How to Edit Disney Plus Watch History? Follow 7 Steps – 2024

Disney Plus Watch History is a tool that improves the streaming experience on the popular entertainment platform Disney +. The Watch History Disney Plus feature records customers’ viewing choices and they can also use Disney Plus remove from continue watching feature.

Disney Plus Watch History

What Is Disney Plus?

The Walt Disney Company’s Disney Plus, also known as Disney+, is a subscription-based streaming service. It was launched on November 12, 2019, in the United States and later in other territories and has swiftly become a key player in the streaming sector. The site includes a large library of material from Disney’s major brands, such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

What Does Watch History Feature Do?

Any streaming platform’s “Watch History” feature keeps track of the movies and TV series that a user has previously watched. The major goal of this feature is to provide users with a handy way to track their watching habits, allowing them to revisit or refer to content they’ve previously appreciated. The “Watch History” section usually includes a list of titles in the order in which they were seen.

Here are some of the features and benefits of a “Watch History” feature:

1- Personalized Recommendations 

The streaming platform’s recommendation algorithm usually uses watch history data. The program might propose fresh content that matches your preferences by evaluating your viewing behavior.

2- Resuming Content

Users can easily resume watching a movie or TV show where they left off without remembering the precise episode or moment. The “Watch History” option allows for the continuation of information in real-time.

3- Revisiting Viewing Trends 

Users can obtain insights into their entertainment selections by revisiting their watch history. This is especially beneficial for identifying favorite genres, discovering watching trends, and recalling individual titles.

4- Content Discovery

Users can use their watch history to revisit episodes or movies they enjoyed but may have forgotten about. It functions as a personalized catalog of their entertainment experience.

5- Parental Controls 

For families or users who share accounts, a watch history can be used by parents to monitor and manage the content that their children view.

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Does Disney+ Have Watch History?

Disney Plus presently lacks a “Disney Plus Watch History” function. Unlike other channels that provide a list of previously watched content, Disney Plus relies on other means to track customers’ viewing patterns. The “Continue Watching” feature reveals recently seen titles, while the “Watchlist” part allows users to create a personalized collection of series and movies. 

Still, a detailed historical log of watched content should be on Disney Plus. As Disney Plus continues to develop its products and find new feature enhancements, users may resort to manual tracking or third-party applications to check their viewing preferences.

How to Find Watch History on Disney+?

Here are some ways to check out your Disney Plus watch history. 

1- Continue Watching

The “Continue Watching” feature of Disney Plus serves as a dynamic center, highlighting titles currently playing or recently being viewed. This useful feature allows users to resume where they left off and provides a short picture of their most recent streaming activity. 

2- Watchlist

Disney Plus has an easy-to-use “Watchlist” function that allows customers to construct a personalized material selection. Whether you’re going to watch a movie or TV show or have already seen one, adding titles to your 

3- Profile Activity

While Disney Plus lacks a distinct “Watch History” part, some streaming services provide an “Activity” or “Profile” option that allows users to see their personal streaming history. This might provide a complete track of the content you’ve lately seen, improving your ability to recall and revisit favorite series and movies.

4- Manual Tracking

Manually recording your Disney plus viewing history is a trustworthy way for people who prefer a hands-on approach. This entails keeping your own records, such as making a note on your device or in a separate document. 

While this may make it a little more work, it provides a tailored solution for consumers who want a thorough and accurate picture of their viewing patterns, regardless of the streaming platform’s built-in features.

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How to Manage Disney+ Watch History Watch History?

Here’s how to manage and clear your Disney+ watch history:

1- Log into Your Disney+ Account on the Web

Login to your Disney+ account using a web browser. The most recently watched series and movies will appear in the “Continue Watching” section.

2- Disney Plus Remove From Continue Watching

Hover your mouse over any of the things in the “Continue Watching” section to learn more. To delete individual shows, click the cross icon in the top-right corner of the thumbnail.

3- View All Unfinished Series and Movies

Click “View All” to see a list of all unfinished series and films. Hover over the item to be deleted and select the close icon. The selected movie or show will be deleted from the list immediately.

4- Skip to the End of Your Shows

Open the shows in your “Continue Watching” list instead. Skip to the finish of a movie or the last episode of a TV show to remove it from the carousel.

5- Remove From Your Watchlist

Go to the “Watchlist” feature at the top of the Disney+ main menu if it is accessible in your region. Find the show you wish to uncheck. Reload the page to see if that show is removed from the list.

6- Make a New Account:

Create a new profile as a last resort, especially if you have too much to clear. Open Disney+ and choose “Add” from the profile selection box. Choose an icon, enter a profile name, toggle features, and then click “Create Profile.”

7- Delete Unused Profiles:

Delete profiles if necessary to remove their watch history. Open Disney+ and click “Edit” in the upper right corner. Select the profile to be deleted, click “Delete,” and then confirm.


Where can I see my watch history on Disney Plus?

Similar to other streaming platforms, keeping track of the shows and movies you’ve viewed is a common feature. However, Disney Plus stands out by not having a “Recently Watched” section, which means there’s no log of your completed viewing history. Instead, Disney Plus offers a “Continue Watching” section, yet it lacks the ability to remove content from this list.

How do I see my full watchlist on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus did not have a direct “watchlist” feature similar to some other streaming platforms. However, you could add titles to your “Watchlist” by selecting the “+” icon next to a movie or show you wanted to watch later.


While there is no separate “Watch History” function on Disney+, users can efficiently monitor their viewing activity using different techniques. Using the “Watchlist” tool is an easy way to manage and organize your content history. 

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