The Top 10 Locks to Protect Your Home

Locks to Protect Your Home

You and your family deserve to have total peace of mind at home. It deserves to be protected by the best measures possible. Here are some of the best locks to protect your home from security threats.

Door Hinge Locks

One of the best security methods to prevent your door from being broken into are door hinge locks. The door hinge lock is essentially a cylindrical piece that fits onto the hinges of the door. The aptly named lock is designed so an intruder can’t simply bash their way into the doorway. Door hinges during break-ins bear most of the brunt when struck with a blunt object.

These door hinge locks essentially add an extra layer of cushion so they won’t shatter upon being struck.

This lock is very affordable and easily installed. However, if an intruder has a more sophisticated method of entry, it’s unlikely that a simple door hinge lock will stop them.

locks to protect your home
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Key Code Locks

Upgrade your villa into a security compound with an advanced key code lock. These locks feature a typing keypad that features a futuristic layout. The ergonomic pad can easily accept user interference, and aside from effectiveness, it looks very attractive on your door’s exterior.

Fortified Locks

Fortified locks are more advanced locks that make the lock itself sturdier. This lock is essentially a steel casing that goes in front of the lock. This prevents thieves from simply drilling through the pins in the lock. These are usually your most affordable option for a lock.

Chain Locks

The trusty chain lock is a staple of flats across the world. A metal attachment tethered to a chain snaps into the lock. The combined tension of the chain and lock forms a tight adhesive. These locks are popular because they are cheap and effective. However, if a thief jostles the doorway open, he can easily use a bolt cutter to destroy the chain lock.

Although they are effective, beware of making these the only lock method for your doorway.

Fulcrum Locks

A fulcrum lock is more of stone age security measure. A fulcrum lock is a metallic or heavy jam that fits into the bottom of the door. Then the door is locked, the fulcrum jams into the other side and prevents a forced entry.

The fulcrum isn’t entirely effective because the doorway itself can be knocked down, but it is very rare that thieves will go to that level of effort to break into your home.

Yale Lock

The Yale brand is one of the oldest there is. They are some of the most reliable because they are heavy, durable, and hard to pick.

If you don’t use a Yale lock, consider implementing one into your home security arsenal.

Sash Lock

A sash lock is named for its unique shape. This type of lock is designed so it can’t be easily picked or carved open. These locks are typically composed of a number of durable alloys.

If properly constructed, they are almost impossible to pick unless an expert thief is breaking in.

Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks are one of the most common security measures for locking doors. A deadbolt features a sturdy cap and fortified metallic cylinder. Its cheap cost and reliability makes it one of the best security measures on the market.


It may be ugly, but it’s used for a reason. Padlocks can be mounted a customized platform. This platform can be easily attached to the side of virtually any doorway. It is not only a menacing sight, but it is very sturdy and difficult to defeat.

Biometric Locks

These are one of the most expensive and advanced methods, but they are extremely effective. Biometric locks are attached on the side of a doorway, and they are activated by a fingerprint or body heat.

These are top-tier security choices because only you or a loved one can use it. Rather than simply reading about these security measures, upgrade your home security system right now.

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