What Channel is BTN on Spectrum? (Channel Guide) Learn Updated Info in 2024!

Are you looking for your Spectrum cable’s Big Ten Network (BTN)? With so many stations to choose from, it can be overwhelming. If you enjoy college athletics or simply want to watch Big Ten Conference games, you’ll want to know the Spectrum channel number for BTN. We’ll help you find what channel is BTN on Spectrum in this guide so you can effortlessly watch your favorite teams.

What Channel is BTN on Spectrum?

What is BTN?

The Big Ten Network (BTN) is a dedicated sports television network that concentrates on broadcasting Big Ten Conference athletic events and programs. BTN, which debuted in 2007, is the official television home of the Big Ten, a collegiate sports conference comprised of 14 member universities predominantly in the Midwest. The network covers various sports, including football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, and others, and shows both men’s and women’s games.

Aside from live game broadcasts, BTN provides pre-and post-game shows, analysis, highlights, and unique content centered on Big Ten institutions. This contains stories on athletes, coaches, and the entire athletic programs, giving viewers an inside look at Big Ten athletics. The network has become a hub for conference supporters, providing a forum for fans to stay in touch with their favorite teams and athletes.

Is BTN Available on Spectrum?

BTN is available on the spectrum in most areas of the world. If the Big Ten Network (BTN) is available on Spectrum in your location, you can access the best Big Ten Conference-focused sports content. Spectrum users can watch live coverage of Big Ten football, basketball, and other sports events featuring Big Ten teams. Let’s find out what channel is btn on spectrum.

What Channel Is BTN on Spectrum?

The channel numbers for the Big Ten Network (BTN) on Spectrum in various areas are as follows:

  • Albertville, AL: Channel 324
  • Albany, NY: Channel 382
  • Charlotte, NC: Channel 382
  • Grand Island, NE: Channel 20
  • Clarksburg, WV: Channel 264
  • Columbia, SC: Channel 382
  • St. Louis, MO: Channel 81
  • Carson City, NV: Channel 400
  • Dallas City, OR: Channel 400
  • Austin, TX: Channel 382

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What Does BTN Broadcast?

The Big Ten Network (BTN) primarily transmits programs relating to the Big Ten Conference, a collegiate sports conference comprised of 14 member universities primarily located in the United States’ Midwest region. BTN typically broadcasts the following sorts of content:

1- Live Sports Events 

BTN broadcasts live sporting events featuring Big Ten colleges. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, and other sports are included.

2- Pre-game and Post-game Shows 

BTN presents pre-game and post-game analysis, highlights, interviews, and commentary before and after big athletic events to give viewers a full look at the contests.

3- Original Programming

BTN creates original programming such as documentaries, features, and shows that provide behind-the-scenes glimpses into the lives of Big Ten athletes, coaches, and teams.

4- Studio Shows

These studio-based programs cover the latest Big Ten sports news, updates, and highlights. Discussions, expert commentary, and interactive elements are usually included.

5- Great Games & Highlights

BTN broadcasts reruns of great games and highlights from Big Ten history, allowing fans to relive memorable events.

While sports are the primary focus, BTN’s programming also includes content that delves into the larger aspects of collegiate athletics and the student-athlete experience within the Big Ten Conference. 

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Benefits of Watching Big Ten Network Channel on Spectrum

Watching the Big Ten Network (BTN) on Spectrum provides various perks for sports fans and Big Ten Conference fans. Here are some benefits:

1- Comprehensive Sports Coverage

BTN covers many Big Ten Conference sports, including football, basketball, and Olympics. Spectrum subscribers can watch live games and events starring their favorite teams.

2- In-Depth Analysis

BTN provides incisive analysis, commentary, and discussions about the latest in Big Ten sports during pre-game and post-game shows and studio programs. For fans who desire more than simply live game coverage, this improves the total viewing experience.

3- Original Programming 

BTN’s original programming includes documentaries, features, and behind-the-scenes peeks into the lives of Big Ten athletes, coaches, and teams. This exclusive content enriches the fan experience.

4- Keep Connected with Big Ten Schools

Watching big ten network channel on spectrum allows alumni, students, and fans of Big Ten colleges to keep connected with their alma university or favorite teams, promoting a feeling of community and pride.

5- Access to Classic Games

BTN usually broadcasts reruns of classic games and important moments in Big Ten sports history, allowing fans to experience iconic victories and thrilling contests.

6- Digital Accessibility

Spectrum provides digital platforms and apps that allow subscribers to view BTN video on their devices, giving fans more options for watching their favorite Big Ten teams.

7- Localized Channel Listings 

Spectrum provides localized channel listings, making it simple for subscribers to identify the precise channel number for BTN in their area, ensuring a consistent watching experience.

8- Diverse Programming

Besides live sports, BTN’s programming includes content catering to many interests in collegiate athletics. So it’s a well-rounded channel for sports fans.

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Is BTN on Spectrum?

To gain access to BTN, it’s necessary to include a subscription to the Big Ten Network (BTN) within your Spectrum TV service.

What networks carry BTN?

BTN is carried by various networks, including satellite providers like DIRECTV and DISH, as well as telco providers such as AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS. These networks ensure that every Big Ten Network football broadcast is accessible either on the main Big Ten Network channel or on Extra Football Game Channels.

What is Big Ten Plus channel?

The Big Ten Plus channel, part of the B1G+ subscription, grants exclusive access to the library of your chosen school’s B1G Classic games and original series on the Big Ten Network. It lets you revisit your favorite school’s most memorable games whenever and wherever you want. Furthermore, this subscription ensures continuous access to your preferred school’s 24/7 channel, whether you’re at home or on the move.

Is BTN part of Fox Sports?

No, BTN (Big Ten Network) is not directly part of Fox Sports. However, it is a collaborative effort between Fox Sports and the Big Ten. The network operates as a joint venture between these entities.


Access to the Big Ten Network (BTN) on Spectrum benefits sports lovers and Big Ten Conference fans. Big Ten channel on Spectrum offers a full and interesting viewing experience, from live coverage of various athletic events to incisive analysis via pre-game and post-game shows. Adding unique programming and behind-the-scenes footage also gives a closer look at the lives of Big Ten athletes, coaches, and teams.

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