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Cole’s in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

Watch Cole get electric in this first footage of his moves in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Digg Sold to Betaworks for $500K

Social site Digg is sold for $500K, offer from Google for $200million just four years ago. Four years later, in July 2012, The company was sold off three ways part to Betaworks for...

Top 10 Most Wanted Gadgets of 2012

We have compiled a great list of the top and most wanted gadgets of 2012. Do you want to purchase it? or Have you already purchased it? 1. The New iPad New iPad Features General 2G Network:...

Is it real change in human evolution?

image by Manuel Cernuda

Can you explain it?

image by Photo Giddy

Can Apple iPhone Suck Your Brain?

image by Photo Giddy

Great work of Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs lunched the first iPhone which started the war among the tablet PCs. image by Flickr

Where were they waiting for first Apple iPhone?

image by Wikimedia Commons
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