What Channel is Gac on Spectrum? (Channel Guide) 2024

GAC is also known as The Great American Family Channel. The GAC Family channel streams videos with information about our lives and relationships. You can also stream lifestyle videos through the GAC Family channel.

Without realizing it, you may already have GAC Living and GAC Family. The channels are accessible through a number of well-known cable providers.  New Spectrum subscribers might be interested in learning where to access GAC and what shows are available there. In this article, we have discussed everything in detail about what channel is gac on Spectrum.

What Channel Is Gac on Spectrum

About Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV is a streaming service that gives its customers access to an excellent selection of live and on-demand programming. Customers receive door-to-door service, quick connections, fantastic entertainment, and bundle services like the spectrum entertainment view package.

For its customers, it offers a combination of voice, TV, and internet. Without any buffering troubles, you may view any movie or show on any channel. Spectrum also released the Spectrum app, which allows you to stream movies and TV shows on your mobile phones and consoles, etc.

The most popular networks on the channel lineups of Spectrum include Animal Planet, BBC, CBS, Cinemax, ESPN, and many more. Keep reading to find out what channel is gac on Spectrum.

Spectrum TV Packages Channel List

Spectrum TV comes with different packages at different price rates all listed down below. We have also mentioned the spectrum tv packages channel list along as well.

Mobile Packages

  1. Spectrum TV Choice

The first package we have is Spectrum TV Choice. You can choose from 40 channels for a monthly cost of  $29.99. 50 hours, or 50 shows, of SD DVR storage, are its additional benefits.

  1. Spectrum Select

The second mobile package is Spectrum select. With this bundle, you will receive 125+ channels for a monthly charge of $44.99, as well as added perks like 21 hours of HD video recording time on your DVR.

  1. Spectrum Silver

With this package, which costs $74.99 per month, you get around 175+ channels along with extra benefits like 21 hours of high-definition video DVR recording time.

  1. Spectrum Gold

You get a maximum of 200 channels with this package, which costs around $94.99 per month. Additional features include 21 hours of HD video recording on a DVR.

Provider Packages

  1. Spectrum TV Choice

You can choose from 10 different channels with this bundle, which has a $25 monthly payment schedule. Extra channels come with Starz, TMC, HBO MAX, Showtime, and Starz Encore.

  1. Spectrum TV Stream

With 25 channels and a monthly cost of $74.98, this package offers additional advantages for watching TV networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and Comedy Central.

  1. Spectrum TV Essentials

With the spectrum tv essentials package, you can access 15 basic channels for a monthly cost of $15. 

  1. Spectrum entertainment view package

Spectrum has an entertainment view package that costs 12$ per month. It includes 80+ channels that include Cooking channel, NFL, OWN, etc. 

It’s a frequently asked question by viewers ‘What Channel Is NFL Network on Uverse?’ It can be found between 701-719 on Uverse.

Best Spectrum Features

Some of the best features of Spectrum TV that you can enjoy are:

  • Spectrum provides users with DVR storage for up to 50 programs or 50 hours with a 90-day expiration date.
  • Additionally, it is compatible with streaming devices, smart TVs, Android, and iOS smartphones.
  • All Spectrum Original video content is available for streaming.
  • You can stream local channels like PBS, ABC, NBC, The CW, and many more using this service.
  • Subscribers can share their screen while away from home and stream on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

About GAC (The Great American Family Channel)

Great American Family Channel as the name suggests is a family-friendly channel with movies and original series. Bill Abbott, the former CEO of Crown Media, is the owner of GAC. It mostly represents American tradition, culture, and way of life.

This channel provides viewers with video content that is related to relationships and daily life. More lifestyle videos are available to stream on the GAC family channel. On the GAC Family channel network, Bewitched and Silver Spoons are the most-watched programs. 

You may watch the GAC Family channel with or without cable. You can use a streaming service or a cable provider’s subscription services to access GAC. 

Let’s talk about what channel is Gac on Spectrum.

What Channel Number Is Gac on Spectrum?

The GAC channel is aired on a number of cable, satellite, and streaming services in the US, including Spectrum. 

So, what channel is GAC family on Spectrum? Well, GAC Family HD can be found on channel 326 on Spectrum, and the regular definition feed can be found on channel 133. However, these channel numbers may vary depending on your region. You can visit the official Spectrum TV website to find the GAC Channel’s channel number in your area. But no need to worry, we have given details of what channels is GAC on Spectrum in various regions.

What Channel Is Gac Family on Spectrum in Other Regions?

