Keyless Car Entry: How it Works and How to Install it

Did you know that you can upgrade your vehicle to a keyless entry system using a well-chosen kit and some tech knowledge? Here are the remote car access details that can get you started. 

Ever since Henry Ford made the first car and sold it to his first customer, people have sought ways to protect their investments. Cars cost a notorious amount of money to run. They are expensive to keep on the road even after that first investment. Car keys came along shortly afterward. The first car key dates to the 1920s when the post-war years killed the notion of loving thy neighbor.

keyless car entry

Evolution to Keyless Car Entry

Gradually, the car key evolved to open the door plus turn on the engine. This was significant technology for the time. Some cars had two separate keys for either task. It was not until 1982 when French auto manufacturer Renault released the Fuego, that keyless entry became possible. Renault has used a card to enter and start their cars ever since. That first design, though, had a futuristic keyboard above the door handle that let you punch in the key to unlock the door.

At its most basic, a keyless entry system uses a fob or card to contain a signal. When you have this fob and you approach a car fitted with a remote car starter, the car will unlock. Obviously, each car and fob have its own unique signal which makes this possible. One fob cannot open multiple doors.

How to Install Keyless Car Entry Systems?

The best way to install a keyless entry system in your car is to take it to a licensed mechanic. Your car is one of the bigger costs in your life. Tinkering around under the dash when you do not know what you are doing is likely to cause pricier problems. 

Buy and Layout the System

Read reviews and research which keyless car entry system is right for your vehicle. Carefully lay out the parts to make sure you have them all. Next, arrange the tools you will need to complete your task. You should read the owner’s manual of your car to find out what wiring system your vehicle has. You should only mess with your vehicle’s electronics if you are a qualified engineer.

Expose the Wiring

The first step is to remove the panels behind the wheel, underneath your dashboard. This should expose the wiring. You may wish to have a chart of the wire colors to hand. Again, leave this job to a technician if you are uncomfortable. Make sure the engine is off.

Trim the Wires

Select the wires your system instructs you to use. Be careful not to cut or disconnect anything while you are in there. Trim a half-inch of the plastic coating from the chosen wires to connect them to the exposed wires of the system. 

Turn it On

Once you have completed this part, remove yourself from the footwell and turn on the vehicle. You should have the power to program the system. If everything works, replace the panels, clean up, and continue to set up following the instructions in your pack.

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