How to Get Access to Paramount Plus on PS5? – Excellent Guide 2023

Entertainment is required by everyone. Different sources of entertainment are available for different types of people. Some people like to watch movies and TV shows in their free time as a form of entertainment. This is where paramount plus comes in. 

It is a premium video-on-demand service where you can choose from various original movies and TV shows. Additionally, the material was taken from the Paramount Media Networks, CBS Media Ventures, and Paramount Pictures collections.

Paramount Plus is compatible with a wide range of gadgets, including phones, tablets, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Android TV. The good news is that it is accessible on gaming devices like the most recent Xbox and PlayStation models. But ‘is Paramount Plus on PS5?’.

Details About Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is one of the greatest sites for streaming original movies and tv shows. When it first began, Paramount was known as CBS All Access. In 2022, there was an uprising, and significant changes occurred. 

Now, Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, and paramount plus are traveling together and attracting greater attention. As you are aware, there are already five streaming platforms that have drawn sizable crowds.

That is Netflix, Disney Plus, HULU, HBO MAX, and Amazon Prime Video discussion. It’s not too far behind Paramount. In reality, it’s spending money and adding more content to keep up with other masterpieces.

How To Sign Up For Paramount Plus?

You must first get an account on Paramount Plus in order to start watching your favorite movies and television shows there. Some beginners are having trouble with it so I’m going to show you how to do it.

  • Open the Paramount Plus mobile device or open the website on your desktop. 
  • First of all Press the Sign-Up button. Visit the Steps Overview page next. 
  • Choose a subscription plan out of the two options available on Paramount Plus. The Essential plan ($4.99/month or $49.99/year), is an ad-supported plan, and the Premium plan ($9.99/month or $99.99/year), is an ad-free plan.
  • After that, add your details and enter the payment information. 
  • After the above steps are completed, you can start using Paramount Plus right away.

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Is Paramount Plus on PS5?

Sadly, Paramount Plus is not yet a media service for the PS5 console. Why isn’t paramount plus on ps5? Well, there is no obvious reason. It’s just not available on the list yet. However, it is available on the previous version of PlayStation as well as on many other different devices. For example, you can get Paramount Plus on the Dish network, Apple TV, Android TV, PC, iPhone, and many others.

People also ask whether apps like Peacock TV are available on PS5. Well yes, you can watch peacock tv on your PS5. Not only that, you can stream peacock tv on Vizio Smart TV, Android TV, Xbox, LG, and many others.

How to Install Paramount Plus on Different Devices?

If you are on a desktop, you can just go to the website and start watching Paramount Plus by signing up with your details. However, on mobile devices and consoles, you will have to install the Paramount Plus app. 

Go to the app store on your mobile devices and search for Paramount Plus. Install it and start watching. Similarly, on consoles, go to the app store and repeat the same process.

Methods to Watch Paramount Plus on PS5

Though Paramount Plus isn’t officially available on PS5, there are other ways to watch it. You can use Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video to stream Paramount Plus on ps5. You can also use Miracasting or PS remote casting.

Benefits of Accessing Paramount Plus on PS5

There are many benefits to accessing Paramount Plus on PS5. First of all, you will save money since you won’t have to use a cable subscription. If you have a good internet connection, you can watch Paramount Plus without any lag or buffering. Not to mention your favorite movies will be added to your library in case you wanna watch them again.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on PS5?

Paramount Plus Icon

We know that Paramount Plus is not officially available on PS5 but can you get Paramount Plus on PS5 in other ways? Yes, you can. 

With the help of the Apple TV app and the Amazon Prime Video app, subscribers may effortlessly enjoy Paramount Plus on PS5. Both applications are now accessible on the PS5 console and may let users use specific channels.

1. Using Amazon Prime Video to Stream Paramount Plus

You can watch Paramount Plus via Amazon Prime Video on your PS5. Just follow along:

  • Boot up your PS5.
  • Install amazon prime video from the app store.
  • Go to the media hub and open up Amazon Prime Video.
  • From there, go to the prime category on amazon prime and look for paramount plus.
  • Sign in if you already have an account or you can do the free trial by selecting a plan and then choosing ‘Start a free trial.’

2. Using Apple TV to Stream Paramount Plus 

You can use Apple TV to stream Paramount Plus on PS5. Do this by first launching your PS5.

  • Go to the media hub and look for Apple TV.
  • Log in with your Apple ID. If you don’t already have it then you can create it.
  • On Apple TV, look for Paramount Plus.
  • Select Paramount Plus and sign in with your account or sign up
  • Enjoy watching Paramount Plus on PS5.

Other Ways To Getting Paramount Plus on PS5

1. Use PS Remote Play On PS5

You can cast content to your PlayStation console from a smartphone using the PS Remote Play. To get the PS Remote Play software on your PS5 system, you must first activate your Play Station Network account. Let’s go to the instructions for installing the app and streaming on your PS4 now.

