What Channel is the Golf Channel on Direct TV? – 2024

The Golf Channel on Direct TV is a great way for golf enthusiasts to watch their desired content. It streams many golf competitions and stories about renowned golfers. If you appreciate golf, you’ll find all you need on this channel. Read this article to find out what channel is the golf channel on DirecTV.

Is the Golf Channel on Direct TV?

Yes, Golf Channel is indeed available on DirecTV. It gives you complete coverage of golf tournaments, professional analysis, and engaging films. The channel is a must-watch for golf lovers and fans. Stay updated on the latest professional golf events, learn how to improve your game, and learn the sport’s rich history through Golf Channel on DirecTV.

Channel Number of Golf Channel on Direct TV

New viewers don’t know what channel is the golf channel on DirecTV? You can simply tune into channel number 218 to stream the Golf Channel DirecTV. It’s where you can watch live tournaments and learn more about golf. If you appreciate golf, you’ll love watching the Golf Channel on DirecTV.

Direct TV Packages That Provide the Golf Channel

The three DirecTV Packages that let you stream the Golf Channel DirecTV are:

1- Choice Package

  • DirecTV’s Choice plan has a lot of channels as well as the Golf Channel.
  • It provides over 185 channels such as sports, entertainment, news, and more.
  • This package is ideal for those seeking different types of channels like sports such as the DirecTV Golf Channel. 

2- Ultimate Package

  • The Ultimate bundle includes a lot of channels like the DirecTV Golf Channel.
  • With over 250 channels, customers can access a lot of entertainment options such as sports, movies, and lifestyle programs.
  • The Ultimate plan is suited for people who want more variety of channels and content options.

3- Premier Package

  • The Premier plan is DirecTV’s most comprehensive offering, and it gives you access to premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, and the Golf Channel.
  • With over 330 channels, users can enjoy a lot of entertainment options like sports, movies, and premium programs.
  • The Premier bundle is ideal for viewers who want the most out of DirecTV.

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Top 10 Must Shows on Golf Channel Direct TV

Now that you have tuned into the channel of Golf let’s discuss some shows that you must watch:

1- Golf Central

It is the Golf Channel’s premier news program. It covers the most recent developments in the world of golf. The show is hosted by a team of experienced journalists and experts and provides highlights, analysis, and interviews. The show also gives insights into golf tournaments, players, and major events.

2- Live From

Live From is the Golf Channel’s live coverage and commentary show for major golf tournaments. From the Masters to the U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship, the show takes viewers right into the action with live reporting. You get to watch interviews with players and experts, course analysis, score, and leaderboard updates. 

3- Feherty

This show is hosted by a former professional golfer, David Feherty. Feherty is known for its engaging behavioural and insightful discussions. The show hosts in-depth conversations with some of the biggest names in golf. You get to see everything from personal stories to professional highlights.

4- School of Golf 

School of Golf is more of an instructional series hosted by Martin Hall. He is a well-known golf instructor. Each episode focuses on a specific component of the game, such as swing mechanics, short-game approaches, course management, mental strategies, and so on. 

5- Morning Drive

This is the Golf Channel’s morning show. It offers viewers a mix of news, analysis, interviews, and lifestyle pieces to start the day. Morning Drive is hosted by a team of people, and it includes everything from event previews and player interviews to equipment reviews, health recommendations, and golf-related travel locations.

6- PGA Tour Champions Learning Center

PGA Tour Champions Learning Center gives its viewers important insights and suggestions from professional players who compete on the PGA Tour Champions circuit. 

It is hosted by famous instructors and features interviews with professionals. The show covers a lot of topics meant to help viewers improve their game.

7- Playing Lessons

You can watch players for a round of golf and have an in-depth look at their game. Each episode is hosted by instructors and includes insights from professional players. The show provides viewers with essential lessons and suggestions to help them improve their course performance.

8- Big Break

Big Break is a reality competition series that tests golfers through a series of challenges and eliminations. Competitors compete for the opportunity to gain cash prizes and other valued benefits.

9- Golf’s Greatest Rounds

This show revisits historic matches and tournaments from golf’s long history. Each episode shows viewers the old times to relive the drama, excitement, and emotion of some of the sport’s most unforgettable events.

10- Golf Films

It is a series of documentaries produced by the Golf Channel that goes into the rich history and unforgettable experiences that define the sport of Golf. Golf Films provides a peek into the sport’s past, present, and future with biographical profiles of golfing superstars.

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4 Alternate Ways to Watch Golf Channel

Are you still having struggles watching the Golf Channel on Direct TV? Here are some alternative methods to watch it:

Golf Channel on Direct TV

1- Streaming Services 

Many streaming services have the Golf Channel as part of their channel lineup. Services such as Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and FuboTV offer the Golf Channel in their bundles. If you own a subscription to one of these platforms, then just watch it there.

2- OTT Platforms

Some over-the-top (OTT) systems such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, have the Golf Channel in their channel lineup. Users can download the Golf Channel app to gain access to live and on-demand content via subscription.

3- Digital Antenna

Viewers in locations with strong broadcast signals can access the Golf Channel and other local stations via a digital antenna. This option offers free over-the-air access to the network and local channels like the Golf Channel with no subscription required.

4- Cable or Satellite TV

Cable or Satellite TV providers often include the Golf Channel. Check your cable or satellite TV provider for packages that include the Golf Channel.

These alternative options allow you to access the Golf Channel’s content from different types of platforms and devices. This lets you watch your favorite golf shows wherever you are.

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Are There More Golf Channels On DirecTV?

Aside from the Golf Channel, Directv also offers the Golf Channel HD. This channel features high-definition coverage of golf events and other golf-related content.

Does the Golf Channel Broadcast Live Golf Events?

Yes, the Golf Channel airs live golf events like the major tournaments all year. You can watch all of the exciting action from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and other prestigious golf tournaments.


Golf Channel on Direct TV has given you a way to watch all types of Golf content you ever wanted. It appeals to viewers of all skill levels, from professionals to casual fans. The channel also has a big lineup of golf-related shows. You can watch it if you own a DirecTV subscription. Just tune in to channel number 218 and start watching!

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