How to Stream NFL Network on Uverse (Channel Guide) – 2024

Don’t we just all love football? Watching over favorite teams play with some popcorn and some friends is really a great feeling. Well, then let us use this article to give you energy and information on the ATT Uverse NFL Network channel, which may help you watch NFL games on your Uverse TV package. Keep reading to find out how to watch NFL Network on Uverse.

What is NFL Network?

Let’s begin by learning a little bit about NFL Network. NFL Network is a dedicated channel for watching NFL games on your TV and other streaming devices. NFL Network broadcasts all of its live streaming material with 1080 HD picture quality, occasionally with 480 SD picture quality.

You get exclusive access to watch every game of the National Football League Championship on NFL Network. It is sort of like Paramount plus on Dish TV. On the NFL Network channel, you may also find movies, documentaries, TV episodes, analyses, and other content related to the NFL. Therefore, the majority of streaming service providers’ listed channel lineups include the NFL Network channel. Keep reading to find out what channel is NFL network on AT&T.

About Uverse

The U-verse is a more well-known streaming service provider in the United States of America. In essence, a DirecTV TV streaming provider has been the engine behind this U-verse TV service. You may get services like phone, TV, and broadband internet from this U-verse provider.

Additionally, you can access the U-verse service through certain American states. This U-verse was previously owned by AT&T and TPG Capital before being offered to you by DirecTV. Continue by reading through the U-verse TV service’s subscription plans over here.

Does Uverse have NFL Network?

The ATT Uverse NFL Network channel is available on U-Verse, so you can watch it without a doubt. Through the U-Verse channel lineup, in addition to the NFL Network, you may also access additional sports channels To find out how you can watch at&t u verse NFL Network channel, keep reading.

Features by Uverse

U-verse services are for streaming sports and entertainment. The most important options include HD networks, regional channels, and movie packs including Movie Channel, Showtime, Starz, and Starz Encore. You can use the HD-ready DVR storage with this U-subscription verse pack and an on-demand library. These are some of the attributes and advantages of the U-verse TV service.

You are able to add or remove your premium programs with this U-verse TV service. You can then have the modifying options and services for your U-verse channel selection. Pay-per-view and On-Demand services are available if you sign up for this U-verse TV provider.

Uverse Subscription Plans

Uverse provides you with 5 subscription plans. All subscription plans are listed down below.

  1. U–Basic

U-basic is the first option. It includes a lineup of more than 30 digital channels and is priced at $44 per month.

  1. U-Family

The second option is called U-family, and it costs $59 per month and offers a range of 180+ digital channels.

  1. U200

The third package is called U200, and it costs $74 per month and offers a choice of more than 370 digital channels.

  1. U-300

The fourth option is called U300 and it features a lineup of 485+ digital channels. It costs $94 per month.

  1. U-450

The last subscription plan is called U450, it costs $114 per month and offers a choice of more than 550 digital channels.

What Channel is NFL Network on Uverse?

Now let us talk about the reason you clicked on this article which is how to watch NFL Network on Uverse. The AT&T U versus NFL network channel is listed below along with some other channels that are available on Uverse.

Channel Name

Airing On

NFL Network


Sports Net

757 and 1757


4 and 1004


33 and 1033

NFL Redzone




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NFL Network Uverse channel is not the only channel you can watch. Along with the AT&T versus NFL network channel, you can watch a lot of other channels as well. Since U verse is powered by DirecTV and you can watch dodger-game-on-DirecTV, this means you can watch dodgers games on Uverse as well. 

Best Shows of Att Uverse NFL Network Channel

Good Morning Football

If you want to stay up to date on the most recent NFL rumors, and news, then you should consider watching Good-morning Football. You will have access to the most recent breaking news, NFL national stories, and unique interviews covering a wide range of topics straight away. Turn on and join the discussion with Kyle Brandt, Nate Burleson, and Peter Schrager.

NFL Greatest Games

In NFL Greatest Games, you’ll be able to see some of the most memorable games in NFL history. You can see and hear everything that occurs in the NFL thanks to NFL Films. Additionally, the presentation includes a number of original interviews.

NFL Gameday Morning

On NFL GameDay Morning, you may watch post-game press conferences, on-field interviews, and analysis. This program features videos of previous matches, interviews, correct scores, and a thorough preview of every NFL match in the future.

NFL Total Access

A live event just for the NFL is called NFL Total Access. All 32 games can be accessed from the broadcast itself by viewers. There are also current events and NFL news from coast to coast. The program’s highlights include exclusive interviews with players and coaches as well as footage of the team’s practice facilities.

Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football is one of the most popular shows. This show will be available to watch all season long. This broadcast’s authenticity is ensured by the collaboration between CBS Sports and the NFL Network. You should check the Updated Thursday Night Schedule.


Is NFL Network on U-verse?

Yes, The NFL Network channel is available on U-Verse, so you may view it without a doubt. In addition to the NFL Network, you may watch more sports channels through the U-Verse channel selection.

What station is NFL Network on Uverse?

You can watch the NFL Network Airing on 701-719 on Uverse. With the aid of the Uverse channel list, you may utilize the NFL Network channel code to watch NFL games.

What channel is NFL Network on?

The NFL Network is available on Uverse channels 701-719. You may watch NFL games by entering the NFL Network channel code into the Uverse channel list.

What channel is NFL Network on AT&T U-verse?

The NFL Network channel on AT&T Uverse is given below, along with several additional channels available on Uverse.
1. NFL Network airing on 701-719.
2. Sports Net airing on 757 and 1757.
3. NBC airing on 4 and 1004
4. ABC airing on 33 and 1033
5. NFL Redzone airing on 1629
6. ESPN airing on 1602

How can I watch the NFL on Uverse?

NFL games can be streamed on the TV that is connected to U verse TV service.  To watch NFL games, use the sports streaming channels listed below:
1. NFL Network airing on 701-719
2. Sports Net airing on 757 and 1757
3. NFL Redzone airing on 1629
4. ESPN airing on 1602
5. NBC airing on 4 and 1004
6. ABC airing on 33 and 1033

Where can I watch NFL Network?

NFL Network is typically available through various cable and satellite TV providers in the United States. It’s also available through some streaming services.
Here are some common options to consider:
1. Cable and Satellite TV: Many cable and satellite TV providers include the NFL Network in their sports packages. You should check with your local provider to see if they offer the channel as part of their lineup.
2. Streaming Services: Some streaming services offer the NFL Network as part of their packages. Examples include:
3. NFL Game Pass: This is the NFL’s official streaming service that provides access to live out-of-market preseason games, on-demand replays of regular-season games, and other exclusive content.
4. Sling TV: Sling TV offers the NFL Network as part of its “Sling Blue” package.
5. FuboTV: FuboTV often includes the NFL Network in its sports-focused streaming packages.
6. YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and other similar services might also have the NFL Network, but availability can change, so it’s best to check their current channel lineups.

Why is NFL Network not on AT&T TV?

AT&T is embroiled in yet another dispute over carriage, this time with the NFL. They have decided to remove the NFL Network and RedZone channel, which is owned by the league, from their U-verse and DirecTV Now services.

Is NFL Network Back on Uverse?

The NFL Network will be accessible to Choice subscribers on DIRECTV (both via satellite and through authenticated streaming) as well as on DIRECTV STREAM. Additionally, U200 subscribers on U-Verse will also have access to the network.


In this article, we have talked about ‘what channel is NFL network on Uverse’. NFL network can be used for watching NFL games on your TV or other streaming services. Uverse is a popular streaming service which is powered by DirecTV. You can watch the NFL network on Uverse on channel 701-719.

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