Best Property Finder App for Simpler Real Estate Search

With the emerging technology-driven world most things are possible today through apps. As there are several apps available on the internet for gaming, entertainment, and social-networking purposes, some of the apps are also available for business purposes. A number of companies are launching their app with fully updated information about their businesses. The app owners make available the app on their website as well as on the Google app store from where it can be easily downloaded for multiple platforms such as Windows, IOS, and Android. With the rising app trend for each aspect, many complex things are easily possible today just by holding a device in your palm and doing a few taps on the opened app.


It was about a month before, I was finding for a property finderwebsite on Google to post my property in the 2000sqft area. It enlisted the list of URLs of emerging property explorer portals. I opened the URL listed at top of the page. As the URL opened it was showing the Google ad for Housing-Real Estate & Property.

It is a property provider app that enables both to buy and sell the property. One of its features allows posting the property with its dimensional details, pricing and pictures clicked from different angles.

Another option could be the google ads through which you can run a marketing campaign effectively. In addition to that, it also increases the market reach through paid ads. With Google ads hub you can monitor the marketing campaign that works across Google’s online properties.

Distinctive Features

This app has distinctive features that are enlisted below:

  • It allows for finding the ongoing price range of properties in localities.
  • The exciting feature of the app also allows for finding the best locality by viewing the ratings. It also provides useful information about the property and locality such as the distance between the airport and the property’s locality.
  • The app also allows filtering your property search as the budget allows by selecting the number of beds, property dimensions, and many more.
  • The app is instantly responding to make the search for available homes and apartments for sale or rent.
  • It enables checking the nearby shopping centers, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and grocery stores available in close proximity to the property.
  • The app allows finding properties in several cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and so on.

Saving Money and Time

This amazing app allows finding the property along with saving money and the most valuable time. In order to find a property by visiting one by one to each property and meeting the landlord of the property is not only cost consuming as well as time. This amazing app saves me money and time in selling my property just by downloading it on my Apple iPhone 6.

Convenient for both Buyer & Seller

The app is convenient for both the buyers of property as well as sellers of the property. As the distinctive feature of the app allows buyers to find properties in the desired locality to give a few seconds in-app. This app presents the list of best properties available in selected locality to choose from. Therefore, it is convenient for buyers.

On the other hand, it also allows the landlords or sellers to post their property in the app along with mentioning the dimensional area details of the property with its clear and verified pictures. It helps to get the best buyer for their property on their price demands for the property.

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