US Secret Surveillance Programme Exposed

obama prism

The cat is out of the bag now. The secret mission of recording and tapping telephones of millions of users is no more a secret. This news has spread like a fire in the forest. It could have been a secret for centuries if Ex-CIA contractor had not revealed serious revelation of the secret missions being carried out by National Security Agency. Edward Snowden is the person who has leaked all the secret information to the Media. He had left US in late May and shifted to Russia for some personal reasons. He quoted as saying to the Guardian while revealing the alarming facts. It has also been unfolded that NSA had not only tapped telephones of American region but also of Europe and South Asian region. This surveillance Programme is technically known as Prism launched in 2007.

Actually this scandal had been unfolded in June but it has gained more heat when yesterday France Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called on the American Ambassador to France.  It is said that Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault of France was deeply shocked when he came to know through Le Monde newspaper that National Security Agency of United States had also tapped 70.3 million phone calls of France.  On the other hand, The White House defended the mission by saying that “all nations” conducted spying operations.

BBC Paris based correspondent confirmed the news and said that it was not the first time USA spied over France. It has previous injected a “Powerful Worm “in computers of the Elysee network that had the ability to collect files on a machine, take screenshots, even activate the microphone on a computer to record conversations.

Apart from this, it was also revealed that States used to allocate Black Budget for such kind of secret missions and for this 53 $ million had been reserved from national exchequer. Last but not the least, NSA has also bugged out telephone calls of Embassies, European Union, Uk, China, Brazil, India ,Russia , Iran and many other states.

The author is a researcher, reformist and freelance contributor.