What Channel is ESPNU on Spectrum? (For All Regions) – 2024

Are you also a sports fan who would do anything to watch your favorite sports content? You are not alone. You are at the right place to solve the problem of where to watch ESPNU Spectrum. We understand the frustration of missing out on important game moments, so we’re here to make it as simple as possible. So get yourself ready to find out what channel is ESPNU on Spectrum.

What Channel is ESPNU on Spectrum?

What Is the Difference Between ESPNU and ESPN?

ESPNU is a channel within the ESPN network and is the best spot for college sports fans. ESPNU debuted in 2005 and provides complete coverage of many college athletic events. It brings the thrill of college athletics to households across the country. 

ESPNU provides live broadcasts, expert analysis, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. It highlights the passion and athletics in university games. This channel acts as a hub for fans interested in following their favorite teams and athletes. It provides a platform that extends beyond the game itself.

Which Streaming Services Provide ESPNU?

Many streaming options are available if you’re a die-hard college sports fan looking for ESPNU. YouTube TV and Hulu + Live TV include it as part of their base subscriptions, whereas Sling TV, FuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, and Vidgo require sports add-ons. The pricing ranges between $40 and $85 per month with most programs offering free trials. 

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Is ESPNU Available on Spectrum?

While ESPNU is not automatically included in Spectrum’s basic cable packages, Spectrum members can still enjoy all the college sports action. 

  • Spectrum TV App: Availability of live streaming varies depending on your TV package and location. The Spectrum TV App provides on-demand entertainment from ESPNU, but you need the proper sports package. You will have to consider the following packages.
  • Sports View Package: The Sports View Package will enhance your Spectrum experience for $7 monthly. This add-on includes ESPNU and other fascinating sports networks such as NFL Network, NBA TV, MLB Network, and others.
  • College Sports Package: The College Sports Package costs $13.99 per month and is designed for die-hard college sports lovers. You can enjoy a greater range of networks such as ESPNU, the Pac-12 Network, the SEC Network, and the Big Ten Network.
  • Individual Channel Add-on: Personalize your package by adding ESPNU for an additional cost. It is approximately $7/month to ensure you get the specific sports content you crave.

What is ESPNU Spectrum Channel Number?

So do you have the valid sports package active to stream ESPNU on Spectrum? If you do, consider the following channel numbers in your location.

LocationESPNU Channel Number
Kansas City370
Los Angeles370
Long Beach415
Corpus Christi370
El Paso370
New York370
San Diego370

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What are the Best Shows on ESPNU?

Here are some must-watch shows on ESPNU that you should watch now and have it running on your Spectrum device.

1- College GameDay

College GameDay takes place in a great atmosphere. It is a pregame show that goes beyond predictions. This show captures the most anticipated matches with insightful analyses, vibrant discussions, and expert forecasts. This makes it a must-see for every college sports fan.

2- The Huddle

The Huddle is a lively chat show that delves into the heartbeat of college sports. It invites you to join the conversation. This show reviews the week’s major headlines, bringing a fresh perspective on the world of college athletics. 

3- ESPNU Film Room

ESPNU Film Room is a must-see for anyone looking to better understand the game. This podcast takes you behind the scenes, analyzing game plays, coaching plans, and exceptional player performances. 

4- Championship Drive

Championship Drive will put you in the exciting world of college football. This show is your one-stop shop for everything from rankings to highlights to expert discussion. Keep up with the latest news, playoff scenarios, and the thrilling road to the title.

5- College Basketball Live

Basketball players should rejoice! College Basketball Live is your one-stop shop for the latest college basketball news, scores, and highlights. This show keeps you informed and entertained with its thorough coverage of the college basketball scene, whether you’re a fan of a certain school or simply enjoy the sport.

6- Inside the Program

“Inside the Program” takes you on a unique behind-the-scenes tour. This show provides access to college sports teams. It closely covers training regimes, team dynamics, and the passion that drives athletic greatness.

7- College Football Live

“College Football Live” takes you further into the world of college football. This show provides year-round coverage including expert analysis, recruiting updates, and insider insights to keep you informed and engaged.

8- The Rivalry

“The Rivalry” captures the amazing college sports rivalry. This show goes into famous matchups, passionate competitions, and the history of some of college athletics’ most heated rivalries, delivering a compelling narrative for sports fans.

9- Campus Connection

“Campus Connection” connects college sports with campus life. Discover the colorful culture, traditions, and fervent fan bases that distinguish each college. This show immerses you in the heart of the collegiate sports experience.

10- Recruiting Nation

Stay ahead of the competition with “Recruiting Nation.” This podcast keeps you up to date on the most recent events in college sports recruitment, spotlighting rising talents, debating commitments, and providing insights into the future of college athletics.


What is ESPNU?

ESPNU is a sports channel network owned by ESPN Inc. You can stream college sports content on this channel.

How Can I Get ESPN on Spectrum?

To get ESPN on your Spectrum device, you will have to subscribe to ESPN+.

What Channel is ESPNU on Spectrum?

The channel number of ESPNU for you will vary according to your location. You can check the channel number from the list above.


As we conclude our article on “What channel is ESPNU on Spectrum,” I hope this guide has given the answers you sought. ESPNU’s lineup of college sports content is a game-changer. As a sports fan, finding the ESPNU channel on Spectrum will add a whole new world of entertainment. Tune in, catch the action, and let ESPNU on Spectrum enhance your sports viewing experience. Cheers to never-ending thrills and amazing memories on your favorite channel!

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