  • Ohio residents can watch The Great American Family Channel on channel 255. Cleveland residents can also listen on 1255 and 255.
  • The GAC Family Channel is accessible to viewers on Spectrum Channel 295 in North Carolina and New York. This holds true for the cities of Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh in North Carolina as well as the metropolitan areas of Manhattan, Albany, and Buffalo in New York.
  • In Texas, Spectrum channel 295 is where you can watch GAC. You should watch channel 295 in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso. Residents of Corpus Christi can access GAC on channels 69 and 295; those of El Paso, Texas, can access GAC on channels 28 and 295
  • For Long Beach viewers, the GAC Family channel can be accessed on stations 160 and 859, while for Bakersfield viewers, it can be found on channels 231 and 1231.
  • Channels 266 and 800 in Dallas carry GAC. You must tune in to channel 823 if you live in the Lexington or Louisville metro areas.
  • Channel 255 can be accessed by Milwaukee residents, whereas channel 295 should be used by Kansas City residents.
  • Most California Spectrum subscribers can find GAC on channel 295 in that state. That holds true for LA, SD, and OH, the three Southern California metropolises.
  • If you want to watch GAC in Kentucky, you should tune into channel 823. That applies to Lexington and Louisville.

The Best Shows

Here is a list of the 4 best shows you can watch on GAC:

1- Who is the Boss?

In this movie, Tony Micelli, a former baseball player, unexpectedly takes over as Angela Bower’s new housekeeper when she is an advertising executive in New York City. Mona Robinson, Angela’s mother, assisted him in raising his two children, Samantha Micelli and Jonathan Bower. ‘Who is the Boss?’ is overall a great movie and we definitely recommend it.

2- Bewitched

On their honeymoon, after Darrin Stephens had been successful in getting married to his lovely wife Samantha, he learned that she was a witch. She always makes witchcraft motions with her hands and twitches her nose. Later, she made a vow to her husband that if they stayed together, she wouldn’t employ magic.

Her mother, Endora, didn’t approve of the union, therefore she constantly hunts for a reason to split up the couple. Eventually, Samantha gives birth to Tabitha, who is also a half-witch, over time. You can watch Samantha’s relatives invading her family and using witchcraft to make Darrin crazy throughout the entire series.

3- Flippin’ RVs

The garbage of one man becomes a treasure to another. The Flippin’ RVs is focused on this. Watch as Justin searches for a vintage RV with unique characteristics with Anna Scribner. When they do, they transform it into a luxurious masterpiece with the help of the rest of the crew. A great movie and should definitely be on your watch list.

4- Lakefront Bargain Hunt

If living beside a lake is your goal, you shouldn’t blow all of your money on it. The host is committed to making sure that this ambiance place has reasonably priced rentals. You can see various families securing the dream property of their lives while watching the lakefront.

5- A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain

Ashley, who is so much like my guy who went to war and got married to someone else, is determined to bring Erin Walton back because he lost his wife. Erin Walton eventually made the decision to get married to Paul. Paul is hesitant to let her leave, though.

Jonesy, Mary Ellen’s boyfriend, and a veterinarian is planning to open a practice, but people still don’t think he’s capable. Everyone thinks Ben, who has been focused on expanding his lumbering business, is digging himself into a hole from which it may be difficult to escape. Ben has his father and an ailing mother who frequently has problems.


Where can I find the GAC Family channel?

You may start watching GAC Family on the Hulu website or through the Hulu app on your phone if you have a Hulu + Live TV subscription.

What is the channel number for GAC Family?

The GAC Family Channel on Spectrum is mostly found on Channel 326 for most subscribers, however, this is not always the case.

How do I get GAC Family on my TV?

You can get GAC Family on your TV by following the steps
1. First go to the GAC platform and sign up.
2. If you are new you can avail 7-day free trial.
3. After signing up you get access to Great American Family and Great American Living.
4. Enter the GAC Account credential and enjoy the streaming.

How do I see all the channels on my spectrum guide?

Please log in to your Spectrum account. Afterward, go to the Services tab, followed by selecting the TV tab. Click on the option labeled “View Channel Lineup” found in the menu on the right-hand side. Utilize the search bar to locate a specific channel, narrow down your search by category, or search by network name from this point.


The Great American Family Channel (GAC) is an original series and movie channel that caters to families. People often ask ‘What channel number is gac on Spectrum?’ Well to watch GAC on the spectrum, go to channel 326. Although this may differ from region to region. We have listed various channels for various regions for you to watch 


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