Monstrous Dungeons in Diablo 4, Basics, Objectives, Unlocks, and Rewards

Diablo is built on the canons of dark fantasy and free-roaming character development, which should lead the player to battle invading and activating dark forces that need to be fought back and done more than once.

The main bet in pumping and strengthening the hero is based on the system of clearing dungeons of various ranks and difficulty levels.

This is basically the only way to get legendary and common equipment and weapons, or you can just buy cheap Diablo 4 gold.

What are nightmare-level dungeons?

When you play Diablo 4, you will do it more than once.

Diablo’s overall concept has always been to play through the entire storyline multiple times, leading to an endgame and nightmare difficulty level.

Dungeons, which are initially considered a zone that you need to go into and clear room by room, which are overflowing with various group and solo monsters, and as a reward for a complete victory, you can get a random reward from the chest and fame points.

Nightmare-level dungeons open on the third difficulty level – Nightmare, and in order to open it, you need to beat the game on Traveler and Veteran difficulty.

How to access the Nightmare Dungeon

Despite the fact that all the dungeons and events from the world of Diablo have clear requirements and conditions for gaining access, the nightmare-level dungeons also have them, which require a special symbol, without which access will not be allowed.

Complete tasks and assignments from the Tree of Whispers to get a potential opportunity to get a symbol of a nightmare – this is the right to access a dungeon of the appropriate level with a random arrangement of rooms, opponents, bonuses, and weakening effects to complicate the passage process.

There is an important catch – the nightmare symbol that you find will be tied to a specific dungeon. You will receive coordinates, a condition for entering, and the number of deaths, the value of which must not be exceeded, otherwise, the passage will fail.

All dungeons in Diablo, including nightmarish ones, are fraught with a lot of surprises and the potential for random events – such as the appearance of a special boss, or a wave of monsters, randomization of drops, and skills that will be strengthened, on the contrary, weakened during the passage.

Of the total 120 dungeons that are currently available to players, all of them will be open and in a nightmare version for lucky players who will be able to get their own passes.

Creating a Glyph of Nightmares

Glyph of Nightmare as an item is needed to turn an ordinary dungeon into a nightmare and make it harder to complete in exchange for improved loot.

Symbols are divided among themselves by levels and the higher this indicator, the greater the cost of its production, but the final dungeon that you will be able to enter will also be stronger. A level 100 glyph will cost the most, but it will allow you to get the highest quality legendary equipment, at least give a high chance of success in obtaining valuable equipment.

You will also need gold, for production, you need a minimum of 4000 gold coins for the simplest version of the symbol.

When interacting with the Whisper Tree, you will receive additional symbols – this is necessary so that the players themselves can choose which particular dungeons should be made more difficult, but also more valuable.

Blizzard will also interfere with the rotation and access of specific dungeons. You will still decide for yourself which dungeons to complicate and farm, then the developers will limit your choice to 30 dungeons out of 120 available.

What change the nightmare symbols in the dungeon itself

Symbols can be divided into three types, which are divided by the difficulty of mining and the level of difficulty that the dungeon will acquire after activation:

  • Normal – adds three negative effects.
  • Sacred – 4 debuffs.
  • Seal of ancestors – 5 effects.

In any case, all opponents inside the dungeon will not only have higher attack and defense characteristics, but also stronger AI, which will radically change their behavior and make them smarter. They will no longer be monsters to beat, but quite conscious opponents who will even be able to dodge your attacks and will need to think and plan their actions so as not to waste the death allotted for passing and lose the seal obtained by a lot of effort.

According to the developers from the Blizzard company, players will find a lot of unique systems of the dungeon itself under the effect of gain from the seal.

For example – the activation of portals. This means that in addition to regular monsters with enhanced AI, other monsters from different locations will randomly move into the dungeon, which will not only increase the total number of potential opponents, but will also deal more damage, making it difficult to pass the dungeon.

If a nightmarish level dungeon has an effect that you do not like, or greatly interferes, you can turn to the occultists and pay the amount in gold to get rid of the unnecessary action.

Symbols and their quality will also affect the amount of experience that you will receive from killed monsters.

Ideally, if the monsters are 2 or 3 levels higher than you, then you can achieve a 25% increase in experience, but for efficiency, it is important not only the general ability to destroy such opponents, but the action quickly and efficiently with the ability to accelerate to a full-fledged AoE, otherwise such a symbol will simply burn out and not be of much use to its owner, or cause unnecessary death due to an increase in pace that the character simply cannot handle.

Affixes and their impact on the difficulty of passing dungeons

Affixes are positive effects that are applied to a character in certain zones and negative debuffs, which, on the contrary, will strengthen monsters to increase the level of difficulty and entertainment from passing such dungeons.

Of the useful positive effects, this can be a reduction in damage to you, increased damage from specific elements, random attacks on surrounding enemies, and other nice bonuses.

Of the negative effects that buff enemies and prevent you from going through dungeons too easily.

It can be two bosses instead of one, strengthening enemies after meeting a number of conditions, random attacks, summoning monsters from other locations, and other activities that you should be as careful as possible with.

What can I get as a reward for clearing Nightmare level dungeons

Sacred, legendary, and unique items.

Ideal glyphs.

Obla gives strengthening of key characteristics for your class of high-quality level.

Increased experience from simple monsters and bosses due to auxiliary effects from symbols.

In fact, all the most valuable equipment for your class can be obtained in dungeons at a nightmare difficulty level – this is another endgame format available to all grind fans.

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