channel lineups with their bundle. You can also watch UFC on DirecTv.

While streaming on any compatible devices, including Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Android TV, and smartphones, you can also record your shows using cloud DVR storage.

What Channel Is TSN on Directv?

TSN is a channel that can be found on numerous digital, cable, and satellite television providers in the US, some of Canada, and other countries. As a result, the channel lists on DirecTV are where you’ll most likely locate this cable channel.

You won’t have any trouble getting live coverage of any of the most well-known sporting events because sports are a crucial component of the network’s programming. This includes, but is not limited to, NBA and MLB games of basketball and baseball.

You’re in luck if you’re looking through DirecTV’s channel listings to determine where TSN is broadcast. We’ve made the decision to save you the hassle and direct you to the DirecTV channel where TSN is available.

To watch the TSN DirecTV channel, simply go to channel 774 – 776.

How Can I Watch TSN in America?

The TSN app can be rapidly made to stream globally. Users can stream with a Canadian server by using any VPN service. You can use a VPN and the instructions provided below to watch TSN in the US.

  • You should look for a reliable VPN network supplier that allows you to connect to Canadian servers.
  • Now configure your device with the VPN network.
  • After that, install the server in Canada.
  • Last but not least, log in with your TSN account information or make an account using a Canadian zip code.
  • You have now established a VPN connection to the Canadian network. Now that your device is compatible, you can stream TSN content.

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Top TSN Programs

TSN airs a number of studio shows that are worth watching in addition to the regular coverage of the numerous professional and amateur sports that are carried on the station.

  1. Motoring

The program “Motoring” is all about automobiles. The show includes various auto evaluations, auto makeovers, and even a vehicle exhibition hosted by a celebrity.

Join the hosts as they talk about vehicles, automotive news, and car tips, and even offer advice on how to get better at driving.

  1. TSN Hockey 

TSN Hockey is a program that focuses on the hockey community. It may be said that the show has evolved into a need for every sports enthusiast to watch because it covers all of its news, events, and happenings.

Additionally, it offers discussion, analysis, and forecasts regarding the current NHL campaign.

  1. SportsCentre 

SportsCentre is a daily sports highlight show that offers analysis and discussion on sports news from across the world. It is one of the educational programs on TSN.

Highlights, results, news articles, and interviews with various figures from the world of sports are all included.

  1. That’s Hockey

The focus of this daily newscast is the world of professional ice hockey. Each portion of the program discusses the current events and operations of the National Hockey League.

Tips for Getting TSN

With a TSN membership, you may view the TSN streaming content for free on the TSN Go app. With a TSN Direct subscription, you can use this TSN Go application for free, without a doubt. You should download TSN Go for Android and iOS devices from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The TSN Direct subscription plans are also available. The pricing of a TSN Direct Day Pass is $7.99 for 24 hours; a TSN Direct Month Pass is $19.99/month; and a TSN Direct Annual Pass is $199.90/year. 

Be sure to give TSN Direct a try if you want to watch TSN channel material on your smart devices. Windows, Android phones and tablets, and finally iOS phones and tablets are the smart devices with access to TSN streaming. Then, through TSN.ca/Live, Samsung Smart TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, and PC.

Directv’s Features

You can have 20 streams running at once on 20 different devices with this DirecTV streaming service. The 20 hours of cloud DVR storage you have after that will be valid for 90 days. 

Additionally, if you want to use unlimited cloud DVR storage, you must pay an additional $10. You can use this DirecTV streaming service on a variety of gadgets. They include Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, Android, and iOS devices, as well as Amazon gadgets like the Fire TV, Firestick, and Fire Cube.


How Can I Watch TSN in USA?

First, get a VPN that offers Canadian servers, like NordVPN, and install it on your preferred device. Once installed, open the VPN and connect to a Canadian server. Then, go to the TSN website or launch their app on your device. Explore the content options, select a channel, and start enjoying your chosen program!

Is TSN channel Free?

The application and its content are accessible for free.


Many people were confused about what channel is TSN on DirecTV. TSN is a Canadian cable TV network, whereas DirecTV is the most popular cable TV channel in the United States. The above-mentioned article has explained to you how you can watch the TSN Directv channel.

You can find the channel numbers for TSN1 and TSN2 with SD and HD video content if you wish to stream TSN on DirecTV utilizing a VPN provider.  This TSN Direct content section offers a huge selection of live sporting events. On TSN Direct, there are tennis, NHL, MLB, golf, MLS, CFL, NBA, and other sports.

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