Why should you be using a VPN with your iPhone?

Apple’s iPhones are renowned for their rock-solid security. After all, how often do you hear about iPhones falling victim to viruses? However, despite Apple’s rigorous security measures, there’s always a chance that your iPhone could be compromised. One simple yet effective measure to enhance your device’s security is to install a VPN.

VPNs have gained popularity among consumers worldwide due to their security benefits. But that’s just the beginning. When it comes to using a VPN for iPhone, you can expect improved internet accessibility, enhanced gaming experiences, and even potential discounts on online shopping!

1. Bypass geographic restrictions

While connected to your school or office WiFi, you may encounter restrictions when attempting to access social media or other websites and apps on your iPhone. These limitations are often imposed by educational institutions and companies as they establish network firewalls to restrict access to specific websites.

Complying with your school or workplace guidelines is advised. However, if you urgently require access to a blocked website, a VPN can assist you. It will securely tunnel through the firewall and allow access to all restricted content. Additionally, a VPN ensures the encryption of your internet traffic data, preserving your online activity’s privacy.

2. Avoid bandwidth throttling

To prevent bandwidth throttling, heavy internet users in certain regions face significant inconveniences. Internet service providers (ISPs) employ bandwidth throttling as a means to slow down a user’s internet connection, ensuring stable speeds for network users.

If you engage in extensive video streaming, data-intensive online gaming, or frequently download large files, some ISPs will monitor your data consumption and potentially impose limitations.

One effective method to evade this situation involves the use of a VPN, which effectively masks your IP address. Consequently, your ISP remains unaware of the specific activities that contribute to data usage, ultimately preventing bandwidth throttling.

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3. Secure public Wi-Fi access

Public Wi-Fi, commonly found in airports, hotels, and malls, presents a free and open option for users, but it often lacks security. Cybercriminals may take advantage of public networks, putting your data and online activities at risk. If possible, relying on cellular data is a safer choice to avoid public Wi-Fi.

However, if using a public network becomes necessary, using a VPN is highly recommended. While credible apps are improving data security, a VPN further enhances protection by encrypting network data across all iPhone applications. This added layer of security makes it significantly more difficult for intruders to access and exploit your online activity or credentials.

4. Smart Savings

Some websites employ a notorious tactic called price inflation to coerce customers into making purchases. When browsing a website, such as for booking a flight ticket, if you refresh and notice a sudden price increase, the company is likely using this strategy to push you into buying.

Using a VPN can be beneficial in such situations. To inflate prices on their services or products, websites often rely on collecting your IP address details and cookies. By using a VPN on your iPhone or laptop, you can ensure anonymity, preventing the website from gathering your data and targeting you.

While we cannot guarantee that this method will work every time, if you repeatedly experience price hikes for flights, hotels, or other services after your initial search, switching to another server and trying again might save you some money.

5. Improved privacy

Privacy skeptics claim not to worry about online surveillance, reasoning that they engage in nothing illegal or embarrassing. They don’t realize that their internet service provider (ISP) can monitor their web browsing habits. Furthermore, online platforms collect and sell personal data to advertisers, making targeted ads prevalent. Moreover, cybercriminals exploit this personal information for tailored phishing attacks, posing a risk to both individuals and their loved ones.

However, by utilizing a reliable VPN service, individuals can safeguard their online activities. When connected to a remote VPN server, data is encrypted, ensuring that even ISPs cannot monitor it.


You can get multiple benefits from a VPN on your iPhone, from savings to protection. And this is not the entire list, but it should be enough to give you arguments in favor of using a VPN.

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