My Wifi TV App Streaming Services 7500+ Channels – All You Need to Know 2024

Watching live TV doesn’t have to cost much money on your entertainment budget. One of the greatest options for streaming live TV and a wide variety of additional channels is Mywifitv. Your streaming requirements will be upgraded by this IPTV service. It allows you to stream anything you want at the time of your choosing. Keep reading to learn more about My WiFi TV’s features and how to install it.

About Mywifitv

MyWifi TV application offers more than 200 channels from nations worldwide, including the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, and many more European nations. It is an Android application that is IPTV-based. These networks broadcast various genres, including dramas, documentaries, kids’ shows, food shows, and many others.

It is accessible at a low cost, so you don’t have to pay much for a subscription. Installing the app on Fite TV, PC, Android smartphones, and other devices will allow you to use them. To watch them, only one essential component is a strong internet connection that allows uninterrupted viewing without delay.

External media players like MX Player, VLC Media Player, Wuffy Media Player, etc are also supported by MyWiFi TV. You cannot play the material on any other media player or use an external IPTV media player to connect to the application via the internet.

All the content will be delivered effortlessly and painlessly by the MyWiFi TV app. Whether the video may be streamed in SD, HD, 1080p, or 4K, it uses cutting-edge technologies to give you the most effective Live TV technology experience. 

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Subscription Plans for Mywifi TV

Mywifitv offers you four subscription plans at a reasonable price and amazing features. Let us talk about My Wifi TV’s four different sorts of subscription options in this section.

First Plan (25$)

Over 2000 channels.

High-definition media, such as HD, SD, and 1080p.

Maximum uptime.

Can use two devices at once to access MyWifi TV.

You get unlimited access to movies and videos.

Second Plan (35$)

You can receive several advantages, including some extra benefits, by selecting MyWifi TV’s second package.

2000+ Channels offering high-definition programming in 1080p, HD, and SD.

The uptime with the highest cost

May use three devices to access MyWifi TV at once

You get unlimited access to movies and videos.

Third Plan (45$)

The third plan offers the following advantages.

2000+ Channels with top-notch HD, SD, and 1080p entertainment.

Max uptime

May use four screens at once to access MyWifi TV

You get unlimited access to movies and videos.

Fourth Plan (55$)

The following benefits are yours if you choose MyWifi TV’s fourth plan. as they are

2000+ Channels featuring HD, SD, and 1080p resolution programming of the highest caliber.

Gets a 98% uptime.

May use five screens at once to access MyWifi TV

You get unlimited access to movies and videos.

My Wifi TV Features

This platform provides you with a lot of amazing features, including high quality, up to 2000 channels, and other stuff listed down below.

This app offers more than 2000+ channels.

It is of decent HD resolution.

It is simple to use.

Little in scale.

It is capable of auto-updating.

Simple and interactive user interface.

Not a lot of ads.

Watching Mywifi TV on Android Devices

Installing MyWifi TV on an Android smartphone is simple. Make sure to follow the steps written down below to download Mywifitv on your android device.

Utilize the app’s URL to download the MyWifi TV app to your Android device.

Launch it after downloading.

Log in to your account by entering your login information.

Your Android devices can now stream MyWifi TV.

Watching Mywifitv on Firestick

Unfortunately, the Amazon Store does not currently provide My Wifi TV. Therefore, mywifitv straightforwardly cannot be downloaded on a Firestick. But don’t worry. We’ll explain some more ways to obtain MyWifiTV on a Firestick. The following two methods can be used to access mywifitv. 

  1. Use Downloader to watch MyWifi TV on Firestick.
  2. Use ES File Explorer to view MyWifi TV after that on your Firestick.

Using Downloader to Watch My wifi tv

  1. Go to the app store.
  2. Install any available downloading app.
  3. Start your app.
  4. Javascript should be enabled in the settings.
  5. Next, select the Home tab.
  6. Enter the MyWifi TV URL and select the GO button in the app.
  7. You will be directed to the app’s installation page after downloading it.
  8. The Install button is located on the right side of that page.
  9. You may access MyWifi Tv on Firestick once your app has been installed.

Using the File Explorer

  1. Navigate to the App Store.
  2. If it’s not already on the TV, download ES File Explorer.
  3. After installation, use your login information to log in or register.
  4. Activate your app.
  5. The Download icon can be seen on the home screen. Click it.
  6. Press the +New button.
  7. Enter the MyWifi TV URL into the address bar and select the “download now” option.
  8. When you reach the installation page, wait until the download is finished before selecting the install option.
  9. On a Firestick, launch MyWifi TV and sign in using your credentials.

Mywifitv Not Working

Oftentimes people wonder why my wifi tv not working for them. All the MyWifi TV issues can be found on the Downdetector page. You are only alerted via the Downdetector website if there are more issues than usual.

Keep your browser up to date to prevent them; visit the settings page, check for updates, then restart your browser. Beware of extensions Web page speed may be affected by extensions. If you are wondering ‘what happened to my wifi tv’, the following factors will explain why Mywifitv is not working for you.

Any hardware or software faults can be problematic for users when they try to visit websites. The availability of the website is impacted by server overload. 40% of outages are primarily due to human-like causes.

For example,

  • Unplugging the cord by mistake.
  • Rude or improper treatment of a server.
  • You are skipping over the code review.
  • Due to a malicious cyberattack, or DDoS. (Be aware of the spikes to prevent this.)

Mywifitv Payment

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Mywifi TV Chat

My Wifi TV chat is a standard method of offering assistance or customer care that helps clients using chatbots or messaging apps. It is also known as chat-based support. chatbot. In addition to more conventional customer care methods like email or voice, live agents or AI-powered chat help are also available. 

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How to download mywifitv on Smart TV?

You can download the mywifitv on smart tv by using the sideloaded apps. Just like if Amazon firestick then you can use the apps like Downloader to install the app in your Smart TV.

Can I use mywifitv for free ?

No, You can not use mywifitv for free. You will need a subscription plan to use the My Wifi TV. The details and different subscription plans are explained above.


My wifitv is an IPTV service that allows consumers to stream any content they desire. Considered a little app, My Wifi TV uses less than 10 MB of storage. The best part is that it doesn’t cost as much as other streaming channels. This article explains everything about My Wifi TV, including the service plans, features, and how to download, so read the full article to clear out all your confusion.

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