3 Inspiring Pool Designs

Swimming is an activity that always helps for the cleansing of the body and mind in an impeccable way. When you swim you train all of your muscles and you feel free from the daily stress and other unpleasant experiences. Having an indoor pool, nowadays, still remains a luxury for a great part of the people.

However, if you are not a fan of the public pools and want to possess your own indoor pool, there is a great diversity of options. Despite being a great investment, indoor pool can be very helpful for your health and for your trainings as well. Many trainers recommend swimming on regular basis for the developing of the stamina of the muscles.

Your indoor pool will be useful all year long, even during the winter when temperatures are lower and people find it difficult to maintain their bodies in a good condition.

I will present to you several inspiring pool designs, suitable for your home. Take into account the fact that the design of your pool needs to correspond to the design of your home, so that it can be a perfect addition to the property.

The Tiny Indoor Pools

The Tiny Indoor Pools

The tiny indoor pools are preferred option for homes that lack enough space for designing a larger inner pools. They look elegant and they are offered in different designs, according to the customers preferences. The ideal tiny inner pools are situated in a facility, surrounded by windows or glass doors. This way you can observe everything, while enjoying your time in the pool. To create romantic atmosphere in the facility there is a suitable lighting on the walls, as well as on the ceilings. Even though the pool is significantly tiny, it is suitable for swimming and training of the muscles.

Swimming In the Nature


The idea of this design for inner pool is to feel like you are swimming in an area close to the nature. The green pool, situated in the centre of the facility, highlights this feeling and the paintings and pictures of trees, situated on the walls, contribute to the creating of this mood. You can put several lounges around the pool and a tiny table for drinking tea or coffee, while taking a rest from the swimming. The pool is not huge but it is more than appropriate for all types of swimming.

The Sterling Indoor pools

These indoor pools give you another chance to make your home more elegant and sophisticated. They are significantly large with magnificent pillars and great lamps wall decor. The atmosphere that is created is very cosy and welcoming and the light walls and decors make the facility look even bigger than it actually is. The row of chandeliers, situated above the pool, adds perfection to the facility.

The Sterling Indoor pools

TidyCleaning Putney want to remind you that you need to provide regular cleaning to your inner pools, if you want to keep them free of microbes and dirt. The water must be clean and treated with substances that will be able to destroy any potential microbes that could reach the surface of the pool.

I hope that these inner pool designs will suit your taste and that you will find the one that is most suitable for your home. This way you will be able to practise swimming whenever you like. It is true that indoor pools are a luxury but they also tend to be very useful for people who enjoy swimming or for those of you who want to practise it regularly. Bring your pool inside and benefit from the comfort that it offers.

Edna is a cleaning service provider and writer. She is interested in lifestyle, home improvement, cleaning and eco tips.