Top 5 Window Cleaning Tips

Windows are an important part of a house. No matter how squeaky shiny it is, if your windows are stained and dusty, your house is not completely clean. You don’t need a professional to clean your windows, you can do that yourself. However, if you are looking for replacement windows plymouth MI, you definitely need experts. Here are some simple window cleaning tips to get that shine back on your windows:

Window Cleaning Tips

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1. Remove any Dust on the windows:

Start with cleaning the dust off the windows. Remove any curtains or blinds and take a dusting cloth to clean the dust from the glass and the sill. Use a detailing brush or a hog bristle brush to remove dust from nooks and crannies.

2. It’s Washing Time:

When all the excessive dust is clear, grab a sponge and some soapy water to wash the windows. Remember, the less soap you use, the better it is. If you are using some window cleaning solution, make sure it doesn’t touch the window’s paint or polish, as some solutions can be very strong.

3. Wipe off the Water:

Take a squeegee and wipe off the excess water from the widows. Do it in a reverse-S motion.

4. Dry the Window:

Dry the window using a micro-fiber cloth. Don’t forget to clean the water that fell down the window sill.

5. Watch the Weather:

On sunny days, the water and soap might dry up quickly in the window and leave spots, so it is best to wash your windows on a cloudy day.

Window Cleaning Solutions:

Although, many window and glass cleaning solutions are available in the market, you can make your own at home. What could be better than something that is made at home by you? Here are some simple window cleaning solutions and tips on how and when to use them:

  • Simple Cleaning Solution when Washing Windows:

While you are washing your windows, warm up the water you are using. Add two tablespoons of vinegar in one bucket of warm water. Use this water to wash your windows.

  • To Clean Grease and Other Stubborn Stains:

If grease or any other stubborn material has stuck to your windows, it won’t vanish with simple washing. In one gallon of water, add two tablespoons of household ammonia or domestic borax. The stains would disappear as if they were never there. Finish it up with the vinegar solution.

  • For Regular Buffing:

You can get shiny windows daily by rubbing a piece of newspaper on the glass. To give them some extra shine, printer’s ink can work miracles!

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