How to Watch Game Show Network on DirecTV? – 2024

GSN stands for Game Show Network. It’s a television network that focuses on game shows and entertainment content. GSN on DirecTV gives you a lot of game show favorites, such as rapid-fire quiz shows or modern game tournaments. 

It brings hours of fun and delight for people of all ages. So, let’s find out what channel is Game Show Network on DirecTV.

How to Watch Game Show Network on DirecTV

What Channel Is Game Show Network on DirecTV?

The Game Show Channel on DirecTV can be found on channel number 233. This channel airs a lot of popular game shows. You can just go to channel 233 on DIRECTV to watch a mixed range of game show programs. 

From quiz competitions and trivia to reality game shows, GSN on DirecTV broadcasts amazing and engaging content for its viewers. So, if you want to enjoy the thrill of game shows from the comfort of your living room, tune in to channel 233 on DIRECTV.

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DirecTV Packages That Provide GSN

DIRECTV has multiple bundles that contain the Game Show Network (GSN) in their channel list. This means that watching GSN is suitable for all types of budgets. Here’s a quick overview of DirecTV’s plans:


The ENTERTAINMENT plan has a great list of 75+ entertainment channels. It features GSN in its channel lineup. You can watch your favorite game shows and entertainment programs in this package, which comes at a price of $69.99/mo.

2- The CHOICE Plan 

The CHOICE subscription plan gives you access to over 105+ channels that broadcast sports, movies, and lifestyle programs. It also has GSN available in its channel lineup. You can purchase the CHOICE plan at $84.99/mo.

3- ULTIMATE Package

The ULTIMATE package is suitable for people seeking all the popular channels to watch on their TVs and even premium channels. The best part is that it comes with a list of 140+ channels at just $114.99/mo.

4- The PREMIER Plan

This plan offers DIRECTV’s complete list of 150+ channels, including premium channels, sports packages, and many entertainment alternatives. PREMIER plan is for those who want to have access to all the channels and get the most out of DirecTV. The price of the PREMIER package is $159.99/mo.

6 Must-Watch Shows on GSN

If you’re new to GSN, you’ve no idea what you’re missing out. There are many great shows to watch on Game Show Network. You can start by watching these:

1- Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! is hosted by Alex Trebek, and it challenges participants with clues from different subjects. What sets this show apart is that competitors must react in the form of a question. This gives a twist on regular quiz programs. Its intellectual appeal and competitive nature have attracted a huge following.

2- Catch 21

Catch 21 is a rapid-fire card game in which players try to build blackjack hands by answering trivia questions. Each successful response lets them draw a card closer to 21 without going over. The show’s combination of trivia and card play keeps viewers interested from beginning to end.

3- Family Feud

Family Feud has put two families against each other in an attempt to guess the most popular responses to survey questions. The whole play between the host and the participants will give you many humorous scenes to laugh at, which is why it has been a family favorite for decades.

4- The Chase 

This show puts contestants against one of the “Chasers,” or skilled quizmasters, in a battle of intelligence. They must properly answer questions to stay ahead of the Chaser and collect their winnings. The Chase will definitely keep you entertained throughout the show.

5- Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is all about word puzzles, luck, and talent. Contestants spin a big wheel to decide dollar amounts and then compete to solve word puzzles for rewards. It’s basic yet interesting, and it has become a regular show on television game programs.

6- Deal or No Deal 

The last and the most crazy one is Deal or No Deal. This show puts contestants against sealed briefcases with varying cash amounts. They must select whether to accept or reject offers from the mystery “banker” depending on the estimated value of their chosen bag. 

The show’s exciting moments and the possibility to win life-changing prizes have made it popular with audiences all around the world.

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Does DIRECTV have the Game Show Network?

Yes, you’ll find the Game Show Network included in the lineup of channels offered by DIRECTV Stream, with plans starting at $69.98 per month.

What Channel does the game shows come on?

The game shows air primarily on the Game Show Network (GSN), an American basic cable channel owned by the television network division of Sony Pictures Television.


If you have the Game Show Network on DIRECTV, it will make watching TV more enjoyable for you. GSN has many great game programs, including old favorites and new ones for everyone. 

So, enjoy guessing answers on “Family Feud,” keep it up with “The Chase,” or solve puzzles on “Wheel of Fortune.” There will always be something fun to watch on this channel. Just tune in to channel number 233 and enjoy fun games.

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