Why Should You Quit Drinking?

Drinking to excess is something that can ruin many lives, and not just the life of the person who is doing the drinking. Families can be destroyed, and relationships can fall apart because of alcohol when it becomes a habit that can’t easily be quit. Other than making us act differently to normal, and perhaps giving us a more argumentative or even violent personality, alcohol is bad for our physical and even mental health as well. Although a social drink is not a problem, when it becomes something that you can’t stop, it really can be damaging.

How to Quit Drinking

Here are some reasons to quit drinking – your life could be so much better for it.

how to quit drinking
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No More Hangovers & Money Regrets

Even people who don’t drink all the time will experience a hangover, and although the night before may have been fun, losing part or even whole of the next day because you feel so unwell, or having to head into work or out with your family despite your aching head and feeling of sickness is much less fun. If you don’t drink to excess, you won’t have to suffer these terrible hangovers which get a lot worse as you get older as your body can no longer fight against them as well. Even though a hangover is not something that will hurt you in the longer term, it is still hugely unpleasant and not having one is a great reason to drink less.

What’s more, alcohol is expensive. Even if you drink at home, it still costs a lot of money, and when you are out at a club, bar, or restaurant, it costs even more; the more you drink, you more you spend. Therefore, it makes sense to say that the less you drink, the less you spend! If you are trying to save money, or you have a small weekly budget, then drinking less or quitting altogether will help you; you’ll be amazed at the amount of money you can put aside when you are no longer buying expensive alcohol.

You Will Look & Feel Healthier

Social drinking or drinking every now and then is not a problem and, if you can handle your drink responsibly, can even be fun. However, when you are drinking to excess, you might have a problem, and this addiction can lead to serious health issues further down the line. Your liver is at serious risk, for example, if you are a long-term heavy drinker, and you can develop cirrhosis. However, that is not the only problem that can occur; heart disease, obesity, type II diabetes, and even kidney failure are all linked to excessive drinking. Plus, alcohol is a known carcinogen. If your health is at risk, you must stop altogether and allow your body to repair itself. This is where medicated assisted treatment can help hugely.

When you drink a lot, the alcohol in those drinks produces free radicals and other toxins into your body. These make you look older than your years, and your skin especially will look dull and unhealthy too. When you stop drinking, your body is no longer bombarded with toxins, and your skin will start to look better. Overall, you’ll appear much more healthy, and it will really make a big difference.

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