What Channel Is CBS on Directv? A Complete Guide in 2024

Finding out what channel is CBS on Directv is important for fans who want to watch their favorite shows and remain up-to-date on news and entertainment. As one of the top satellite television providers, DirecTV has a broad channel portfolio, making it important to identify CBS Directv channel number. Whether you’re a sports lover, a fan of primetime dramas, or someone who likes to keep up with the latest news, knowing what channel is CBS on Directv now means you don’t miss out on the material that matters most to you. 

What Is CBS Channel?

The Columbia Broadcasting System, or CBS, is one of the most prestigious and long-running television networks in the United States. CBS has played a significant role in creating the landscape of American broadcasting since its inception in 1927, regularly delivering a vast assortment of content to millions of people. 

The network has a rich history filled with classic shows, memorable moments, and game-changing events, giving it a reputation for high-quality entertainment and dependable news coverage. From timeless classics like “I Love Lucy” to current favorites like “The Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS,” CBS has provided a stunning blend of drama, comedy, news, and sports over the years. 

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How Can You Watch CBS on Directv?

To watch CBS on DirecTV, you must first find the channel where CBS is accessible. The following are the main steps for finding and watching CBS on DirecTV:

1- Activate Your DirecTV Receiver

Check that your DirecTV receiver is powered on and linked to your television.

2- Go to the Channel Guide

DirecTv remote control< Guide button< Scrool through channel guide.

3- Locate CBS in the Channel Guide

Look in the channel guide for CBS. The CBS Directv channel number may differ depending on your region and DirecTV package.

4- Tune In to CBS

To tune in to CBS, locate it in the channel guide and hit the matching number on your remote.

5- Enjoy CBS Programming

Once you’ve tuned in, you should be able to watch CBS programming, including news, shows, and other stuff.

Additionally, if you have a DirecTV subscription, you may have access to CBS content as part of their streaming options via the DirecTV app or website. This enables you to watch CBS on various devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

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What Channel Is CBS on DirecTV Now?

The CBS on Directv channel number can change depending on your region and your DirecTV subscription. Here are the channel numbers for several countries:

  • Colorado Springs, CO: Channel 11
  • El Paso, TX: Channel 4
  • Las Vegas, NV: Channel 2
  • Miami, FL: Channel 4
  • San Antonio, TX: Channel 5
  • San Diego, CA: Channel 8
  • Tucson, AZ: Channel 13
  • New York, NY: Channel 2
  • Los Angeles, CA: Channel 2
  • Chicago, IL: Channel 2
  • Houston, TX: Channel 11
  • Phoenix, AZ: Channel 5
  • Seattle, WA: Channel 7
  • Boise, ID: Channel 2
  • Atlanta, GA: Channel 46
  • Cleveland, OH: Channel 19
  • Kansas City, MO: Channel 5

Benefits of Watching CBS on DirecTV

Watching CBS on DirecTV has several advantages, including a diverse and entertaining entertainment experience. Here are some benefits of watching CBS on DirecTV:

1- Diverse Programming

CBS provides diverse programs, including popular dramas, comedy, reality series, news, and sports. This variety guarantees viewers access to a wide range of content to fit their tastes.

2- Local News and Events

CBS affiliates cover local news and events, bringing viewers up to date on what’s going on in their towns. This is especially useful for getting up to current on local news, weather, and events.

3- Iconic Shows

CBS has a lengthy history of generating iconic and long-running shows. When watching CBS on DirecTV, viewers may enjoy classic shows and discover new and acclaimed series that the network continues to develop.

4- Excellent-Quality Production

CBS is known for its excellent production standards and commitment to delivering quality content. The network’s programming promises a well-produced series, intriguing storytelling, and stellar performances.

5- Prime-Time Hits

CBS has been a prime-time television powerhouse, providing a strong variety of hit shows during prime-time hours. This comprises popular dramas, comedies, and reality shows with a large audience.

6- Sports Coverage

CBS is a significant broadcaster of sporting events such as the NFL and NCAA basketball. Watching CBS on DirecTV, sports fans may enjoy live games, championships, and special events.

7- On-Demand Access

DirecTV usually offers on-demand access to CBS programs, allowing fans to catch up on missed episodes or binge-watch their favorite series whenever and wherever they choose.

8- Streaming Alternatives

DirecTV members may have access to streaming alternatives, allowing them to watch CBS programming on many devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops, allowing them to be more flexible in how and where they consume material.

9- Local Affiliates

DirecTV carries local CBS affiliates in various locales, ensuring customers can access locally relevant news and events and national programs.

10- HD Quality

DirecTV usually provides CBS in high-definition (HD), which provides a better viewing experience with crisp picture clarity and enhanced audio.

Before relying on these benefits, viewers should check their area’s precise channel lineup and offerings since they may differ depending on geography and DirecTV plan.

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All Channels From CBS

Here is a list of all the channels that CBS has to offer:

1- CBS Morning News 

A morning news show that summarizes nighttime and early-morning news, including national and international headlines. It usually features current events, politics, and human interest tales.

2- CBS Weekend News

Like the daily evening news, this program has a weekend edition that covers big news stories, features, and in-depth reporting. It is intended to keep viewers informed throughout the weekend.

3- CBS News Sunday Morning

This is a one-of-a-kind and highly regarded Sunday morning news and magazine show. It includes news, feature stories, and interviews about various topics such as arts, culture, and lifestyle.

4- CBS This Morning

A weekday morning news program that offers a thorough look at current events, interviews with newsmakers, and in-depth reporting on various topics. The program aims to give viewers a thoughtful and instructive start to their day.

5- CBS Evening News

A flagship evening news program that informs about major national and international news stories everyday. It usually offers in-depth reporting and analysis of major occurrences.

6- Face the Nation

A Sunday morning chat show centered on political interviews and debates. It usually includes interviews with government officials, legislators, and experts, who provide insight into contemporary political topics.

7- CBS Overnight News

CBS Overnight News is a late-night news program that covers overnight news happenings. It is intended for those wishing to stay updated on the latest news before bed.

8- 48 Hours

48 Hours is an investigative documentary series focusing on one criminal or justice-related issue per episode. In-depth reporting, interviews, and analysis of the featured instances are usually included.

These programs represent CBS’s commitment to providing viewers with a wide range of news and current affairs material throughout the week. Each program has its own style and purpose, responding to the audience’s interests and preferences.

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Why is CBS off the air on DIRECTV?

It’s probable that your nearby CBS affiliate is under the ownership of Nexstar. They’ve withdrawn their channels from DirecTV in an attempt to negotiate for higher rates. Due to the arrangement where TV providers don’t possess the channels, there’s a clause allowing channels/programming to be altered at any moment.

Does DIRECTV have ABC, CBS, and NBC?

Majority of regions, you’ll have access to ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and The CW, which are undoubtedly among the most widely watched major local channels.


Choosing the CBS channel on DirecTV is important for viewers looking for diverse content such as news, dramas, comedies, and more. The exact CBS on Directv channel number depends on your region and DirecTV bundle. Viewers can quickly locate the assigned channel for CBS in their region by reading the DirecTV channel guide, ensuring they stay connected with their favorite shows and informed about the newest news and entertainment.

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