What Makes Spacers Effective for Child Orthodontics

Child Orthodontics

The health of the teeth of your child expresses a lot about his/her overall health. A dentist can check the teeth and tell about the proper growth, diet and other aspects of a kid.

Most of the times, it is the poor growth of teeth that results in associated health issues in life. The kids need to get a proper checkup from a specialist to ensure perfection in growth and the setting of the teeth in the mouth. This is where often, spacers become a highly effective choice.

Child Orthodontics
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There are various reasons why spacers are used by the orthodontists to treat the teeth of a child.

Help to install braces conveniently

The spacers for braces become extremely helpful in reducing the efforts of installation. Spacers are used to create a proper area between the set of teeth in the child’s mouth. Experts apply separators and let them stay for certain days. During this time period, the space between the teeth keeps on increasing. As a result, the spacer falls off at the right time. With the use of this available space, the dentist installs the braces that help in creating a perfect setting of teeth in the child’s mouth.

Resolves the problem of teeth crowding

Teeth crowding is a condition when the teeth in the mouth becomes very crowded. This condition results in the wrong growth of the new teeth, which is why experts suggest the use of spacers. The spacers can be made of rubber or metal. They help in creating the necessary area between the crowded teeth, which allows the teeth to grow in the right direction and create a perfect smile for the kid.

Saves space for the new tooth

In a number of situations, kids lose their first tooth very early. This creates an empty space that can be covered by the adjacent tooth. Saving this space becomes necessary, so that a new tooth can grow when the right time arrives. For that, a properly sized spacer is used. This way, the dentist provides the necessary space between the teeth that keep the area safe for the new tooth. Without this treatment and use of a spacer, the wrong setting of teeth can occur in the mouth. This in turn, may lead to the need for braces in older age.

Tips when your child has spacers

  • It is important that you talk to your child and tell them not to pick at the teeth. Otherwise, the spacers have a chance to fall out.
  • The soreness is natural, so you do not need to worry about that.

Make sure you consult a specialist to keep the teeth of your child healthy. Having a healthy teeth without any discomfort or pain leads to proper sleep. Yes, it is true that the quality of sleep depends on the dental health of your child. Now that you know why your child might require spacers for better teeth health and growth, keep the tips in mind and consult a specialist, if need be, at the earliest.

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