Budget Spring Wedding: Plan Your Dream Day Without Crashing Your Pockets


Spring is the season that symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings, and brighter days.  

Therefore, spring weddings, spanning from mid-March to early June, are characterized by fresh flowers, romantic settings, and garden-inspired details.  

From finding the best flower delivery in San Diego and other major cities to contacting the top wedding photographers, the wedding list goes on. 

However, when planning a wedding, one of the most important factors is setting a budget. A wedding budget is crucial for couples to plan their big day within their financial means and avoid overspending.  

Moreover, it allows them to prioritize expenses and make informed decisions on resource allocation.  

However, when you want your wedding to be as beautiful as the spring season, factors such as location, ceremony size, and personal preferences can affect the total cost of the ceremony. 

In this article, we shall help you determine the budget for your grand day and guide you to plan a spring wedding under your budget. 

Setting A Realistic Budget 

The Wedding Report found that the average cost of a wedding in 2022 was $29,195, based on surveys and data from the U.S. product and service costs.  

To reduce costs, you must budget at least $100 per guest and consider inviting fewer guests and having a more intimate celebration.  

However, experts caution that the average cost of a wedding can be misleading. A single $1 million wedding can skew the average, while many others cost only a few thousand dollars.  

Therefore, wedding planning lists should be treated as suggestions, allowing couples to tailor their wedding to a smaller budget without covering every traditional expense. 

A Budget Breakdown For Your Wedding 

Here, we have an estimation of the wedding budget breakdown. This can help you determine how much you should spend from the total budget on each factor to maintain the right balance: 

Venue: 37% 

Catering: 29% 

Band: 13% 

Wedding Rings: 9% 

Photography: 9% 

Alcohol/Liquor: 8% 

Flowers: 8% 

Couples Attire: 7% 

Videography: 7% 

Lighting & Decor: 6% 

Event Rentals: 6% 

This wedding cost breakdown is based on national averages and is a starting point. However, the percentages may not add up to 100%. The final cost must depend on your budget, location, time of year, and top priorities.  

Understanding and determining this budget breakdown will help you get started on the planning. Moreover, it will guide you in the process of fund allocation. 

Choosing The Right Venue 

The maximum part of your wedding budget is allocated to the venue. Therefore, sophisticated planning can help you find just the right spot. You can stretch your budget and find a more luxurious spring wedding venue.  

Hence, instead of booking the cheapest venue, consider booking an all-inclusive venue that provides everything you need. This can help you save money and enjoy a luxurious setting.  

This strategy also eliminates the labor involved in setting up a wedding venue. 

When selecting a spring wedding venue, consider the vibe, including outdoor amenities like fire pits and a tent. Indoor-outdoor locations are ideal for rustic, rural weddings.  

Ensure the venue has a shelter for inclement weather and a large tent for the spring breeze. Research surrounding areas and spend time online to scout the venue read reviews, check social media, and watch videos.  

This will help you book the location confidently and avoid the nerve-racking experience of attending an unfamiliar venue. 

Creative Decorations On A Budget 

Weddings can be expensive, but there are ways to save money without sacrificing style. One suggestion is to trust your florist and be flexible with your flower selections.  

The average cost of wedding flowers has risen in recent years, with 2021’s average cost being $2,300. However, there are ways to save, such as relying on a trusted florist and being flexible with flower selections. 

Here are some tips to bring down the decor costs: 

Let Your Venue Do The Magic 

Hosting the ceremony in a naturally beautiful place like a public park, flower garden, or ornate house of worship can help you save on additional decor. Moreover, greenery is quite popular and can help you to fill tables and drape altars. 

Bring Down The Floral Costs 

Replace expensive flower varieties with less expensive ones, such as using deeply colored dahlias instead of black magic roses. This can save about $4 a stem or $520 for a wedding party of five and 150 guests.  

However, if your florist is only sourcing two types of stems, they can buy in bulk, ensuring fresh blooms and lower costs.  

Moreover, you can choose from widely available, year-round blossoms. This includes 


Calla lilies. 


Furthermore, if you go local, you can reduce transport costs for your flowers. 

Go Beyond Flowers 

Add non-floral elements like books, seashells, candles, heirloom photos, or other elements to your day.  

Focus on your wedding’s style and color scheme, and let your florist choose affordable flowers that match the vibe. 

Select The Linenes Under Budget 

When it comes to table linens, consider using expensive tablecloths on the cake or escort card tables and featuring budget-friendly linens on guest tables.  

Alternatively, upgrade napkins and skip expensive tablecloths altogether. Following these tips can save money on your wedding without sacrificing style. 

Affordable Menu Options 

Serving food allows you to extend the celebration and thank your friends and family for being with you on your big day. 

Food is a crucial aspect of your wedding day. However, when planning to keep it under budget, you must consider the following ideas:  

Let It Come With The Venue 

Venues often offer flexibility in catering options, allowing guests to choose from a variety of caterers. Hence, this comes with a more comprehensive selection process.  

However, choosing a venue that provides food can help you stay on the budget. Moreover, you can go for a wider range of menu options beyond the venue’s own. 

Go For Buffets 

Plated dinners are a classy option for weddings. However, if you want to cut catering fees, consider an affordable buffet service.  

This option offers cost savings on food and service and allows guests to choose their plates and food quantity. 

Include Seasonal Items 

Choosing in-season dishes for your wedding menu can save transportation costs and ensure better taste.  

