How to Surprise Your Spouse with a Romantic Vacation

It is vital to keep the spark alive in your relationship, so you can both enjoy many happy years together. However, it’s easy for you to fall into a routine or develop bad habits, which can throw all romance out of the window.

If you want to make sure you maintain a healthy, loving relationship, you should try to spoil your partner when an opportunity arises. To show your other half how much you care, find out how to surprise your spouse with a romantic vacation.

How to Surprise Your Spouse with a Romantic Vacation
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Plan in Advance

Planning an amazing trip with your partner can take a considerable amount of time and effort. Not to mention you’ll need to plan it carefully to make sure your other half doesn’t find out!

For instance, you might need to talk to your spouse’s employer to secure him or her time off for a vacation – and remind the boss that the vacation is a big secret. You may also need to arrange for pet or child care while you are both on a trip.

Choose the Right Vacation Destination

Of course, the destination you choose will determine how much fun both you and your partner have on vacation. If you’re looking for a city break then New York, London or Rome might be the perfect choice. However, if you want to enjoy tropical beaches, beautiful natural landscapes, and a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll be spoilt for options when browsing the many Costa Rica points of interest.

Create a Fun-Filled Itinerary

The reason you’re planning a vacation with your partner is to enjoy some quality time together. That’s why you must create an itinerary that allows you and your other half to enjoy some fun activities.

For example, you could schedule a relaxing couple’s massage at your hotel’s onsite spa, book tickets to a big event or attraction, or you could schedule a day to go off on a fun-filled or historical excursion. However, leave a little room in your itinerary for relaxation or a spontaneous adventure, and consider trying new things to create wonderful memories together.

Book a Romantic Hotel Package

Many luxurious hotels and resorts often provide added extras upon request. Browse the accommodation provider’s website or call them to find out if they provide their guests with romantic packages for an extra fee.

For example, you could book champagne upon arrival or in your room, request flower petals on your bed, or you could even fill a hotel room with balloons or flowers, which will definitely put a big smile on your spouse’s face! You can guarantee your partner will appreciate all the effort you have made to provide him or her with an unforgettable vacation.

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Keep the Vacation a Secret

Keeping secrets from your partner can be hard. He or she might log onto your laptop to find an email or may even discover a webpage in your browser history. That’s why you must try to keep the surprise a secret.

To do so, use your work email or a separate email or phone number to organize flights, accommodation, and attraction tickets, and use incognito mode to book your vacation online. It might also be a smart idea to store boarding passes, tickets, and itineraries in a loved one’s home until you’re ready to surprise your partner.

Carefully Pack Your Luggage

Of course, it can be hard for you to hide a vacation when you are packing for it. If possible, try to sneak a few of his or her essential items into a suitcase just before a trip. If you’re worried your spouse will miss their toiletries or clothing, buy new products to stop him or her from becoming suspicious.

Plan How to Reveal the Trip to Your Partner

Once you have scheduled his or her vacation time, the flights and hotel are booked, and your bags are packed, all you’ll need to do then is surprise your partner. You can choose to surprise your other half on the day of your flight by presenting them with the boarding passes over breakfast. Alternatively, you could tell your spouse a few days before your adventure, so they will have something to look forward to.

Simply Enjoy Your Time Together

Once your partner is in on the secret, all you need to do next is simply enjoy your time together. This means switching off your phones, leaving your worries at home, and just enjoying spending time in each other’s company. It could reignite a fire in your relationship, so you’ll feel happier, more secure, and loved once you return home.

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