The Most Useful Tips For New Drivers

For most, driving a car is a step to total independence; there won’t be a need to rely on others to get around or conform to restrictive public transport schedules. But even so, learning to drive can be a bit stressful. It’s common for new drivers to experience some level of anxiety on the roads. Moreover, over 60% of drivers in America experience driving anxiety. 

So if you’re looking for tips to be a bit more confident on the roads after attending Ferrari Driving School NYC’s online pre-licensing class and passing your licensing exam, we’ve rounded up some helpful advice. 

Practice As Much As Possible

Getting your license does not automatically mean you’ll be comfortable as a driver; it will take some time to develop all the muscle memory required to drive confidently. So, practicing as much as possible makes sense. 

Even after you have received your license, drive your car around the neighborhood routinely to build confidence. You can then gradually increase your driving perimeter as you grow more confident. This is the best way to avoid sudden panic on a main road as a new driver. 

Use A Learner Driver Sign

Even though you have passed your license and no longer need to drive alongside a licensed passenger and use a learner driver sign, you can still use a learner sign on your vehicle to alert other drivers that you are a new driver. 

Other drivers will be cautious of your driving, which can help boost your confidence as you learn to drive. 

Hold The Steering Wheel Properly

You might feel tempted to push your seat back and ease up on your steering wheel grip. You might think boosting your comfort might also boost your confidence as a driver. However, this is a common mistake for new drivers. 

It’s essential to hold the steering wheel properly. Both hands must be holding the steering wheel with a firm grip. Holding the steering wheel on the rim or with only one hand is extremely dangerous as these grips will reduce your ability to maneuver your car. 

Sitting straight and at a comfortable distance from the steering wheel is also crucial. Sitting too far back with your seat reclined will reduce your visibility and safety on the roads. 

Don’t Underestimate Parking Situations

There’s a good reason why most accidents happen in parking lots; most drivers are focusing on maneuvering their vehicles while battling to see passing cars. Parking lots are also often crowded. 

If you feel a parking situation is too crowded or challenging, seeking alternative parking options is okay. Instead of risking an accident, find secure parking that’s accessible until you grow more confident as a driver. 

Instead of rushing off on a long road trip the moment you get your license, practicing driving is wise to build your confidence. There’s no need to throw yourself into challenging driving situations yet. However, you can also consider advanced driving lessons that will help you develop driving techniques and a better reaction time to dangerous situations on the roads.

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