How to Choose Easy Clean Carpets

Nothing compares to the excellent and soft feeling of a nice carpet under your feet. Carpeting will provide a nice, safe and comfortable spot for children to play and this may also allow for a great way to reduce potential damage of hurting yourself when falling. Of course carpets will also require maintenance and carpet cleaning to look really nice, but it will be something you can take care of yourself or with some professional cleaning company help if you feel like it.


With the many colors, designs and materials available to make this work, there can be a lot to choose from, making the whole task of taking care of carpets a bit harder than it looks at first. Some materials will require you to do frequent carpet cleaning that simply may not fit into your weekly schedule so you would have a better chance to take care of it with professional help. The wrong carpet materials can easily mean you will soon be battling fading colors, stains and more that resist even the best of your cleaning efforts. To protect the investment you’ve already made you will need to make sure you choose the right materials for the right reasons.

Carpets can come in a wide variety of styles, from Berber to Saxony, plush, frieze and textured ones that allow you to find what you need no matter what your taste may be. All of this applies to the pile, also known as the surface you can see, made from yarn tufts folder into loops or cut across both. While each style will have its own distinctive look, that would be a main consideration.

  • Plush carpeting for example has a twisted, tick and soft pile that also shows footprints and vacuum tracks, also changing its shading because of the way the direction of the fibers has changed, so called “pooling” in the process.
  • Saxony carpets on the other hand, which are the most common type are similar to plush but they work best in low traffic areas like master bedrooms.
  • Barter carpeting is made from continuous loops and happens to be dense and flat. This makes it really durable and incapable of showing tracks, stains and soil which makes it ideal for high traffic areas or kids’ rooms.
  • Friezes are a cut pile carpet made from slightly twisted fibers, which allows it to look less formal than plush but at the same time looking better than Berber. The carpet will feel soft on your feet, but its fuzziness will still hide footprints and dirt quite well.

One of the best ways you can work on ensuring your carpet will be a satisfactory choice is to stick with carpeting that is easy to maintain and for house cleaning purposes. You should do your best to stay away from shag carpets or high end rugs if you have any cats, dogs or kids around the house that could easily make a mess out of it. Stain-resistant carpets will help eliminate the frustration associated with spills and you will have a much easier time cleaning everything.

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