Where to Watch What is a Woman? Complete Detail

Do you want to learn where to watch What Is a Woman? There are many platforms on which you can watch this documentary! This thoughtful documentary can also be watched on streaming platforms, rented online, and local screenings. Let’s go over these options together so you can easily enjoy and learn how to watch what is a woman’.

Where to Watch What is a Woman

About the Documentary

“What Is a Woman?”  documentary was released in 2022 by presenter and conservative political analyst Matt Walsh and directed by renowned film director Justin Folk. This documentary covers the concepts of gender diversity and transgenderism. The term “transgender” refers to a woman or man who is transsexual.

Some have applauded the film’s willingness to approach a tough and controversial subject, while others have condemned it for its perceived bias and lack of nuance. Some reviewers accused Walsh of being transphobic, while others claimed the film was simply a thinly veiled attempt to promote a conservative ideology.

Despite the criticism, “What Is a Woman?” started a nationwide debate on gender identity and transphobia. The movie will undoubtedly be a source of contention for many years since its clips became popular on many social media apps.

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What Happens in the Whole Documentary?

Walsh attempts to answer the question “What is a woman?” in the film by interviewing various people, including politicians, academics, and transgender persons. He claims that gender has become “confused” and that the “radical left” is attempting to redefine what it means to be a man or a woman.

Walsh’s interviews are usually debates, and he is not afraid to criticize his guests’ points of view. He is especially dismissive of the notion that gender is a social construct, claiming that it is established by nature.

The film also features interviews with a variety of transgender people who discuss their own experiences with gender identity. Although some of these conversations are more pleasant than others, Walsh finds that the transgender experience is one of “confusion” and “suffering.” Let’s find out how to watch What is a Woman.

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How to Watch What Is a Woman?

There are multiple ways you can watch this documentary. For example:

1- Explore Educational Platforms

The documentary may be available on educational platforms or institutions, particularly if it discusses relevant social or cultural topics. Check with institutions, educational streaming providers, or gender studies organizations.

2- Film Festivals and Community Events

Documentaries frequently make appearances at film festivals and community events. “What should I do if I want to film a woman?”

3- Social Media and Online Forums 

Participate in online forums or social media groups where people debate documentaries and social concerns. Members of these communities frequently exchange information about things like where to watch What is a Woman and may offer insightful comments about the documentary’s subjects.

4- Support Independent Filmmakers 

If the documentary was made independently, check the filmmaker’s website or crowdfunding platforms for direct access or extra features relating to the documentary. Supporting independent filmmakers helps to keep thought-provoking content alive.

5- Check Film Subscription Services

Some film subscription services, particularly those focused on documentaries, may carry “What Is a Woman?” Investigate services such as CuriosityStream, DocPlay, and other platforms that curate a collection of non-fiction films.

6- Check Reviews and Viewpoints 

Check different reviews and viewpoints on the documentary as it will give you a broader perspective of the topic in the film. This will help you approach the film with a more informed viewpoint because you will have a better understanding of its content, reception, and potential criticisms.

Where to Watch What Is a Woman?

Let’s now delve into the question ‘Where can I watch What is a Woman?’ 

1- Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video, recognized for its huge content catalog, rents or sells “What Is a Woman?” Explore a wide choice of documentaries on this site, where thought-provoking narratives develop, including investigations into the various dimensions of identity and femininity.

2- Apple TV

Apple TV delivers a unified experience for viewing documentaries such as “What Is a Woman?” on Apple devices. Dive into a collection that goes beyond amusement, diving into societal issues and various perspectives on gender and identity.

3- Vudu

With its user-friendly design, Vudu enables viewers to watch “What Is a Woman?” in both low-quality and HD options. This site provides a digital storefront where the documentary can be purchased or rented, allowing for an in-depth examination of its themes.

4- YouTube

“What Is a Woman?” is available for rent or purchase on YouTube Movies, broadening the documentary’s exposure to the large YouTube audience. Investigate this popular video-sharing network, where debates and observations on the documentary’s themes can go beyond the viewing experience.

5- Google Play

Google Play Movies & TV provides a simple way to purchase or rent “What Is a Woman?” This platform allows viewers to interact with its content and contribute to ongoing debates.

6- Tubi

Tubi, a free, ad-supported streaming service, makes “What Is a Woman?” available to a wide audience without needing a subscription. Explore Tubi’s broad library while delving into the subjects of this documentary, which fosters discussions on identity and challenges prejudices in a cost-free viewing environment.

This answers the question ‘What is a woman documentary where to watch?’ Other than that, you can also watch it for free on Twitter. 

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Can You Watch the Documentary for Free?

The documentary “What Is A Woman” is now available for free on the social media site Twitter. The developers opted to extend the grace period after it was implemented on June 1, 2023, with an intended 24-hour free watching period. The documentary is available for unrestricted Twitter watching with no related expenses.

It’s worth stressing that if you’re interested in watching this movie, do it soon because the producers may choose to limit free access. 

As a result, people interested in watching “What Is A Woman” should take advantage of the current free availability on Twitter before the documentary’s accessibility changes.


Where Can I Watch What is a Woman?

You can Watch What Is a Woman on Daily Wire and Kanopy.

Can I Watch What is a Woman on Netflix?

No, Matt Walsh’s Documentary ” What is a Woman” is not available on Netflix.

Can You Watch “What is a Woman” on Youtube?

The documentary “What Is a Woman?” is now accessible for renting or purchasing on YouTube Movies, expanding its reach to the extensive YouTube audience. Delve into this widely-used video-sharing platform, where discussions and insights regarding the themes explored in the documentary can transcend the mere act of watching, allowing for broader engagement and interaction.


What is a woman documentary where to watch is a question that many facets of gender and identity need answering. The documentary is available for rent or purchase on various streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, YouTube, and Google Play. It may also be viewed for free with advertisements on Tubi.  The filmmakers initially provided the documentary for free on Twitter, with an extended grace period following its premiere on June 1, 2023. 

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