How to Amplify Your Cellphone Signals

Poor cell reception is your worst nightmare in this age of technology. We all want to stay connected wherever we go; home, college, shopping, or gym, we like to share every moment with our loved ones. Unfortunately, weak signals, dropped calls, and slow data speed are a norm these days owing to different reasons. The construction of your premises, network traffic, low bandwidth, and even weather contribute to these factors. Luckily, you can amplify your cell signals at home or in your office in the following ways.

how to amplify your cellphone signals
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Improving Cellphone Signals

Update Your Phone Settings

The prime thing you need to check is finding your mobile phone is working in its optimal condition.

  • First off, update your carrier software. It normally instructs your phone to which tower it should connect to. You can get more information about it here for Android or iPhone.
  • The second best thing to amplify your cellphone signals is to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC services. These services often route your data to other services or let other phones consume your bandwidth.
  • Thirdly, don’t think because you are on a 4G LTE network, you will get better cell reception. Sometimes, the 4G LTE is slower than the 3G because of the overloading issues.
  • Other things you can do are turning off and on the airplane mode and resetting your network settings.

Check Technical Aspects

Find out if others in your surroundings are getting good service. If they are, chances are your internal antenna is not working properly. Time to get a repair or a new phone maybe.

You can also try a network extender to boost signals, which are often provided by your service provider for a small fee. This device produces cell signals in your premises and transmits all your cellular calls and data through your broadband connection. Select this option only if you are not facing a cell signal issue outside.

Perhaps, the best option to improve your cellphone signals is to get a cellphone signal booster from a registered company like MyAmplifiers.

What this device does is, it receives the cell signals, improve them, and transmits these amplified signals inside your premises. You can use this device in your home, office, and even your vehicle. A signal booster for cell phone not only improve the voice quality but also increase the data speed.

Change Your Location

  • If you are living in a building with multiple floors, you can get better reception by moving to higher floors. In the basement, the signals are mostly very weak, so at least move up to the ground floor.
  • You can also try moving closer to a window to get better signals because most buildings are made of solid materials like bricks, blocks, siding, and sheet metals. These materials tend to weaken the reception.
  • If you are in an area surrounded by mountains, hills, and trees, better move to higher ground to get stronger cell signals.
  • In case you are far away from a cell tower, you cannot get a better signal until you move closer to the local tower. You can use services like Cell Reception or Open Signal to find a tower and alter your position to move closer to it.
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