8 Reasons Why Sunless Tanning Is a Good Alternative to Conventional Tanning?

Tanning is a tricky skincare subject. If we particularly talk about conventional sun-kissed tanning, then there exists a great divide among experts. There are many skincare experts out there that consider conventional tanning harmful for skin.

Even if this is not the case or someone doesn’t pay much heed to those adverse effects, it is not easy for everyone to ‘afford’ sunbathing. There are people out there living in the regions that don’t get ample sunshine all through the year. Many among them don’t have the time or can’t afford to go the destination beaches to tan their skins.

Indoor and sunless tanning is the solution for all those people who want to tan their skin but can’t do it conventionally for the above-mentioned reasons. Let’s see how these alternative tanning options produce equally good or even better results than the sunbathing.

sunless tanning
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1) You Can Get Vitamin D Through Sunless Tanning As Well

There is a widespread misconception among many people that sun is the sole source of vitamin D. That’s not the case at all. From dairy products to certain topical solutions there are many ways through which your body can absorb vitamin D. Indoor tanning beds also provide vitamin D while permeating the required tan. So, if you are striving to get vitamin D with your tan, you certainly have sunless options as well.

2) Sunless Tanning Protects You from Detrimental UV Effects

This is the place where indoor and sunless tanners have an edge over conventional tanning. The ever-increasing global warming has breached a significant part of the ozone layer. As a result, the sunrays are now tainted with UV rays more than ever. The extended exposure to UV rays can make an individual more vulnerable to develop skin cancers because these harmful electromagnetic radiations promote abnormal cell growth.

Indoor tanning beds also entail some UV rays. But when you use sunless tanning products, you don’t have to worry about the UV exposure to your skin at all.

What’s the point of tanning your skin with the ever-looming fear of cancer when you can get similar results with sunless alternatives?

3) Sunless Tanning Can Help You with Minimizing Scar Visibility

Scars are common among adults due to injuries and previous skin conditions. Many people even put a lot of effort (and resources) to get rid of them. Sunless and indoor tanning can help you in this regard as well. Unlike conventional tanning that uniformly affects the entire skin, you can be selective with sunless tanning i.e. you can pick the areas that you want to tan and that you don’t. By tanning the skin around the darker scar patches, you can lighten their visibility—thanks to the optical illusions with which our visual perception works.

It is important to mention here that you can’t get these results with conventional tanning. The direct exposure to the sun also worsens the scars because it does the tanning in a proportional manner. Kill two birds with one stone i.e. tan your skin and make your scars least visible with sunless tanners.

4) Sunless Tanning Doesn’t Need Any Professional Assistance

Many people remain apprehensive about sunless tanning options because they think it will be performed like an outpatient clinical procedure. This is definitely true with indoor tanning beds. However, that’s not the case with the use of sunless tanning products. From start to end, you can complete the tanning process on your own without needing any professional assistance. Here is a simple sunless tanner guide that can help you with the optimal use of the natural indoor tanning products.

5) The Psychological Effect of Sunless Tanning Is Significant

There are many treatments that work at the psychological level and sunless tanning is one of them. If you live in a cold and cloudy climatic region, then you might suffer from the bouts of inexplicable depression. The lack of sunlight and consequently vitamin D imparts the feeling of sadness and discontent. Sunless tanning offers an instant solution to this problem. Without going anywhere, you can tan your skin to feel better about yourself during the long gloomy spells of winters.

6) The Benefits Beyond the Tan

It is worth mentioning that the benefits of sunless tanning are not just limited to the mere ‘tan’. It is not just going to change the color tone of your skin. If you are using the right sunless tanning products and methods, then you are going to get a lot of skin benefits on a physiological level as well.

Sunless tanning products also improve the blood circulation to the skin cells to give them the natural glow. It also reinstates the natural oil production from the skin pores, which is an important ingredient to maintain the elasticity of the skin to keep it wrinkle-free for a long time.

Similarly, hormonal imbalance also experiences improvement with sunless tanning, which leads to less acne on the skin. In short, sunless tanning can provide a lot of benefits that are not just related to the complexion adjustment of the skin.

7) It Is Quick and Also Easy to Maintain

Since sunless tanning can be done without making a visit to any establishment or a far-off beach, you don’t have to think about it over and over again. You can do it whenever there is free time in your bustling schedule. You are not bound to certain hours of the daytime because sunless tanning can be done round the clock. Also, it is easy to maintain the tan with sunless tanners. Whenever you feel the tan is fading, you can carry out the sunless procedure that doesn’t take more than an hour.

8) Sunless Tanning Is Cost Effective

Last but not least, sunless tanning is an inexpensive way to tan your skin. By spending on a single sunless tanner product, you can sufficiently take of your skin tanning all around the year.

Going to exotic beaches to get sun-kissed skin is surely tempting and has its own perks, but not everyone can afford and manage it at their own convenience.

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