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Damaged hair can contribute to many issues with self-confidence and image. It’s a simple concept to look after your hair, but in execution, you can find it is a little trickier. Hair for males and females denotes a sense of youth and fertility and has long been a sign of beauty. If you find your hair damaged and not looking at its finest, it is essential to understand its structure and needs in order to take better care of it. Investing a little time and money into your hair is always going to be an important step.

find your hair damaged
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The hair and its structure, a biological miracle!

The visible part of the hair, the part that plays such an important role in the personality of a face, is nonetheless devoid of life, biologically speaking. The living part is the root (or hair follicle), implanted in the dermis of the scalp, 4mm deep. It consists of a hair bulb comprising at its base, the dermal papilla, irrigated by small blood vessels that provide nutrients to the cells. A little higher, a sebaceous gland provides lubrication for the developing hair. The “dead” part is called the stem. It has three concentric layers. In the middle, the marrow, a more or less thick tender part (sometimes absent in fine hair), is made up of cells without a nucleus. Around, the cortex is composed of keratin at 80 or 90%, but also of melanin.

Avoiding damage

During all its years of the anagen phase, the hair undergoes numerous attacks to which it resists more or less well depending on its thickness, its strength, and the quality of its outer layer. Its structure will be more robust if it has received sufficient nutrients if it has not suffered from smoking by its owner, nor too much oxidative stress, fatigue, or emotional shocks. These are “internal” factors. However, there are also aggressive external factors: pollution, too frequent exposure to the scorching sun, brushing too vigorously, or using hair tools that break or tear the hair. Using shampoos too often can deprive the hair of their sebum protective products that suffocate the hair, such as those containing silicone. Lastly, of course, heat sources such as straighteners or curlers, which should be used sparingly. Even the sun can dry out the hair. Any hairdresser will be the first to tell you that heat protection is a vital step in your hair maintenance; you may want to refer to julia-lampard.co.uk for further tips.

How to improve the texture of damaged hair?

What can you do for your damaged hair? Strictly speaking, the hair shaft cannot be repaired or nourished since it is not “alive”. However, it is possible to improve the general appearance of damaged hair. Trim the damaged split ends to regain suppleness and shine. Apply moisturizing and protection products to the hair, based on simple and natural ingredients, such as vegetable oils like castor oil or even avocado.

Investing in the right products and excellent hairdressers will be a vital and pivotal step and providing yourself with both confidence and a sense of contentment. As with any confidence boost, you should start by finding the beauty within. That’s the cherry on top of the cake!

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