Factory Fresh: How to Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

No matter how long you go on to own your car, you can keep it looking brand new right up until the day you decide to part ways with it. All you need to do is make an effort to look after it, and your automobile will be sure to retain its factory freshness for years and years to come.

Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

Do you want your vehicle to look just as good in a decade as it does now? If so, be sure to put the following advice into practice. Here are two things you must do to keep your car looking brand new:

car looking brand new
Image credit: pixabay

Have your car windows tinted

Window tinting isn’t just a fashion statement. It’s also an incredibly effective and practical way to reduce upholstery fading within your vehicle. Once you have your car windows tinted, harmful UV rays will find it increasingly difficult to penetrate your automobile. In turn, this means that the sun won’t be afforded the opportunity to discolour your nice new seats.

To ensure that your window tints play an active role in your attempt to reduce upholstery damage within your vehicle, it’s absolutely essential that you take your car to a company that offers profes-sional automotive window tinting in San Diego. SD Auto Glass and Tint have over 35 years of expe-rience in this field and make use of the very best tinting equipment known to man. When you turn to them for assistance in this instance, you can be sure that your window tints will be administered in a safe, swift, and seamless fashion.

Keep it clean

Cleaning your car inside and out is a simple yet effective way to keep it looking brand new. To per-form this all-important task in an efficient and effective fashion, you must:

  • Check the weather forecast before you clean your car (washing its exterior when there is heavy rain or a sandstorm forecast would just be a massive waste of your time and effort)
  • Use water to wash off dirt and grit before you apply any cleaning materials
  • Use a Car Cover to protect your Car from scratches and dust.
  • Blow out the dust in your car’s ventilation system by:
    • Closing off your air vents before turning the ignition on
    • Turning your heater up to full capacity and leaving it to blow for a few seconds
    • Slowely opening up all of your vents one at a time
  • DON’T use washing up liquid on your paintwork — it will strip it and cause it to deteriorate
  • Use a clay bar to extract fine particles of dirt from your car’s bodywork once it is dry
  • Remove trash and clutter from your vehicle every day
  • Clean the dirt off your car mats at least once a month (or more often if you transport a lot of peo-ple in your vehicle on a regular basis)

Do you want to continue driving a car that looks like its just come off the factory line? If so, it’s es-sential that you reduce upholstery fading by having your windows tinted, and it’s crucial that you keep your vehicle looking clean inside and out at all times.

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