How to Install a Garage Door Keypad

Keypad entry is gaining in popularity among homeowners over keyed or remote-controlled access, and why not? It is an accepted fact that the most frequently used entry into a house is through the garage door. So, people are showing a preference of carrying a simple code in their heads rather than carry around an object that could get easily lost or stolen. With advancing technology, even the code is now becoming redundant. Just a touch of your fingertip could raise the garage door. Other than being a very secure source of entry, Keypads are favoured because they allow you to welcome a guest in the house even when you are not around. If this has piqued your interest by now, carry on reading to discover how easy it is to install a Keypad for your own home.

How to Install a Garage Door Keypad
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Things you will need

You would need the keypad programming instruction booklet, batteries for the keypad, a tape measure, screwdriver and the garage door opener. Make sure that the wireless keypad and wireless garage opener work together. Clever way to do that would be to buy both products from the same company. Check out some garage door opener reviews to find the best ones in the market.

Battery for the keypad

Install batteries into the keypad following directions in the manual. The number of batteries needed could differ with the make and power requirement of the device.

Program the keypad

Next is programming the keypad. Think of a four or six-digit key code, depending on what keypad you have. Then hold and release the ‘Learn’ button on the garage door opener. Type in the code word within 30 seconds of doing this, while pressing the ‘Enter’ button for five seconds. You will know you have been successful when the keypad light stops flashing.

Try out code

Enter the code to check that the keypad will operate the garage door. Repeat it several times to make sure it works. Roller code technology ensures that a new code is generated every time the garage door opener is activated. Fingerprint technology also uses roller code technology and can store up to ten different individual fingerprint records.

Fix the keypad

Measure about 5 feet from the ground on the wall outside the garage door and insert a screw where you have marked. Place the keypad into it and secure it with another screw. Make sure to leave some space between the keypad and the wall to allow free flow of air and see that moisture does not get trapped in there.  The keypad outside, the push button wall unit inside and the garage door opener are all required to work together as a whole for the system to be successful.

Keypad is a very convenient device to have around for most homeowners. Remember to keep the device clean and change codes frequently. Avoid uneven fading of certain numbers from over-use. The convenience of a keypad is enormous without doubt and certainly worth making a try.

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