  • You must first connect your PS5 and smartphone to the internet first.
  • The Paramount Plus app should then be downloaded and installed on your smartphone by going to the App Store.
  • Go ahead and select the System option in the Settings section.
  • Select Remote Play there, and then turn it on.
  • Return to the System once more and turn on Power Saving.
  • Now select Stay Connected to the Internet from the Features Available in the Rest Mode menu and turn it on.
  • Launch the PS Remote Play software, then log in using your PSN credentials.
  • Open the Paramount+ app to stream the media to your PS screen at this point.

2. Use Mirarcast On PS5

Paramount Plus is now unavailable on the PS5 console and hasn’t even been added to the list of media services, as we’ve already noted. However, the PS4 may still use the application. Likewise, no apps for the corresponding PS5 have been made available. As a result, we are offering a different method of getting Paramount Plus on the PS5 using screen mirroring.

  • Install the Screen Mirroring App and Paramount Plus App on your choice smartphone to start the procedure.
  • You must sign in to the Paramount Plus app on your preferred smartphone in order to complete the installation successfully.
  • Connect the PS5 and Smartphone to your home device’s internet connection now. After that, connect the PS5 to the speaker for an even better viewing experience.
  • The PlayStation button on your PlayStation 5 controller should now be selected. Then, on your PS5 console, select Game Base and the options.
  • Choose to Go to Game Base and call your friend to join with PS5 from the menu on this page.
  • Launch the Screen Mirroring app on your chosen smartphone now, and then scan the QR code you were given.

To find the Start Broadcast in the appropriate program, users must now pick the Screen Mirroring button. Finally, view your smartphone’s screen on a PS5-connected television large screen.


Can you get Paramount Plus on PS5?

You can’t get Paramount Plus on Dish Network officially on PS5. but there are other ways to get Paramount Plus on PS5. With the help of the Apple TV app and the Amazon Prime Video app, subscribers may effortlessly enjoy Paramount Plus on PS5. Both applications are now accessible on the PS5 console and may let users use specific channels.

How to Install Paramount Plus on PS(Playstation)?

You need to follow the below steps to Install Paramount Plus on PS
1. Open the PlayStation store and then enter Paramount Plus in the Search.
2. Click the Install button to download the App on your PS console.
3. After this write the Paramount TV Player on the search bar of the PS store and install it.
4. Then log in to your Playstation account with this. (Note: This app is compatible with PS5.

What devices support paramount plus?

Apple devices ( IOS app and Apple TV).
Fire TV (Amazon).
Android Phone & Android TV devices.
Windows 10,11 (Desktop)

Why does Paramount Plus keep Crashing?

Paramount Plus is Crashing Because of an outdated version of the Paramount Plus app or you may use an ad blocker.

Why isn’t Paramount Plus on PS5?

Paramount Plus is not available on PS5 because there is no compatible app available for PS5 consoles. The technology used in the PS5 console does not support Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus only works on PS4.

Why can’t I get Paramount Plus on my PlayStation?

Paramount Plus, like other streaming platforms, may have certain requirements and compatibility restrictions for different devices. If you’re unable to find or access Paramount Plus on your PlayStation, here are a few possible reasons:
1. Outdated PlayStation
2. Regional Restrictions
3. App Availability
4. Temporary Issues

How do I download apps on PS5?

To download apps on your PlayStation 5 (PS5), you can follow these steps:
1. Turn on your PS5 and make sure you are connected to the internet.
2. From the PS5 home screen, navigate to the top row of icons, which includes options like Games, Media, and Settings.
3. Move the highlight to the “Media” option and press the X button on your controller.
4. This will take you to the Media home screen. From here, you’ll see various media apps and services available.
5. Use the left stick or D-pad on your controller to navigate through the apps. Look for the app you want to download, such as Paramount Plus, Netflix, or YouTube.
6. Once you have highlighted the desired app, press the X button on your controller to access its dedicated page.
7. On the app’s page, you’ll see more information about the app and an option to “Download.” Select the “Download” button and confirm your selection if prompted.
8. The app will start downloading and installing on your PS5. The progress can be seen in the “Downloads” section on the right side of the screen.
9. After the download and installation are complete, the app will appear in the Media section of your PS5 home screen. You can now launch the app and sign in to start using it.

Does the PS5 have a web browser?

PlayStation 5 (PS5) did not have a dedicated web browser like the web browser found on some other gaming consoles. However, Sony may have updated the PS5’s features and software since then, and it’s possible that a web browser has been added through a system update or a firmware update.


Paramount Plus is an online video streaming service providing users with a lot of content to watch including their favorite movies and TV shows. Paramount Plus isn’t officially available on PS5 yet however, you can use Apple TV and Amazon Prime video to watch it on your PS5. You can also use casting methods to cast Paramount Plus on PS5.

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