Know the Fax: 6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Fax Machine

In today’s digital age, many businesses view fax machines as a thing of the past. However, fax machines still play a vital role in many industries.

Incorporating a fax machine into your daily operations can benefit your business. There are several advantages to doing so. Read on for six reasons why your business still needs a fax machine.


A fax machine can provide an extra layer of protection. It allows you to send sensitive information without the risk of interception by cybercriminals. Examples of such information include financial documents and personal information. Faxing ensures that your business’s confidential information stays out of the wrong hands.

You can also boost the security of your business communication through iPostal1. Which offers a virtual office service that allows you to have a fax number, receive mail and packages at a virtual address, and have a telephone number. They then get forwarded to your physical address. You can receive mail in a secure location using a virtual address.

Delivery confirmation

When you fax a document, the machine will give you a confirmation that you successfully delivered the document. Thus, you can ensure the document has reached the intended recipient. You will also have peace of mind knowing that the information got transmitted correctly.

Delivery confirmation is vital for businesses that handle sensitive or time-critical information. It provides a paper trail for such important transactions and minimizes interception risks

That can be useful for record-keeping and compliance purposes. Fax delivery confirmation can also save you time, money, and legal hassle.


A fax machine can provide convenience for your business in terms of communication. Faxing makes sending and receiving documents quicker and easier. It eliminates the need for mailing or couriering.

In addition, you can use fax machines to send and receive documents remotely. Doing so can be very helpful for businesses with multiple locations. It is useful when you have employees working remotely.

Additionally, you can integrate fax machines with other office equipment. These include printers and computers. Doing so allows for easy document management and organization.

Sales and marketing

Fax machines enable you to send out marketing materials quickly and easily. For example, you can send product catalogs to existing and prospective customers. Companies also use fax machines to send out promotional materials. These include coupons, discounts, and special offers. Sending such materials can help you boost your business’s sales.

You can use a fax machine to send customer feedback forms and surveys. These will help you gain valuable insight into the wants and needs of clients. Before faxing advertisements and promotional materials, do your due diligence. Ensure the recipients are okay with receiving them.

Legal compliance

Fax machines can be helpful for businesses that comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA regulations dictate that personal health information (PHI) must be transmitted securely.

Fax machines allow for the confidential transfer of PHI. Thus, by using a fax machine, businesses can avoid costly penalties and legal issues.

Fax machines also provide a paper trail for the transmission of PHI, which can be useful for compliance and audits.

International Business

Your firm might need to conduct international business. If so, you must comply with the cultural norms of your partners and clients. In many countries, faxing is still an accepted method of document transmission. It is also considered a professional way of conducting business.

Having a fax machine allows your business to conduct transactions with such countries. It lets you do so in a way that is respectful to your partner’s or client’s culture.

Not having a fax machine might show a lack of professionalism and negatively impact your business relationships.

Wrapping up

Fax machines are still essential for businesses of all sizes and industries. They offer your business several benefits, including convenience and security. 

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