What Channel is Court TV on Spectrum? 10 Best Shows to Watch! – 2024

If you want to watch fascinating courtroom events and real-life legal stories on Court TV via Spectrum, you should know what channel is court tv on Spectrum. Court TV is the go-to channel for those who enjoy spectrum court TV channel and true crime stories. Finding the correct Court TV channel on Spectrum is important to keep up with dramatic trials and legal stuff. So keep reading to find out what channel is court TV on Spectrum.

What Channel is Court TV on Spectrum

What is Court TV?

Court TV is a television network specializing in legal and true crime programming. Court TV, which debuted in 1991, quickly became renowned for its live coverage of trials, legal analysis, and real crime films. The network gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at actual courtroom proceedings, including commentary from legal professionals and journalists. 

Court TV has developed over time to incorporate a mix of original programs, criminal documentaries, and live trial coverage. Its goal is to educate and entertain people who are interested in legal issues, criminal investigations, and the complexities of the justice system.

What Channel Is Court TV on Spectrum?

The bad news is Court TV has undergone a recent modification, and it is no longer available on Spectrum as of April 1st, 2023. Grit TV has replaced Court TV on most Spectrum channel lineups. This was a decision made by the channel owner rather than Spectrum. Viewers used to watching Spectrum Court TV channel may need to change their channel choices to access Grit TV for a different programming experience.

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So How Can You Watch Court TV?

Following Court TV’s removal from traditional cable providers such as Spectrum, viewers seeking to enjoy its intriguing content have several options.

1- Streaming Services

  • fuboTV: Court TV is widely available on fuboTV’s Elite and Ultimate plans. Users can explore the service for free during the trial time.
  • Sling TV: Choosing Sling TV’s Blue subscription grants you access to Court TV and a free trial period.
  • Philo: A low-cost streaming service, Philo incorporates Court TV in its portfolio for $8 per month.
  • DirecTV Stream: Court TV is available to DirecTV Stream Choice plan and higher tier subscribers, with a free trial option for those interested in testing the program.

2- Services Available on Demand

While Court TV is no longer included in Spectrum’s standard channel roster, certain content is still available via Spectrum On Demand. This comprises episodes of well-known shows such as “Court Cam.”

3- Local Affiliates

Court TV may continue to air on local affiliate channels in some areas. The “Where to Watch” section of the Court TV website can help determine if your area has a local affiliate.

4- Court TV Website and App

The Court TV website and app provide live broadcasting and on-demand video. However, a membership to a streaming service or a corresponding package is required to access the full range of content.

5- YouTube

Court TV has a YouTube account where fans may see trial and other show excerpts. It’s worth noting that neither live coverage nor entire episodes are available on YouTube.

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What Are the Best Shows to Watch on Court TV?

Court TV broadcasts various shows about court proceedings, crime, and justice. 

1- Court Cam

Court Cam gives spectators a deep look at real-life courtroom scenes. During trials, the show captures dramatic and unexpected incidents ranging from emotional outbursts to surprising admissions. “Court Cam” provides a unique viewpoint on the complexities of legal proceedings and the human emotions involved, using film from several courtrooms.

2- Forensic Files

The famous true crime series “Forensic Files” dives into forensic science. Each episode focuses on a real-life criminal case, demonstrating how forensic professionals solve crimes using scientific methods. The episode delves into the intricate intricacies of investigations, from DNA analysis to ballistics, and emphasizes the important role of forensic evidence in bringing culprits to justice.

3- Live PD Presents: PD Cam

“Live PD Presents: PD Cam” transports viewers to the front lines of law enforcement via footage taken by cops’ body cameras, dash cams, and other recording devices. The show depicts the daily obstacles police officers confront as they respond to crises, make arrests, and go into unanticipated circumstances.

4- The First 48

The documentary series “The First 48” follows homicide investigators throughout the important first 48 hours of a murder investigation. Viewers see the investigators’ race against the clock as they gather evidence, interrogate witnesses, and work to solve the crime before important leads go cold. The series depicts the difficulties that investigators confront in the early phases of a homicide investigation in a realistic manner.

5- Murderous Affairs

“Murderous Affairs” delves into the darkest side of relationships, concentrating on genuine cases of love affairs gone wrong. The series investigates the motives, betrayals, and crimes that can result from romantic relationships. “Murderous Affairs” investigates the psychological complexity behind these sad incidents through reenactments and professional analysis.

6- The Dead Files

“The Dead Files” blends aspects of paranormal inquiry with criminal profiling. A psychic medium and a former murder investigator collaborate to investigate suspected crimes related to paranormal activity while exploring haunted sites. The show features a distinct blend of otherworldly investigation and real-world detective work.

7- Crime Watch Daily

“Crime Watch Daily” is a newsmagazine program that features in-depth interviews, reenactments, and analysis of various crime stories. The show offers a detailed look at true crime cases, ranging from mysteries and cold cases to high-profile investigations, keeping viewers up to date on key developments in the criminal world.

8- American Greed

“American Greed” focuses on white-collar crimes, revealing instances of fraud, corruption, and complex financial scams. The series investigates the motivations and strategies used by persons involved in white-collar criminal activities, providing insights into the complex world of financial crime.

9- Dark Waters: Murder in the Deep

“Dark Waters: Murder in the Deep” looks at crimes committed in bodies of water, delving into mysteries in aquatic settings. The show blends true crime and forensic investigation aspects to decipher the intricacies of cases involving bodies discovered in lakes, rivers, and oceans.

10- The FBI Files

“The FBI Files” depicts high-profile cases handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation through reenactments and real footage. The series tells a thorough and suspenseful story about the FBI’s efforts to solve complicated and difficult cases, highlighting the bureau’s investigative procedures and strategies.

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Where can I watch Court TV live?

Court TV offered live streaming on their website, CourtTV.com, through participating TV providers. Other than that you can also watch Court TV on Youtube Live.

Can I get Court TV on Roku?

Yes, Court TV is available on Roku, and you can access it through the Court TV app, which is free and doesn’t require any subscription costs.

Can you get Court TV on demand?

Yes, you can access Court TV on demand, allowing you to catch up on recent coverage and explore a library of iconic trials at your convenience.


While Court TV was previously accessible on Spectrum, it has been unavailable since April 2023. Following a decision by the channel owner, the station has been replaced by Grit TV in most Spectrum channel lineups. Viewers are encouraged to seek alternate options to continue enjoying Court TV’s courtroom dramas, true crime documentaries, and live trial coverage. 

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