How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of the basic needs that every household severely need. Buying a good quality vacuum cleaner is a headache but it’s not over yet. After buying a vacuum cleaner another thing on which you have to invest by the time is its maintenance. Maintaining and fixing of a vacuum cleaner are very much important and also a difficult task.

How to Fix a Vacuum Cleaner
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A vacuum cleaner can have these problems:

  • It is not turning on.
  • It is not staying on.
  • It is not vacuuming evenly.
  • Creating cleaning problems.
  • Generating voices of different types.

Now as you know the common problems that a cleaner can have, we have the solution to all these problems. And it is described in the detail below.

The vacuum cleaner is not turning on:

There are few reasons for this type of problem. First is that if your vacuum cleaner is not working, just check its power cable that is it connected or not. It is obvious that if your vacuum cleaner is not connected to the electrical socket you cannot turn it on.

The cleaner is not staying on:

Another issue vacuum cleaner users face is that when they turn it on, it cannot stay on. This is because of the overheat temperature sensor. Some vacuum cleaners have the temperature sensor that helps them to stay maintained. You just have to check that temperature sensor and configure that if it is high or low and then make sure that it’s back to normal. Another solution for this whole situation is that removes your power socket and checks your vacuum cleaner internally by following the manual given by the manufacturing company.

It’s not vacuuming evenly:

When a vacuum cleaner is not vacuuming evenly then this is a major problem. There are a lot of factors that can cause this kind of problems.

And they are;

  • If your vacuum cleaner is bagless then skip this point but if it’s not then trying to replace the bag with the new one.
  • Check that all the airways are free. If not then use a broom handle or a bent coat hanger wire to open the airways.
  • Follow the electrical path from the plug to the switch.

Creating cleaning problems and generating different noises:

When a vacuum cleaner is not working or creating cleaning problems then it must be a problem of a motor. The wise decision is that replace the entire motor, which is actually a bit costly and difficult task but after replacing the motor your vacuum cleaner will be a new one. But a new motor is as much costly as a new vacuum cleaner.

If your vacuum cleaner is generating voices of different types then you must check that first that if it is coming from the internal motor or from anything else. If the voices are from the outer parts of the vacuum cleaner, then you can easily stop these voices.

This was the complete guide to fix your broken vacuum cleaner in different conditions and situations.

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