5 Tips for Finding Quality Furnace Repair in Portland

Your furnace is an incredibly important part of your home. But what happens when it needs some repairs? Don’t just settle for using the first place you can find. Unfortunately, there may be HVAC companies that provide poor service or rip you off. You’ll want to be sure to avoid those companies at all costs. Read on to find some helpful tips on how to find the best furnace repair in the Portland area.

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Be Prepared

First of all, try to find a quality furnace repair company in Portland before your furnace actually needs to be repaired. If your furnace breaks down, you’ll need it to be repaired immediately. Waiting until an emergency can lead you to panic. And when you panic, you’ll end up not doing as much research as you need to make a good decision.

Knowing you have an HVAC company you trust in your corner will help you relax when the emergency happens. And you’ll be able to have the furnace repaired more quickly since you don’t need to spend time looking. It also helps to already have a relationship with an HVAC company ahead of time. That way, they’ll already know the specifics of your furnace and home, which will help make the repair process more efficient.

Get Referrals

Ask your family and friends for their recommendations. Going to someone you trust, who you know already has experience with a company, will help reassure you. However, don’t just ask for the name of a company. Instead, be sure to ask questions about the Portland furnace repair services they mention. For instance, make sure the technicians did a satisfactory job and were prompt, clean, and courteous. How a company treats its customers is typically a huge indicator of how well they’ll handle serious jobs and emergencies.

You’ll probably want to ask about the pricing too. This includes the price range you should expect as well as how and when the company would want to be paid. This is something that can really vary. Also, ask your contacts what they liked the best about the company. And don’t be afraid to ask if there were any issues, large or small. It’s incredibly important to be as informed as possible when making a decision such as this.

Check Reviews

Once you have a list of potential Portland furnace repair companies, look them up online. As great as recommendations from those you trust can be, you still should do at least a little research. A reputable company’s website should look professional. They should have an actual address and phone number listed on the website. Having an office shows that they’re a stable business. Not having an office could be a sign that a company is actually a scam or hasn’t been in business for very long.

Companies will also usually list their qualifications, certifications (confirm their technicians are NATE-certified, for example), any trade organizations they’re involved in, and any awards they’ve won. Also, see if they have customer reviews on the site. Or you can also look up “Portland furnace repair” on a website such as Google, Angie’s List, or Yelp. Don’t just read the positive reviews. The negative reviews, especially if there are a lot of them, could serve as an important warning. The company may even have references on their website who you can contact to ask any questions you have.

See if the company is listed on the Better Business Bureau as well, either by checking out their website or by calling their phone number. Having a BBB listing shows that a company is legitimate. If a company is on the BBB and happens to have a lot of complaints against them, however, you should probably avoid hiring that one.

Confirm License and Insurance

Make sure the furnace repair company is licensed and insured. Having a license shows that a company is legitimate and experienced. Your furnace is essential, complex, and expensive, so of course, you don’t want anyone inexperienced attempting to repair it. That could go horribly wrong. And not just because the repair would be poorly done, but also because it could actually be dangerous for you and your family. Instead, make sure the technicians are properly trained to handle the job. When a company has licensed and experienced technicians, their repair jobs are more likely to be long-term solutions than temporary fixes.

Different areas usually have their own requirements when it comes to certifications and licenses. So look into the requirements in the greater Portland area and make sure the company you’re considering is following them. Often, part of the requirements for having a license is to also be insured on some level. Liability insurance will make sure you’re protected in case an accident or injury occurs during the furnace repair. So make sure a company can provide you with their liability insurance certificate before you decide to hire them.

Bonus: Ask About Emergency Services

Choose a company that has emergency services. You never know when an emergency will strike. If your furnace breaks down in freezing temperatures, and you’re unable to reach a furnace repair company, that would put you, your family, and your home at serious risk.

Companies might also have special hotline numbers for these services so that you can get in touch with them as soon as you need to. Even if you end up never needing emergency service, which hopefully you won’t, it will give you peace of mind to know the option is available.

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