What Channel is the Yankee Game On? (Channel Guide) 2024

Yankee games refer to the baseball games played by the New York Yankees, a professional baseball team based in New York City. Fans of the Yankees game are looking for an answer to “What channel is the Yankee game on ”.

To catch the New York Yankees game on DIRECTV, tune into MLB Networks. This channel is accessible on both DIRECTV STREAM and DIRECTV SATELLITE. Moreover, you can watch the game on your Smart TV, Streaming Devices, and Android and iOS devices through the DIRECTV app. So, enjoy the game from anywhere using DIRECTV.

What Channel Is the Yankee Game On

What Channel Is the Yankee Game on Directv?

If you are a fan of the Yankees game DirecTV then do not worry we have provided you with the best solution to enjoy these games. All of the New York Yankees games can be viewed on DIRECTV via the MLB Network channel on Channel Number 213. Additionally, other channels such as Fox, FS1, ESPN, and YES Network also broadcast Yankee games. So, if you’re a Yankees fan, you have plenty of options to watch the games on DIRECTV. Just tune into the right channel and enjoy the game!

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How to Watch Yankees Games in Your Local Market?

For those living in the Yankees TV market, Yes Network is the regional sports network that broadcasts Yankee games. If you’re in the Yankees broadcast areas, you can access their regional sports network without cable through various streaming services. One such service is DIRECTV STREAM, a live streaming platform that carries Yes Network for viewers in the broadcast region. To watch the Yankees games on DIRECTV STREAM, you need to subscribe to their “Choice” package, which costs $99.99 per month and includes other networks like Fox, ESPN, MLB Network, and FS1 that air nationally televised MLB games.

DIRECTV STREAM also provides a cloud DVR service and enables simultaneous streaming to an unlimited number of devices at home and up to 3 outside the home. This streaming service is supported on various devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, iOS, Android, and Roku, among others. If you want to learn more about DIRECTV STREAM, check out our review that covers all the details about this streaming service.

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How to Watch Yankees Games Outside the Market?

If you live outside of the Yankees TV market, you can still watch Yankees games through MLB.TV streaming service. This platform allows viewers to watch every game of every team throughout the season, including Yankees games. With MLB.TV, you can watch live or on-demand Yankees games on various devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Smart Devices. Additionally, MLB.TV offers several features such as the ability to choose to watch both home and away broadcasts, live game DVR controls, complete game archives, customized fantasy player tracker, clickable line scores, and a pitch-by-pitch widget that tracks speed, location, and pitch type.

To access MLB.TV and watch Yankees games, you can choose the “all-teams plan,” which costs $129.99 for the year, and includes a free trial and monthly pricing options. Alternatively, you can opt for the “single-team plan,” which costs $109.99 for the year to watch only Yankees games. For subscription details, you can visit MLB.TV’s website.

However, it’s worth noting that MLB.TV has blackout rules for games that are being played in the market where you reside. For example, if the Yankees face the Nationals and you reside in the Washington, DC area, the game will be blacked out on MLB.TV. You can check whether a particular game is under a blackout in your area by entering your zip code on the MLB.TV website. Blackouts also apply to nationally televised games, such as the ESPN Sunday game or Fox Saturday game, as well as play-in games and post-season games. Nonetheless, there is a way around the blackout restrictions for post-season games.

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How to Watch New York Yankees Games?

The way you can watch New York Yankees games may vary based on your location. If you reside within the Yankees TV market, you can catch their games on YES Network, which is the regional sports network that broadcasts their matches.

If you live outside the market you can watch New York Yankees games on ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TSB.

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Why is the Yankee game blacked out today?

If you are currently in New York, you may be unable to watch the Yankees online due to blackout restrictions. This is because local broadcasters have purchased exclusive rights to the game and do not enable fans to watch it elsewhere.

What Channel are Yankee games on?

This is determined by where you reside. If you live in the New York Yankees market, you may watch games on YES Network, the team’s regional sports network. YES Network is now the only live TV streaming service that has it in its channel portfolio.

Why is the Yankee game blacked out today?

Blackouts can happen for a variety of reasons, but some common ones include:
1. Local Broadcast Rights: If a local TV station has the exclusive rights to broadcast a game in a specific area, other national or regional networks may be blocked from showing the game in that area to protect the local broadcaster’s rights.
2. Ticket Sales: Sports leagues may impose blackouts to encourage attendance at the live event. If a game is not sold out, the blackout might be lifted to increase the chances of people attending.
3. Market Protection: Blackouts can be used to protect the local market of a team. This is often seen in cases where a team’s game is not sold out, as mentioned earlier, or when there is a concern that broadcasting the game in a particular area might reduce ticket sales.
4. Streaming Services: Streaming services and online platforms may have their own broadcasting agreements that could lead to blackouts in certain regions.
5. League Rules: Some sports leagues have specific blackout rules as part of their agreements with broadcasters and teams.


In conclusion, finding out what channel the Yankee game is on can be a daunting task for any avid fan. However, with options like DIRECTV and MLB.TV, watching the games live or on-demand has never been easier. Whether you live in-market or out-of-market, there are various ways to catch every pitch of your favorite team’s games. So, next time you ask yourself “What channel is the Yankee game on?” remember to explore your options, including DIRECTV and MLB.TV.

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