How to Save Money on Car Repairs

Everybody wants a car that runs smoothly and has no issues whatsoever. Nobody really wants to go to a mechanic every now and then because the whole car repairing affair is time consuming and irksome. Even if you have a lot of leisure at hand, you won’t like long repair bills. You will be familiar with the feeling when you go to your mechanic to get a nut or two fixed and he comes up with a never ending list of “this isn’t working” and “that needs changing”.

Save Money on Car Repairs

Image Credit: Paul L Dineen

Today, I’m going to share with you some tips that can help you save money on your car repairs,

1. Loyalty pays off!

Being loyal to one garage always pays off. With time, a trust bond is developed between you and the mechanic. He will never overcharge you for anything to prevent losing a faithful customer. Going to a new garage every time your car needs repairing is not wise. Some mechanics pounce at new customers and make a lot of money with their sugar coated, know-it-all talk.

2. Act like you know enough

Don’t pretend you know it all because you don’t, but don’t act stupid either. Don’t let the mechanic feel you have no idea why your car is causing a certain issue. Moreover, doing your homework wouldn’t hurt. You should be able to tell if a certain issue is even an issue or not.

3. Having options is always good

Suppose your car’s oil needs changing. Take your car to different auto repair shops and see what each garage charges you for the same job. You can then go for the best option. Just remember to be reasonable and never compromise on quality in an attempt to save money.

4. Jack of all trades

It wouldn’t hurt to know how to fix little issues with your car. For instance, if your car’s air filter needs changing, you should be able to do it. If you are a novice, hit the internet and check different tutorials. You’d be surprised to see so many video tutorials and step by step guidelines on it.

5. Be smart and use your insurance

Whenever your car needs some serious maintenance, see if you can use collision and/or comprehensive car insurance to cover your repairing costs. The key is to be smart and go for the right auto insurance deductibles. This way your insurance can help you manage the big bills that are not affordable otherwise.

Free tip: You will not have to pay a lot on your own if you choose a low deductible.

6. Buy the parts yourself

Whenever you take your car to the garage and a certain part needs replacing, don’t rely on your mechanic for that because he might charge you extra. You can buy your own parts from a local parts store and save a lot of money.

7. Dispute your bill

Check the bill thoroughly and make sure the maintenance service is not overcharging you for anything. Again, be smart and upfront! Know where you are being ripped off and fight back!

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