How to Stay Healthy While Running Your Own Business

When starting your own business, it’s all consuming. The difficulty is that whether you’re doing it on the side with a full-time job commitment, or the new business is your new daily gig, there’s so much to do that you don’t have time to exercise. Many entrepreneurs quickly discover that they’ve put on considerable weight in the first few months of their business’s life and struggle to know what to do about it.

If that’s you, here are a few tips to improve your health and perhaps trim off some calories while staying at the helm of your SME.

How to Stay Healthy
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Standing Desk

When sitting down all day is the problem, consider using a standing desk for part of the day to encourage your body to stay a little more active. It’s not necessarily good to be on your feet all day as retail staff can surely attest, but standing at a desk in the morning and sitting in the afternoon is a reasonable balance.

Using a standing desk won’t suit people who are older or who have physical issues where standing for long periods causes discomfort, but if you are able to utilize it, then it prevents you from being totally sedentary.

Walking During Your Lunch Break

Going for a light walk for 30 minutes in your lunch break is an excellent way to get the blood flowing and the muscles exercised. We should all be active at least this long on a daily basis to stay in shape. The idea isn’t to break a sweat, but to raise the heart rate a little bit and stop the body getting too used to grazing in the same spot.

You can listen to audio books or access fun stories from the Smashing Tops website, load them into your Instapaper app and read or listen to them while you slow walk. The stories are short and entertaining which is perfect when your main focus is on exercising, but you can still benefit from a little mental stimulation at the same time.

Bring Healthy Snacks to Work

We all get the munchies when we’ve gone too long without a nutritious meal. What we do about it is up to us. It’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time by bringing some healthy nibbles to munch on before or after lunch. Doing so stops you from going to buy a candy bar at the local convenience store. Junk food is convenient for a reason and not a very good one in most cases.

Consider fruit or veggie snacks, and items that are low in sugars and not too high in fats. You want something that won’t make a complete mess of your desk either or that has a strong odor that co-workers may object to.

Staying healthy when you are the boss isn’t easy. You have too many things to do at work to stop and consider how to be healthier. Therefore, set up automatic actions and a routine ahead of time to protect yourself from backsliding on healthy choices when it starts to get hectic in the office.

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