Therefore, it’s recommended to consult with your caterer to determine which foods are in season. Additionally, when planning your menu, you must ask them to go for their most affordable options with these seasonal items.  

This will help keep catering costs low and ensure a delicious experience for your guests. 

Put A Limit To The Bar 

Limiting alcohol selection in your bar can save on catering costs. Stick to wine and beer instead of every liquor and mixer.  

For more variety, consider adding one or two signature drinks. Bartending services can be found to accommodate your needs and budget, whether you prefer a simple mix of beer and wine or some signature cocktails.  

This will help you save money on your event. 

Finding Affordable Wedding Attire 

Wedding attire, especially a wedding dress, can be a significant expense. However, saving on your attire can significantly reduce the cost if you’re on a budget. 

Here are some tips that can help you rethink your wedding attire budget and also make it as special as your day: 

Recreate Your Parent’s Special Day 

Wearing your parent’s wedding attire can make you feel special and cut down a huge budget.  

Not only does wearing your parent’s wedding attire make you feel special, but it also adds sentimental value to your big day.  

Bring this dress or suit to your wedding, creating a unique and meaningful connection between generations. 

Shop With Discounts 

Shopping for wedding attire during the off-season can be cheaper, especially during the winter and summer.  

Therefore, keep an eye out for seasonal sales and discounts on the desired style.  

You can check for sales and discounts at bridal shops and department stores. Moreover, it is important to stay updated on upcoming sales. Thus, sign up for email newsletters and follow your dream stores’ social media accounts. 

Go For Your Own Accessories 

You can always have the option to use your existing dress shoes, dress shirt, or tie for your tuxedo or suit. With this idea, you can skip the renting or purchasing processes and save some costs. 

Therefore, a simple white dress shirt and dress shoes are essential for every groom’s wardrobe and can be reused if not already present. 

Money-Saving Tips for Wedding Photography 

Wedding photography typically costs between $2,000 and $3,500 for couples. To save money, consider hiring a local photographer who includes travel costs, such as a round trip of $100 for a 100-mile wedding.  

Plan your photos, skipping getting-ready shots and having the photographer wrap up after the wedding. You can consider digital files and reprint rights for cheaper printing costs. However, booking early can ensure the best rates and higher-quality photos.  

Ask for referral discounts from friends or family members who have referred you to the photographer’s practice.  

Consider using a durable photo album instead of a bound leather album. As we know, this album will become an important memoir, shared and passed on through generations.  

Lastly, using your friends is the best way to save on wedding photography. Amateur photographers often capture the best shots. Moreover, they are close to you and your family. Therefore, your friends can capture every special moment that can take you back to memory lane. 

Entertainment Ideas on a Budget 

Setting the ambiance for your wedding is crucial, and special music is essential as your guests and you enter the aisle.  

The wedding musicians typically have to play for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your plans. Therefore, when choosing bands and musicians, consider which songs would be perfect for every moment of your big day.  

Planning well for wedding entertainment is essential for guests to talk about your wedding for a long time.  

Here are some popular wedding reception entertainment ideas to fit your budget: 

Choreographed Dance 

Choreographed dance performances with your family and friends are some of the best wedding entertainment you can arrange. Moreover, this is a wedding tradition followed by many countries like India. 

You can hire a choreographer and encourage everyone to take part. It also helps you create memories, bringing everyone closer during the occasion. 

Guests’ Talent Show 

Moreover, you can organize a talent show where you ask your guests to perform. You can include dancing, singing, recitations, and magic shows in the list. 

Talent shows can help you entertain your guests without spending much on the band or other hired performers. 


This is also one of the best options if you’re looking for budget entertainment for your wedding. All you need is a karaoke machine and some booze to loosen up the uptight guests. 

Your wedding can become one of the most memorable and warm occasions for all your family and friends. 


If you’re looking for some grandeur within your budget, fireworks are the option to lighten up the mood. It adds a rich touch and creates amazing frames for your wedding photographs. 

If you’re planning to get fireworks at your wedding, you must buy them during the fireworks season like the 4th of July or Diwali.  

Sending Invitations Within the Budget 

Setting a realistic budget requires knowing what other newlyweds are spending and how much they spend.  

Therefore, you can go for an all-in-one wedding invitation if you want an affordable yet stylish wedding invitation. With the all-in-one wedding invitation collection, you can offer a foldable format that includes the invitation, envelope, and RSVP cards.  

The foldable format is cost-effective, with the RSVP card attached at the bottom and the entire back of the invite acting as the envelope.  

The collection features stunning designs made with premium inks and high-quality paper, starting at $1.49 each.  

Moreover, couples can opt for digital RSVPs instead of enclosure cards, pointing guests to the wedding website on the bottom or back of the invites.  

You can also go for matching wedding websites and invitation designs to maintain a cohesive feel. Couples are increasingly asking guests to RSVP digitally to the wedding, benefiting both the couple’s budget and the process for loved ones.  

However, remeber that early purchase of wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and other paper products can save on costs and reduce stress. 

Celebrate Your Big Day Under A Small Budget 

Now that you have a complete plan for your special day, go ahead and put a tick after every item on your list. Save as much as you can to use the funds for your future dreams. 

However, remember that weddings are always the most special days for an adult. Therefore, open your hearts and celebrate your new beginning this spring! 

Jasper is a professional business and startup blogger that writes for a variety of leading sites. He loves content partnerships with advertisement agencies.